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  1. '41 Plymouth.

    Nice. I love the rag gas cap.
  2. Landy B/MP 69 Charger

    Looks nice to me!
  3. AMT's 55 Corvette Gasser7/9 progress

    I got some time away from rehab to do some building. I'm not wild about them but I made the headers I had fit better, and the frame is done. I like the look of no windshield.Anyone know of a source for a racing style windshield? I know R&M has a couple kinds for old Fords, and some Corvette kits come with a cut down windshield, but not which ones.
  4. AMT's 55 Corvette Gasser7/9 progress

    Thanks for the tip. I'm back again from knee surgery, and will be starting on this one again in the next day or two.
  5. Sorry to be slow to post on this. Thanks for all the tips and views on this. I'm recovering from knee replacement surgery and some people seem to think that rehab is more important than building.
  6. A Nod to Greg Myers

    I always enjoy Greg's posts. Thanks and keep "em coming.
  7. Get Your Kicks on Route 66......Before It's Gone

    The wife and I hope to drive some of this next year. It's a bit of a trip for us but a fun one I think.
  8. AMT's 55 Corvette Gasser7/9 progress

    Thanks. I wanted to finish this before my knee replacement operation tomorrow, but that's on going to happen. I wasn't wild about the detail on the 409 so I played around a couple of other motors, then decided I really wanted the 409 in it. I'm having a hard time finding headers I like to fit the motor or the car, but I'll find something that will work. Here's more pictures.
  9. Thanks. Even with the mistakes I had fun building this one. Plus I learned a few things.
  10. Gremlin Drag Car

    Nice. I do enjoy seeing oddball cars, which includes every Rambler ever made.
  11. Finished my 1st Funny Car

    Clean build.
  12. Hobby Lobby/ Michaels ?

    I worked for Michaels for ten years, until I retired in 2012. It was a privately owned company for around six of those years, and was then bought be an investment company. If I remember right the company was Bain and Blackstone. This company didn't want to put money into Michaels, only take what they they wanted out of it. I took care of the batteried for all the equipment, and after eight years the fork lift batteries were only running for two hours before going dead. They finally bought new batteries after nine years when I didn't have a charged battery to swap for a dead one and the fork lifts sat dead instead of running. The Michaels in the next town is almost useless. For three months the didn't have a tube of glue on flat black brush paint. I only go there if I'm desperate.
  13. AMT's 55 Corvette Gasser7/9 progress

    Great. Thanks for the info. I'll have to see what class letters I have.
  14. AMT's 55 Corvette Gasser7/9 progress

    Thanks. It's painted and foiled now. The chrome around the interior will be done with a Molotow marker. The dash is also done and since I didn't want to use the interior door panels on a drag car I glued the dash to the body. Now I can do the steering wheel and find a good location for the seats.