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  1. I am using a dupli-colour automotive paint on my body, can I use futura as a clear coat on it?
  2. Thanks, I did do a model a while ago with the same brand paint, and used the same type of primer for it that I got now, and it works fine. Thank you. Just been reading bout futura/pledge as a clear coat, will that work??
  3. Hi all. I'm going to use dupli-colour automotive paint on my model, and want to use a gloss clear coat. Will any clear coat work or should I get a particular type?
  4. I'm from Australia and would like to know where other Australians get there supplies such as bare metal foil from. Cheers
  5. Another update, for those who are interested. Got the interior done, engine done(lost a couple of small peices for it but most of them would not be all that visable) to the point where i need to wait for the body, underbody done, the rear axel was highly frustrating and confusing for me, the instructions wasnt exactly clear. I got the body primed just waiting for time to do the first light coats. Here are the photos:
  6. an update: my back is better and my model came in. So far all i got is that i primed nearly everything, the only parts not primed yet is the chasis, body and hood. I'll be letting them dry for bout 24hrs, perhaps 48hrs due to work tomorrow, as well as the australian federal election vote is on tomorrow aswell. Anyways, here are the pics. Escuse my photos and such. the white spot on the bottom centre is on the outside of the container
  7. Ill be starting this as soon as my back gets better. But I'm thinking of painting it glossy black for the body with lacquer paint, perhaps automotive paint or Tanya lacquer paint and flat black for the interiors itch perhaps acrylic or lacqure. Pretty much a tudor version of the whinchesters car in super natural. I couldn't find a four door version and I'm not yet comfortable to kit bash it into four. Also planning on giving bmf a go so ill be using a old junk body to practice on. The body for practicing is from a 57 ford custome kit that I had to get another body for due to damage from a learning mistake. Lucky I don't chuck this kind of stuff away, thought to keep it for who knows when it will come handy excuse . And I really want to go slow with this mainly for painting. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Hi all, an update, and sad to say not really a good one. Firstly, the interior and chasis is finished. Secondly, the body has its two tone but the painters tap has somewhat kind of roughed up the light blue paint, short of stripping the paint and vigerous sanding, i will chuck this up to learning, next time i will get better tape and to take the tap of sooner. Also the engine has its air cleaner on and its finished! ford custom model by AllenLennon, on Flickr ford custom model by AllenLennon, on Flickr ford custom model by AllenLennon, on Flickr the photo makes it look a littlle bit better than it really is
  9. Wow 45 guitars. I got two. One I'm going to fix up for my nephew
  10. Hi all, my sister has asked me to do a model on the impala from the tv show "Supernatural", the 67 Impala. So far i can not find a 67 impala model, but there is a 66 impala and i dont see any if not at all diffrences from them. And i know the car is black, but would like to know the interior colour schemes, can anyone help?
  11. Got the interior all done, and as i expected the decals went on alright, although in the photos the decal on the back seat is a bit weird but i have fixed it. IMG_5129 by AllenLennon, on Flickr IMG_5128 by AllenLennon, on Flickr
  12. troy, yes, im enjoying this build very much.
  13. . Hello all, I got the chasis and the engine done. Well, as much as i could, a few small items got lost and one item broke so it isnt going anywhere, chucking it up to a learning expeariance and to pace myself(if i can retain the excitment). As you will see some paint is missing on the engine thats because i somehow got glue on my finger as i was glueing the fan assembly onto it and i noticed after i placed the engine onto the chassis that the fan wasnt comepletly done, learning curve!. But on the bright side it is way better engine than my other two models i did last year, so thats a plus/ chassis and engine by AllenLennon, on Flickr
  14. Hi all, some progress, i have been working on the engine, chassis and the body lately. The engine is coming along rather dispointingly. Some how, as i was putting the exhaust manifold onto the engine i somehow got glue onto my finger which was holding the engine as i was glueing the manifold on and when i let go a little bit of paint same with me. I am unsure if or how i will fix this, probebly get some paint the same colour and paint it on. Not to mention the fact i somehow mange to loose some very small bits to the engine. Cropping this up to pure excitement about making the model. And learnt for next time. I have painted the other parts of the engine, some parts where it says to paint gold i just painted silver. The chassis is coming along nicely, so far all i got on it is the exhaust pipes fitted and engine mounts fitted. I have painted and awaiting drying is the rear diff set up and the shaft. The body is coming along pretty good. Got the first coat of the upper half of the two tone on, besides some paint exceeding where the masking was and some bits of hair or something fallen into it, i am rather pleased. I am going to wait for the paint to dry completely than im going to wet sand it and give it another couple of coats. And here is the photo of the body as it is now(i havent taken any other photos of the engine or the chassis as of yet but want to complete them first) first coat of top by AllenLennon, on Flickr
  15. Looks great. Can't wait to start mine, well priming don't count haha
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