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  1. Did you try painting the clear plastic with your favorite brand of candy (clear) orange paint? You can vary the tint by using a different amount of coats.
  2. .

    Brutalform, if you don't mind my asking, where did you get that resin body? Who makes it? Thanks for your time & info on this. Hack-n-whack AKA Tom
  3. What would YOU like to see as a model

    I would like to see a 1/25th scale 1938 Ford woody. Heck, a '38 anything would float my boat! How about some '20's and '30's GM cars too?
  4. 41Plymouth gasser

    Very nice work! Not an easy front end to work with there.Yours looks really good.
  5. Wanted

    My zip code is 48186-3708. I live in Westland, MI. 39259 Cheshire St. How much do you want for those parts? Plus shipping.
  6. Wanted

    No, I don't have any Revell '50 Austin doors. I never built that kit. I have Revell "Skipper's Critter" doors (hood & trunk too). I thought that Revell's drag kits were too fiddly to build. My skill-set was pretty minimal back when those kits were released. Sorry Jason. Would you consider selling those parts? Thanks. Tom aka hack-n-whack
  7. Wanted

    I need the earlier version hood top. The version in the "Dick Tracey" kit will also work. Thanks.
  8. Wanted

    Sorry for that post. It should have said " hood top". I"m still interested in your headlight pods & bezels. If you have any hood tops, that's what my initial post should have said.
  9. Wanted

    I need the top portion from AMT"s (or current Round 2) '36 Ford kit. Also, the stock headlight pods & bezels. Thanks.
  10. back to building after many years

    Hi and welcome to this forum Tim. I hope you like it here. There is a wealth of knowledge and modelling know-how here. Enjoy!
  11. Mid-fifties T Hot Rod

    That is beautiful. You have excellent scratchbuilding skills. Please keep us posted with more "in progress" pix. Thanks.
  12. Well..... maybe model-kit-builder will figure out that he (or his line of thinking) isn't what this forum is about. He said, a couple of times that we (the members) should leave if we don't agree with him. I think he'll leave after he finds there are no takers here.
  13. It seems to me that you are a tech-savvy 17 yr old kid. By your own admission, you have no interest in nor have you ever built a model. So please enlighten all us who DO have an interest in model cars, not to just "make a buck". Also, how would you pay the writers you hire? I agree with Xingu. You should do some research on the subject. Most people on this site are adults. This is a hobby!
  14. Modelling Oddities/Mistakes

    Where's the "y" in rall-ing?
  15. I don't think you're going in the right direction with your "market". All the the info here is free, hence there is no need for it. I for one would not pay for any advice (model related). It's a hobby: Everybody is an individual, with his/her own building skills. You should build a model before you offer any advice about one!