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  1. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic LETS SEE THOSE CHEVY PICKUPS S-10/ SILVERADO LATE MODELS   

    Some very nice builds in here! I'll be able to chime in soon with what I got.
  2. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic Baja Beast   

    Id love to get a set of those wheels! I like the color scheme ya got planned!
  3. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic A few old builds from back in the day   

    Sick builds! Where did you get the engine in the orange impala?
  4. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic Garage Dio   

    This is the type of modeling I sit and look at for hours just to take in the talent and skill of a builder that can put this much into a diorama. This is Amazing Danny, Keep up the great work! I def have my eye on this one.
  5. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic '70 Chevy Chevelle SS454   

    Exactly how I'd want a chevelle if I owned one, same wheels as well. Great job so far
  6. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic Foose 68 firebird   

    That start looks excellent. I cant wait to see what you got in store for this one.
  7. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic Ford Econoline   

    This is gonna be a sick build bro!
  8. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic New Moebius Ford Pick-ups 1971 Ranger XLT AND 1969 Custom SWB   

    At this price, I will be buying quite a few of these old trucks. Simply awesome detailing
  9. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic New Moebius Ford Pick-ups 1971 Ranger XLT AND 1969 Custom SWB   

    I probably missed it, but are the prices listed?
  10. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic 194? Chevy Farm Beater Truck   

    Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I've been sitting on youtube for hours just now watching how to videos. Its easier when your able to ask questions while doing it. Thanks again.
  11. DailyGrindCustoms added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    194? Chevy Farm Beater Truck
    I had some free time today away from work and what not. I decided it'd be a pretty good day to go about starting a new build. I decided, I want something I can use as a project for when I get tired of other builds I am doing. I just won a parts lot on e-bay that I remembered finding a 1949 I believe Chevy pickup?.. It is missing ALOT of parts, I didnt notice how much was gone when I bid on it but I bought it and now I have somewhat of an idea of what I will be doing this should come together slowly but surely.

    I am missing All suspension, Wheels, Tires, Bumpers, Tail gate, Engine, Trans, Dash, Seats, I gotta dig to find the glass, Sideskirts were gone for below the doors ETC. So I didnt wanna just throw the body out, So I am deciding to build a truck you might find on a farm. One the kids take 4 wheeling, They use it to haul stuff and just a good ol farm truck.

    I dug through my parts box, I found a set of mud tires and rims, Two rear axles, I'll have to see if I can use one to build a front axle (A task I dont know if I am ready for, but no times better then now to find out right) I will build the leaf springs out of styrene as well as shackles to give it the lift. I have a Chevy 350 engine that was painted but it will need a intake manifold and carb which ill find.

    Plan is to try my luck at rusting and denting this old bone up. It will be a piece for the diorama I am building to sit out back of a old shed. Hopefully I can pull this off, I have not the slightest clue as to how I rust or dent a vehicle but I am going to do alot of reading on the subjects and hopefully I can get this truck finished and you all will approve of it. This will be the first time I kit bash, Rust, Custom build anything. In my past models they've all been built box stock and maybe swapped a set of wheels or paint difference. Hopefully this one turns out well. Thanks for taking the time to look at the plans and I will upload pictures soon to show you what I am starting with.
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  12. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic '65 chevy stepside pick-up revell > almost done / special paint design   

    I really like where this is headed!

    I think copper on the inside of the rim with a chrome lip would give it a nice look too!
  13. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic Resin Casting for your own good?   

    Is the price the same for smaller objects like hoods, Rims and stuff like that? I am just curious because I dont plan to do a whole body often... Only if I could finish up these Ford F150 Crew Cab and the Ram crew cab. Otherwise it'll be a bunch of very small items I am doing.
  14. DailyGrindCustoms added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Resin Casting for your own good?
    I have been getting back into the hobby slowly. I've looked around at the price of resin items, I think to myself when it comes to buy resin items I could almost make way with doing it myself cheaper? Now, I won't be casting for someone else, So would I benefit enough from doing it myself?

    I build alot of the same models, C1500s, Dodge Ram VTS, 99 Mustang Cobra to name a few. If I could get a good master down, I'd like to resin cast a few of the things I've built for my builds. Custom shaved beds, tailgates, Cowl hoods, Seats and Wheels as well as other custom parts I've build so I can use them in future builds. I have began a 97 F-150 Crew Cab cab, Dodge Ram VTS Crew Cab, If I were to get it to where I am happy with it, I'd really like to cast it so I wont have to keep rebuilding the same things over and over.

    I also was curious, When resin casting how hard is it to make a mold and whats best to use for making one? I looked on youtube for a couple hours watching different methods of casting and how people do it.

    Any help from someone who does this, would be appreciated!
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  15. DailyGrindCustoms added a post in a topic Why did you...   

    I built my first model when I was 11, Kept building til I was about 15. Then sports, Girls and eventually parties got in the way. I got in some trouble for drinking, Wrecked a couple cars and I decided I needed to get away from that group of people and even if I sit at home bored, I figured I could fill my man cave with some models. Its always been a way for me to get away from everything and turn up the music and let my mind go to work. I like to build vehicles that I cant own. Its like building minature dreams everytime my hands get ahold of a kit.