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  1. AMT 53 Corvette 1/15 update

    Working on the engine and dashboard. I had to order red embossing powder so I'm waiting on that to do more interior work. I also need to do a little more work on sanding the body and then touching it up.
  2. AMT 53 Corvette 1/15 update

    I got all of the painting yesterday and today Here's a couple of pictures. The chassis and suspension is done.
  3. AMT 53 Corvette 1/15 update

    Nice work. I like the ghost flames and newer V-8.
  4. 66 nova sleeper

    Good idea for the motor. Nice detail on it. This should be a fun kit. I'll be watching your progress.
  5. I started this one while waiting for the high winds and -15 degree wind chill to go away so I can repaint the cab of my 29 Ford P/U. I painted the body of this kit and a few others in the fall to get me through the winter season. The weather is due to warm up for the next few days so maybe I can get to do more painting on this one too. I'm not planning to do anything fancy on this one so it might be one of the few stock models I've done. I was thinking about swaping the Blue Flame six out for a V-8 but I like the six motor.
  6. Want to build a 57 Vette gasser, which one is good?

    Wow thanks for the information everyone!
  7. Monograms 29 Ford P/U Rat Rod 12/29 update

    I'm not sure what way I may go with this. I'm leaning stripping the cab and redoing the primer for the semi restored future classic look. I'm going to be forced to wait because the weather is so cold I don't want to spray outside. It would be easy to make the top patchy like the cab by putting it hot hot water, and maybe lessen the blotched effect by using a little cooler water and less soaks. I think I see using this on another car, building it as a farmer field find that sat in the weather for years.
  8. Want to build a 57 Vette gasser, which one is good?

    I found a couple of the AMT kits on E-Bay, and one of the MPC version in the above post, but that kit is open and the seller states it my be missing parts. If the MPC white kit shows up over the next couple of days I may go for the MPC. There's a bunch of the black flip nose MPC on the Bay, but I'm not too interested in that one, although I seem to remember it being a decent kit other than the warped front.
  9. Want to build a 57 Vette gasser, which one is good?

    Good info. The black MPC kit in Greg's post is the one I tried to do years ago, without much luck. Thanks.
  10. I feel the need to do the above build. What kits makes the nicest one? I remember I had one years ago molded in black, maybe Monogram. The tilt nose was badly warped and I didn't have the skills to fix it back then. I'm looking for a well detailed version with some challange to it but not a monster to make look nice. Thanks.
  11. Revell 25th Anniversary Trans Am wheels needed

    Bump before I look for that kit. I hate to buy a kit when I only need those wheels. Has anyone seen anything like that from a resin caster?
  12. Monograms 29 Ford P/U Rat Rod 12/29 update

    Thanks Jonathan. To unwarp the doors I put the the cab in hot water over a few days. This had the unexpected effect of making the the dull coat I put over the primer peel in spots making the primer look aged and faded. I may leave it like this and try to do this on the hood and bed, and leave the fenders in the newer primer because the owner has been getting a couple of cans of primer every pay day. Also a couple of shots of the roadster body, which I don;t like as much as the hard top. The door did work out well so I can stay with that version. Feedback please.
  13. Monograms 29 Ford P/U Rat Rod 12/29 update

    I don't see any problem with anything posted in this thread, and I've enjoyed the chance to see other posters opinions, and the chance to share some of my experience with others.
  14. Monograms 29 Ford P/U Rat Rod 12/29 update

    Please let me know if these pictures are to big. I think I'm going to use my old phone as a camara. I have to mail the pictures from the ipohne 6 then copy them to the forum. What a pain!!
  15. Monograms 29 Ford P/U Rat Rod 12/29 update

    I haven't had much time to post anything, but I've been reading the posts. Some interesting comments, and I'll give my point of view along with some new pictures. El Caballo, there were two front axles in the kit, and I guess I chose the wrong one for the front. With a little work I was able to lower the front enough that I could live with it. Your description of a rat rod is right on for the newer rats, but not for my when. Mexican blankets were in style back then but not in north Jersey when I got interested in cars. Back then we didn't know what a Mexican was, and we used old seat covers and scraps to cover ratty seats. Dusty Mojave is right on. the buck and a quarter and hour I made working after school at the car wash went into the motor first. Power and realiabillty was the goal. A good AM/FM radio after that. (eight tracks weren't out yet.) Junkyard bucket seats, if they didn't fit just drill new holes and a floor shifter were for the interior, then Bondo and primer for the body, but no one could afford a full paint job. Maybe a nice pair of front wheels because who could afford a set of four? If you got a girl friend some new blankets to cover the seats, or if you were lucky and she was hot, a trip back to the junkyard to find a bench seat if you didn't keep the original ones. I miss those days. Back to the model. I did get some work done on it. Now I'm hoping I can unwarp the hardtops door so they fit better, but I also could go with the roadster body. I can't seem to post the pictures from my iphone 6 so I'll be back later.