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  1. I haven't had much time to work on this, but we finally got a dry day and a half to finish the paint. Now I'm touching up a few bad spots The interior is flocked, ans the dash needs a little touching up but it's getting there.
  2. I stripped it but I had to wait a week and a half for the rain to stop so I could start repainting it. I did the white on the trunk and roof pretty heavy, and a couple of light coats on the rest of the body before I do the rest of the body. The other traction bars look much better and are closer to the 1:1 then the first ones did. i'm letting the white dry until Wednesday before I mask the white off and paint the flat black. Also just flocked the interior today.
  3. I made a poor choice of primer so even though I had the white part of the body painted, the finish was still rough. I wet sanded the primer, and the final coat was too rough to get smooth with out cutting into the body so now the whole thing is in a brake fluid bath. A little bit of progress. I got the traction bars looking a little better, but just a few minutes ago found the kit bars that will fit better. Seat choice is painted. Two steps forward, five back.
  4. Thanks. Tom, I've studied on making door hinges, but I haven't worked up the nerve to try it yet. I have have a couple of pictures of progress but my computer has been slow for a week now
  5. De-chromed and primed. I tried semi gloss black on the hood and doors, but it's too shiney, so I'll stick with flat black. I'm not crazy about the traction bars, so I'll work on making them look better or find another pair. I forgot to work on the huge gap at the drivers side vent window, so after stripping I'll take care of that.
  6. Made a two hour trip to a small general in Quakertown, in part to check out the model and paint section. They have a nice selection of oddball kits on hand. A Pinto ans a Gremlin were next to each other for example. They have a better selection of paints than Michaels. I found some old Boyd spray paint so I picked them up.
  7. I have two Paranha kits to build. One is the spy car version, and the other the new release of the race team. Has anyone tried doing one with the Revell Parts pack Corvair motors and if so how di it work out?
  8. Thanks. The paint is Dupli-color Hyundai Dark Cherry Red #BHY1801 over Dupli-color Silver plus two coats of Future.
  9. Yes. A pair of black and gold and black and silver are in the kit.
  10. Oldschool4X4, thanks and I don't mind the picture at all,. Love the gasser look. SOHC is done and in. I had to search to find a set of headers that fit right and looked OK.
  11. Not a Mustang fan, but I am a fan of works of art like these.
  12. More done. It looks like I can fit the blown SOHC motor in with some work. I sanded the chrome strips off the body, and found a hood scoop in the AMT 66 Nova Bill Jenkins kit, and also will use the traction bars from that kit since they're the only one I have on hand. I need to go back to browsing some resin castes for supplies.
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