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  1. I just finished up my Revell '34 on AMT '32 frame, here:
  2. Update: Aright, things are moving along now. Got a new windshield from Kevin and some paint from Martha. Never tried her paint before but I thought the colors were perfect for this project.
  3. Just need to find some door handles and touch up a few spots. Thanks for looking.
  4. A little update: Frame is glued back together and painted. It still looks a little rough, but that's ok, it was in bad shape when I pulled it from the parts bin The chrome on the '34 Ford radiator grill was losing it's luster, so I just went ahead and painted it as well. Should it have been coral instead of battleship grey? I dig it either way.
  5. Thanks Bob, going to post an update shortly.
  6. So last year I started working on a parts box roadster and it fizzled out after a while. Well, I've been working on it again and rather than fight the computer on how to update the old post, here's a new topic on it (Maybe someone can explain how to update an older post at some point). This was where the Revell '34 ford body came from: And here's where the AMT '32 Ford frame I'll be using came from: I had covered the interior with a nice woodgrain shelf paper, painted some Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland bomber seats, and added parts box windshield frame, parking brake, and shifter: And here's where we left off: The AMT '32 frame is too long and too tall (a half hour and a palm sander took care of the height). I'd like the tips of the flared hood sides to sit right about where the slots for the 32 Ford radiator would pop in. That leaves the rear end too far behind the body, so we'll just shorten the frame, bring the rear end forward and see what happens. Here's where we are now: The black tape shows what part of the frame I'm going to remove. The first part of the frame is cut with a fine tooth modeling saw. I've removed a 1/4" off the frame, which will bring the rear of the frame forward roughly 6(?) scale inches. I've glued the frame back together and it fits really well with minor sanding. After about ten minutes of the glue setting, I added a bit of extra glue around the seams which I will sand down later before repainting the frame. Now we're cooking! Now that I have the frame length and stance I want, I can start finishing up other parts of this project. New frame length: Old frame length: So, as I go along, maybe someone can tell me how I can update this post as I go along. Thanks!
  7. I don't think my updates are showing up...
  8. I was just thinking about this topic, Bring Out Your Dead, the other night; should I do it? Last summer my fathers workshop (where all my old model kits were stored) developed a major leak and a lot of kits got damaged and some vintage boxes I dearly loved got ruined - but luckily none of the ones that got ruined were mine as a kid in the 1980s. I bought those big clear plastic tubs and moved everything out of dads old workshop and into my own family's attic and my dry man cave. It's one of those kits I brought back from my parents house I'll bring back from the dead. I was 15 in 1988 and got this kit for Christmas. I'm sure my father picked it out, probably because he had one as a kid. He knew it had the retractable roof, he knew the body came in four pieces, not like the one piece bodies I was used to. He probably thought it'd challenge me. He was probably disappointed that I never showed him the completed model. The thing was complex; the retractable roof had a lot of pieces, the rear deck hinges were delicate and could be broken easily, and I never could get the goddam four piece body to stay put together... until today, 32 years later. If my dad were still alive I think I would've called him today and told him about it. There's a few broken parts, and the front glass is ruined (at some point years ago I tipped over a bottle of Testors silver paint into the box and doused the windshield and tires with it. But I'm going to work with it. The photo below is exactly how Ieft it right after Christmas in 1988. So here we go, the Revell Skip's Fiesta Drive-In '59 Ford Galaxie Starliner:
  9. (Remove if not allowed) For you Chevelle fans, Untamed Youth did a killer version of Paul Revere and the Raiders song, SS 396.
  10. This is about 1/4 of the boxed kits I have. This is a pretty good spot for them so I'll move the rest of them there over the winter. Just like Mike Fifer said, "Looking at them alone , takes me back and makes me young again."
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