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  1. Happy Birthday Shambles. Have a good day & stay safe.  Best wishes. hack-n-whack

  2. Happy Birthday Rodent (Steve Andrews). Enjoy your special day as much as you can.   Best wishes too!   Hack-n-whack (AKA Tom Buda).

  3. Happy Birthday Carl. I hope you enjoy your special day (as much as you can). Best wishes. hack-n-whack AKA Tom Buda

  4. Bill, just a suggestion here. Instead of cutting the top off where the windshield frame locates to the hardtop, cut straight across the top even with the vent windows. Then you can whittle sunvisors into the remaining top portion. If you are using an up-top, you will have to thin the visors so the top will fit. Lots of work, but worth the effort. That's how I did mine.
  5. Happy Birthday to Hot Ford Coupe! Stay safe.

  6. Happy Birthday 65cutty.

  7. Joe,  Happy Birthday again! Best wishes on your special day. Stay safe in NY.

  8. Wow! You put a ton of work into that car! It looks fantastic! I can't wait to see pix of it finished. Please keep us informed on your progress too. Thanks & Best wishes.
  9. 05-10-'20: Happy Birthday Rick V. I hope you are staying safe on your special day. I'm in MI., my sister & nephew live in CA.  Best wishes.  Tom AKA hack-n-whack 

  10. 05-10- 2020.  Happy birthday Richard. Best wishes on your special day!

  11. 5-10-2020. Happy Birthday Jim. Enjoy your special day (as much as you can in these covid-19 days). I hope you are well, and stay safe too.  Best wishes.  Tom AKA hack-n-whack

  12. Wishful thinking ! I would like a 1/25th scale Daytona coupe. It seems to me that all the models are done in 1/24th.
  13. Happy Birthday Joshua! Enjoy your special day. Been to Ft. Sill, OK. for AIT ?

  14. Many thanks for the detail pictures! An excellent build.
  15. Any engine pix, or chassis pix. I know they are real simplified. You did a wonderful job on yours!
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