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  1. Johnt671 added a post in a topic Monograms Black Widow.   

    Wow, That's an oldie I've built a few times a hundred years ago. Nice build.
  2. Johnt671 added a topic in General   

    Leesport PA show March 12th?
    The UPS guy who is a fellow builder told me there is a model at the farmers market market in Leesport PA that day. That's about 50 miles away from me so I may go if the weather is good. Can anybody confirm this?
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  3. Johnt671 added a post in a topic 50 Ford Pick Up and Kurtis Midget Racer.   

    That's a neat idea. I'm going for a rich guy nostalgia racer racer look. The year may be decided  by what motor winds up in the truck. I also have a spare 390 from the Tall T kit an a 427 parts pack motor I could try. I'd really like to use the kit motor for another build.
    Good idea. I'll give that a try. It would be great because I could use the warped frame to see what I'd need to do to fit the motor in.
  4. Johnt671 added a post in a topic Junk yard 32 Ford done.   

    Thanks very much.
  5. Johnt671 added a post in a topic '63 Chevrolet "Glue Bomb" Update 2/21   

    Nice. I'm starting to like like builds like this more and more. They remind of years ago when I had a 79 Mustang Gia I was trying to make look half decent. It had a 2.8 V-6 with a Holley intake and two barrel carb. Some guys in my Guard until use to call it an Escort looking thing, I'd reply, saying it was a semi restored future classic and give them duty during the night. Fun times.
  6. Johnt671 added a post in a topic Can Bare Metal be cleared??   

    I've used Future and Duplicolor clears over fiol and it still looks good. Try the spoon test and see for yourself..
  7. Johnt671 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    50 Ford Pick Up and Kurtis Midget Racer.
    This will be my next build, maybe.

    I say maybe because this is what the frame looks like.

    Not good. I'm heating it with a hair dryer, hoping it will get much better than it is now.Strong glue might hold it if I can get it mostly unwarped.

    I'm planning a gloss black paint job because the racer has some gold decals that look nice on the black car shown on the box. This is the motor I want to use because I have an Idea for the flat head in the kit. I want to get the frame better before I try a trial fit, so I'm not sure about this this being final.

    I have some thin balsa wood that I can use on the bed floor and some pieces I can load into the bed.

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  8. Johnt671 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I got these at Michaels in Hazleton PA today. They have one left on the shelf.

  9. Johnt671 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Junk yard 32 Ford done.
    This was a relaxing build. It was built out of parts I found in my attic when I moved here 22 years ago. The only thing not in that box is the shift knob, which came from a pin.
    I have a thread in the Work bench section under the title of Young rodder building a junkyard old Ford that has a story going along with the build. I enjoyed doing the story ( first time ever) and hope you will also. Thanks for looking.

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  10. Johnt671 added a post in a topic Young rodder building a junk yard old Ford.   

    He sure is and he got it ready to go to the drive in diner on Saturday too.

    Now he's thinking about dates, going to the drive in movies and the prom. He also is thinking about making the car nicer as he earns more money. He'd love a V-8 and maybe a nice red or blue paint job. I hope for his car dreams sake he finds a young lady who will support his hobby. We all know how hard that is, but we'll see what the future holds.
    I'll post more pictures in the finished section.
  11. Johnt671 added a post in a topic Young rodder building a junk yard old Ford.   

    Our builder has finished the motor. He did a test fit before and it fit like a glove. Now he paint has to dry and he'll be all set! His stomach is growling for the dogs.

    It's still looking good for a Saturday drive to the drive in restaurant.
  12. Johnt671 added a post in a topic Young rodder building a junk yard old Ford.   

    It's a big day. The junkyard called and said his motor is in, so he gathers up the the parts he didn't use and heads to the yard. They have the motor set up and did a test run, and it sounds good.

    He listens to the motor run and buys it right on the spot.

    Since he doesn't need to do any work on the motor, he can pick up some paint so he can paint it up before he drops it in. On the way back to the garage he can taste the chili dogs and shakes at the drive in diner. If all goes well he'll be there Saturday.
  13. Johnt671 added a post in a topic Lindberg 1935 Auburn Boattail Speedster   

    I have to watch the parking lot at my house. This car belongs to the local judge, and shows up every year to get his taxes done, I hope the weather is is nice this year so I can get more. pictures. I think it's a kit car but I'm not sure, but some more pictures would help.

  14. Johnt671 added a post in a topic Revell 30 Model A Ford Production Halted?   

    I was at Michaels in Hazleton PA yesterday and found two of the 30 kits on the shelf.
  15. Johnt671 added a post in a topic Revell 1965 Chevelle Malibu SS 396 Z-16 Option   

    This makes me sad. Great lob on it but now there's another kit I need to buy.