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  1. Made a nother bread truck this time it,s been coverted to a shop truck hot rod , scratch built , working doors ,full frame with air ride suspension ,blown 388 Chevy s/b ,enjoy !
  2. not sure why it would not allow me to loge in , over a year , after a while I stoped trying , been on F/B a lot though ,
  3. started with a Jimmy Flintstone cab , a emhar Bedford OSB recovery bed and boom , modified the bed to flow with the cab , this has a full interior ,motor and frame & suspension ,
  4. Started this yesterday , chopped 50 Ford coupe , cleaned up some of the body and added a 53 Ford grill cut down , frenhing the head lights , car will be a Lemon silk pearl color it is a folk art acrylic paint ,
  5. I like that a lot, I,m working on a 50 Ford coupe right now ,
  6. Hay ,Guys I,m back on , could not get on for quite a long time but now I can ,
  7. Hay Tom , I was able to get back on , like the willy,s ,
  8. he is on face book , that is the only way I know of how to get a hold of him ,
  9. the difference is so miner that if that keeps you from building this model YOU are missing out on a great kit ,there will NEVER be a perfect model so if you can,t live with that then find a nother hobby .
  10. I don,t see any thing wrong with the grill .after it is built it looks fine to me but I am not a bean counter so if it is off I cant tell ,
  11. James, just got to look at this build you are doing ,very nice so far ,I like where this is going and how you have taken it there ,
  12. I like this cool idea , looking foreword to seeing how this go,s
  13. started on making the little rust holes in the lower part of the cab , paint is Valspar creamy fields , with white ,
  14. Started an nother 69 Ford Ranger , This one will be stock , but weathered ,as if it had a hard life , but still in use ,
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