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  1. Johnt671 added a post in a topic Will Slow Down of Cottage Industry Slow the Hobby?   

    This may happen both in model cars and 1to1's also. I go to a lot of car shows and the owner are 95 % older guys. Not many young folks are showing up. Some will come and walk around and talk. I think the bottom will drop out of both hobby fields unless the younger folks interests change as they age.
    I guess that being older we have more money to spend on on modeling than we had when we were young I had a hard choice to make with my allowance, buy another .98 cent model or a couple of new paint colors and brushes. Now I've got a few hundred bucks worth of models waiting to be built, a couple of hundred bucks worth of paint, another couple of hundred in modeling tools. I think nothing of spending 50 to a hundred from resin casters.
    It's interesting to note that most people are leaving because they get stressed out trying to meet the demandfor their products', not that they are losing business.
  2. Johnt671 added a post in a topic '29 Ford Roadster   

    That's looking like a great model.
  3. Johnt671 added a post in a topic 66 Novabuild   

    I polished the hood with Novis and took a few more pictures.
    Two taken outside:

    Inside:pic is messed up.
  4. Johnt671 added a post in a topic 66 Novabuild   

    Thanks. I may try to get a picture outside today in better light so you can see the cleared hood on the body. The picture I posted above shows it a little but it looks nicer in person.
    LOL about the car business. Not a dealer, but my wife and I own four cars between us. Two are mostly show cars, one is a daily driver, and one is a trip car. I can't do as much work on them as I use to, so they go in the shop for anything big. I save the tags and put them back on the ring when one goes in.
  5. Johnt671 added a post in a topic Rat Packer Nova Question   

    I picked up a second Bill Jenkins Nova on clearance at Michaels a couple of weeks ago.
  6. Johnt671 added a post in a topic 66 Novabuild   

    I hit a snag on this. I'm not a pro at foiling, but this one is working right. I put it down for a while, but tonight I'm going to try again with a new sheet of foil. I thought posting pictures of the finished crome work would help, so here goes.

    This is the clear I used on the hood that turned out nice. Now to finish the foiling and clear the rest of the body. I getting so close now!

  7. Johnt671 added a post in a topic resin or aftermarket floor shifter   

    I'm not a caster, I was looking for some parts I couldn't find from any of the casters I could find. I placed an order with R&M because they had what I wanted, plus I ordered some other parts. I think they'll be here in a few weeks.
  8. Johnt671 added a post in a topic 1973 Baldwin Motion Chevy Vega   

    Nice. I always liked the Vega.
  9. Johnt671 added a post in a topic 62 Bel Air 409   

    Beautiful build.
  10. Johnt671 added a post in a topic 66 Novabuild   

    A little more progress, cleared the hood ans did some detail on the front and tail lights.
    I used a clear I bought for something around the house, And thought I'd try it on the car. It came out nice without any buffing. I hope the gloss shows up on the screen. I tried to get better light in another room. I'll take a picture of the clear coat can and post it in my next pictures.

    The hood is cleared and the fenders aren't.
    The nose and tail lights. I think i'll go another coat of wash in the grill.

  11. Johnt671 added a post in a topic 66 Novabuild   

    Its turning into a nicer build than I thought it was when I opened the box. Plus it has some nice speed parts. Seeing how nice it's coming out makes me wish I had done a little more detailing on it when I started. I think I'm going to build the one I picked up today into the Grumpys Toy version, but use the dual four barrel carb and high rise intake, along with the hood scoop that are in the kit. I'd be tempted to buy a bunch of this kit because there are so many different ways to build it. A 396/427 version or a stock six motor come to mind.
    Anyone know if anyone has photo etched parts for it? I thought I saw a set some where on the internet, but I was confused as to how to place an order, plus I hadn't picked the kit up yet.
  12. Johnt671 added a post in a topic 66 Novabuild   

    Went to Michaels and picked up another one. I did some detailing on the chassis today. It needs a little touch up and it will be done.

    Starting to look good. I think I'll go with the chrome rocker panels to help break up the red. I won't know for sure until I do the foil and the trim, but I think it will look better with it.

  13. Johnt671 added a post in a topic 66 Novabuild   

    Opinions wanted please. Should I go with the chrome rocker panels on not? Thanks.

  14. Johnt671 added a post in a topic 66 Novabuild   

    I painted it today. This is the first coat.

    I think it's done.

    While it dries so I can BMF it I'll work on touching up the undercarrage. and do a little detailing on it and work on the grill.
    I saw this kit on clearance at Michaels for 12 bucks, so I'll go back and get another, and maybe do the Bill Jenkins version. It will be pretty cheap with a 40% off coupon.
  15. Johnt671 added a post in a topic 66 Novabuild   

    Now that the Carlisle Nationals show is over, back to work. I'm putting an order together for Replicas & Miniatures for some floor shifters the carry because I didn't really like what I was able to make. The interior is almost done.

    Body is primed, and after a little more work will be ready for paint. Maybe all painted by Saturday.