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  1. Thanks guy,s , I can almost see my self driving this around Myrtle Beach .
  2. Well let,s see ,lowered , OHV 6.0 liter motor , 19,s/23,s ,With air ride suspension,Just a cool shop truck ,! Wheels are from Steve Zimmerman ,
  3. I,m am going to have a FIELD day with this kit , I have all ready saved a case when they come out ,
  4. this kit can be done as a nice led sled ,here is a pic of mine I,m working on ,
  5. Thanks guys , I,am going for the style that Gass Monkey dose but NO monkey on the truck , I ,am going to make a frame for it sa the stock frame would need far to meany mods to get it to work being this low ,
  6. Thanks guy,s . I was trying some thing of a NEW style of hot rod , kinda like a rat rod just no rust and modern equipment , MOD ROD , ! don,t know if it will catch on but I kinda like it .
  7. Tommy I did have to take a bit out of the floor pan to get the frame to fit up into the body ,but that,s how it is any time you channel a body down over the frame ,
  8. up date , front suspension . new grill , head lights are just mocked up so they are not straight,
  9. I am good friends with Norm Veber ,of R/M of Maryland , I ,ll make one up and see if he will do it ,
  10. here is a mock up of the motor ,
  11. started with a Jimmy Flintstone body , Revel 32 frame , I scratch built the FORD model 901 tractor grill , will be running a flat head with some go fast goody,s on it , the last picture is of the real grill on a rod that I saw at a show , color is satin cardinal red , Valspar .
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