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  1. Thanks. The closer you got to it the sloppier it looked. he wheels were done first with Testors met. silver and then a wash using Testors flat black acrylic wash. The lug nuts were touched with a Molotow pen, but they don't pop all that much. The tires were sprayed with Testors dull coat which also helps the wheels out. This is the first time I've tried this on the tires, and I like the look.
  2. I really messed up on the body. I tried to do the BMF first and had a heck of a time getting the paint off the foil, then tried using a Molotow pen to do some of the chrome. So it went into brake fluid to strip it all off.
  3. Thanks Force, but it's too late, and although it's inaccurate I like the look of the gauge decals. Too bad they didn't do it right. Other than the seats the interior is done, and the hod is painted the final color. It's a little lighter than the original, but it sure is a pretty color. I did get the hood vents open, Thanks gtx6970.
  4. Thanks for all the looks and kind words.
  5. This is an interesting idea. I'll be watching it.
  6. Welcome back. That's one sweet looking model you did. Amazing.
  7. Corrected the interior floor, and found I lost the kit shifter. I found one that looks like the shifter in the picture below. I'm debating over trying to cut the vents open on the hood scoop, but I'm not sure I am skilled enough to pull that off.
  8. Thanks. I did look at some pictures but didn't look far enough down the page to see that. I'll be painting my nice flocking black to correct this.
  9. Thanks. Today's pictures. Body primed and interior flocked.
  10. alexis and High octane, thanks for the leads. If I were to go the kit route I'd still build the Caddy so it wouldn't be a big loss. I haven't started looking for it in resin yet because this ones a little bit down the road.
  11. I hope it works for you. Maybe try Rust-oleum primer sealer for a first coat, then the white primer over that. I been using that for a while with good results. Good luck>
  12. The kit got here yesterday, and the body looks looks good. I saw a few pieces of somewhat flat sprue that I may be able to fab thr roof post from. The biggest worry I have is cut off finger tips to scribe the door openings. Plus I don't have the right tool, and can't draw a line with a ruler.
  13. I was there the year before with Mid Atlantic Fieros. Big show and a nice variety of cars. The Fiero club had a nice shady area.
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