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  1. this is the kit , hard to find and not cheap ,but VERY good kits !
  2. thin,d with Pledge w/ Future , RON, Yes I used testers wet look right over the acrylic paint , Chris , I have had no trouble with it ,
  3. Got the paint on her , Folk arts Yellow silk pearl , wet look clear ,
  4. Thanks again guys ,Really glad you like my builds as much as I like building them ,
  5. Thanks guys , glad you are enjoying these builds , I know I do !
  6. Wayne , those are cantalever air bag mounts , the air bag inflates and pushes the cantalever up at the pivot the cantalever starts to move down , and that is how the suspension is rased up , air bag deflates and it pulls back and at the pivot point it moves up and that lowers the suspension ,
  7. yeah I know same thing on the inner fenders ,I like every one can always do better , I,m just lazy I guess ,
  8. build this after seeing a frame with air rid set up for a rat rod , I started with a Jimmy Flintstone body ,chopped it ,opened the roof ,and drivers door , scratch built a frame with an air ride system , motor is a Chevy S/B w/2-4,s custom headers , there are over 300 wholes that I drilled in the whole model , details go on and on ,
  9. thanks for all the kind words guys , I,m glad you like it ,it was a pain to build but I,m happy with how it turned out .
  10. Started on this awhile ago , This started out as a sedan ,I cut it down to make a truck cab , have used meany parts from meany different kits to get this far , and a lot of scratch building , hope to get back on this as it is turning out just how I was hoping it would ,
  11. it,s not done yet , there are still LOTS of details to add , HARRY , Thanks guys for all the kind words ,
  12. you are building the same car I did ,I,m still not done with it , well mine is a modern hot rod though , nice work should be SWEET when it,s done ,
  13. the kit is the 26 Ford T sedan delivery , LIL 'JOHNS ,
  14. the wood panels ,flat styrene cut to size and shape ,
  15. started with a Jimmy Flintstone 28 sedan , added the wood panels opened the roof , and things have taken off from there , saw a picture of one and had to build it , 48 ford dash cut down ,Ford V8 from the 57 wagon kit w/ a 3 dues carb set up ,
  16. Jimmy Flintstone cab reworked , 40 Ford bed widened the fenders , scratch built frame w/air ride system , 350/350 combo for power ,
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