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  1. Found these three mostly complete screw bottom buildups at my favorite thrift this weekend for $10 each. The red Bonneville had a nice paint job and I was going to keep it as is, but the paint came off along with the price sticker.
  2. Thanks Mark, took me forever to even get those photos posted.
  3. I get the -200 error message no matter how big or small the photos are as well.
  4. I just don't like the modern chassis... I agree, I don't like the hood pieces- BUT, there's no firewall or I don't have the firewall piece. Ideally, I'd add a bigger engine and move the '34 radiator up to where the it sits on the '32 frame. I have to work with what I've got, though.
  5. A super quick update: Lots of sanding and grinding allowed me to put on a suicide front suspension, which solves a few issues, adds a few more, but lowers the front end, which I like. A quick shot of gray primer on the frame, and a coat of rose coral on the body.
  6. Been working a little more on this: Used sheet styrene to create a pair of contoured fender walls to hide the open areas. I used a Crazy Glue type adhesive and that worked fantastic. It's not perfect, but it doesn't need to be. A test fit of the body with the added fender walls over the '32 frame and a different, parts box front suspension. I'm beginning to see it come to life.
  7. Very interesting, Bill. I wondered about the wheelbases, myself. This build may not be perfect in the real world, but it's fun to throw parts at it and see what happens.
  8. Hi all, Not everyone is going to like this one, and that's ok. It's a parts box build of the Revell HOT ROD '34 Ford Roadster. I bought multiples of these kits cheap at a flea market in ziploc bags. All I kept of the '34 Ford was the bodies, tub pieces, radiator chrome, etc. The awful chassis, wheels, tires, and modern seats got tossed, lost, or donated. I like the body and I like the challenge of throwing parts at it, so here we go. It'll be an entry in The Race of Gentlemen contest at the Mid-Atlantic NNL. I need a frame so I'll use a beat up parts box AMT 32 Ford frame. It'll need a lot of sanding and clean up. The molded-in rear axle sticks out a little on each side and will need to be trimmed to fit underneath the (seemingly off-scale) '34 Ford body. Why use a '32 frame on a '34 body? Because that's the parts I have. Decisions, decisions... Do I want the axle mount and frame horns behind the radiator or in front of it. The '32 Ford frame almost seems too long for the Revell '34 body. If I go for the behind the radiator choice I could cut out a section of the frame and and that would allow it to sit back. Or I could just make a real big mess and mount the axle where it actually goes for a suicide front suspension look. Not shown, but I've cut fender well / wall inserts from sheet styrene that I'll glue in behind the wheel wells. The interior tub is three pieces; two doors and the tub itself. I sanded off all the details from the doors and covered them as well as the tub with Wallstickery Cherry Wood Grain Paper. I'll scribe out door lines later. The three piece tub fits together poorly, so the door sections will have to be glued, set in place, then clipped onto the body interior with binder clips. Later I'll finangle the tub part in. More later.
  9. Update: Didn't get much done this weekend, but did get to spend a few minutes working on it. I initially kept the top part with the radiator mount, but decided I don't need it. The splash aprons are cleaning up nicely!
  10. That's your friends car? That is cool, tell them that's where I got my inspiration from!
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