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  1. Happy Birthday Nitro Marty . Best wishes on your special day.


  2. A Happy Birthday wish is in order now! Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your special day. Best wishes!!

  3. Welcome Ron ! This place is a great forum with some great people. Lots of info here too. I hope you enjoy coming here .
  4. Happy Birthday Mr. Woodruff  !  Enjoy your special day. Stay safe and best wishes to you.  You do some amazing work in my opinion!



  5. Almost $1,900 for a model? Is it made of gold? Does it run? Or is the seller just trolling to find a willing buyer?
  6. Happy Birthday Terry. I hope that you can enjoy your special day.  Stay safe and best wishes.

  7. Happy Birthday Andy. Enjoy your special day. Best wishes to you and yours. Stay safe.

  8. Happy Birthday Bill.  You do some amazing work! Best wishes on your special day.



  9. Happy Birthday Art. Enjoy your special day.  Best wishes.

    1. Art Laski

      Art Laski

      Thank you, Tom!!!

  10. Happy Birthday Russ. Best wishes on your special day. Enjoy it to the fullest.

  11. Not visited or posted here since Sept., 2013 eh? Well, here's wishing you a happy birthday anyway!   Best wishes on your special day!!

  12. That turned out very nice. Outstanding workmanship.
  13. John, Glad to have you back! I hope your health is improving as well. Get better & stay safe.
  14. To Larry Greenberg and Michael Hill; Can you tell me what the last issue # was. Maybe I'm missing some. Also, are there any back-issues available?
  15. Just wondering... Is there a magazine? I haven't seen one in quite some time. Am I missing something?
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