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  1. Thanks everyone. I've got to find some decals to get it closer to the 1/1. I set it aside because it didn't come as close as I hoped when I started it.
  2. That would be too neat. I talked to you a bit at Kulpmont and saw the car at another show and took more pictures of it. I shocked at both shows because my Fiero got a trophy at both shows. Maybe your my good luck talisman. I tried to do the white parts of the car but I'm no good at masking. Anyway you have a nice ride.
  3. Thanks to all for the nice comments. Cuba_13, I'm not sure why I didn't wire it. Hemi's are pretty easy to wire. I might have been out of pre-wired sets.
  4. Thanks. I found that paint plus a blue shade from Boyds at and old time general store in Quakertown PA.
  5. I can' believe I screwed the fenders up like that and didn't notice it! I really impressed myself on the blue one, but I love that type of drag car. it's one of a few I got to come out better than I thought it would. Considering it was a junk yard body and a parts pack motor it went together sweet.
  6. Thanks. That would look nice, but I don't have any.
  7. Thanks Misha. It took more time that the pictures indicate because I was a little slow posting pictures. I'm working on the stock version of the two cars now. and when I finish that one I think I'll start a thread to show all of them.
  8. The custom build is done. It's box stock except for a little bigger tires on the rear. Body color id Boyds Dusty Rose Pearl, and the frame and engine are Testors Metallic Gold. I also posed it with another 25 I did a year or so ago using a lot of scrap parts plus the body I found in my attic from a previous owner.
  9. I started the stock model while I was waiting for some paint to dry. I was going to do the roadster, but but after watching Keven Costners movie about Bonnie and Clyde, a hardtop caught my eye so I went that way.
  10. Almost done. I'll post some finished pictures tomorrow.
  11. When I did mine I used two bucket seats instead of the kit seat so I could remove the body to show the inside.
  12. Thanks. The gold is Testors and the body color will be Boyd's Dusty Rose Pearl. You can see it on the cycle fenders in the picture. I also got some of the detail part ready, and worked on the Lincoln engine.
  13. I got two items, a 72 Dodge Charger to join the other three, and an AMT parts pack two engine set,a Corvair for my Piranha race team and a 392 Hemi.
  14. I started this a few days ago. It will be another box stock build. The only parts I'll use are a little bit bigger rear tires ( maybe ).
  15. Thanks everyone. I'm really proud of the 2nd gen Charger. The wiring on the engine went well, and I fab fuel lines for the carbs. I even did the tire stems. It may be my best build ever.
  16. It's time for a brake fluid soak for the third time for this one. I started another build while it's soaking I give up on the BMF on it and I'm going to strip the chrome off the body. I tried a chrome marker and messed that up too.
  17. Thanks. I just won a 71 on E-Bay to join the other three.
  18. I agree with with engines as my favorite part. To me that's the heart of a car. Least is BMF. When I first started using it I did pretty good, but now I seem to have lost my touch.
  19. I gave up on this one until now. I got some new BMF and so far the doors worked out OK.
  20. Just finished. Other than the wheels it's box stock with a slight mod to bring the rear end up a little higher. Exterior paint is Dupli-color Light Slate Met. and the interior id Testors White Lighting. It meets it's younger brother and in the last picture the new gen Charger. The new one will be panted the some color as the other two. Now I need to find the model between the 68 and the new gen
  21. I'll have to look around for one, thanks.
  22. Thanks for the complements and info. I just finished it and posted a finished picture in the Work on Progress section if any wants to see more pictures. Later I'll post more in the Under glass section.
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