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  1. thanks guy,s for all the kind words , work is going slow trying to get the body work done and smooth ,
  2. Wayne , the [ panel ] was cut out of the center rear window on the 50 Chevy pick up , AMT , it was an old one I had that the paint was screwed up on , I glued the rear window from the 55 kit into place and cot out for the [ PANEL ] and glued that in , add putty and sand ,sand ,sand , hope this helps . Yea I know you can get a cab in resin with the small window all ready done , but that takes all the fun out of doing it your self . !
  3. who say,s they all have to be shiny ! nice looking rod ,
  4. here are some pics of the frame that I built for the truck , If you want I can post pics as it was being built .
  5. O yah ! I was covered in resin dust ! same with the hood , but well worth it , the back doors took an hour with a dremel .
  6. no they are not ,the front tires are , the rims are out of the parts box , and so are the rear tires ,
  7. using a 57 cab as the side windows on the 55,s wrong , it will have a 55 grill ,57 hood ,I converted the big back window to a small one as I like them better ,I am also going to have the visor on ,and a 58 fleet side bed , I had to shorten the bed as it was a long bed , this will be sitting on the ground with a custom frame and air ride suspension , not sure about a motor yet , color will be a satin pearl color ,maybe green,or blue or lavender I don,t know yet ,
  8. Paint is blood red finger nail polish , wheels are from the Stacey David,s Rat roaster kit , bug chacher is out of the old parts box , the rest is straight out of the kit or scratch built , as all way,s comments welcome ,
  9. sweet build ! I,d drive that until the wheels fall off !
  10. up date should be done soon , made custom headers to dump out the fenders , fuel injection on top of the blower , and some wheelie bars just for the heck of it ,
  11. love this kit got that when i was a kid ,your looks awesome ,
  12. great ideas ! Richard , that is going to look so cool . I like the cadi,y sides and the bed between them you got to keep those fin,s ! I,LL be watching !
  13. that is sharp ! and for a brown car you nailed it , cool .
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