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  1. Rob Hosking added a post in a topic Gary Balough's '86 short track Camaro   

    Nice job! Love the skirt rivet detail, and awesome job on the decals!
  2. Rob Hosking added a post in a topic 1st post, Paul Blevins Corvette   

    Theres no real problem with the decals per se, its just they are for the Nomad!
    And i held off buying a set from lucas, but i had heard some not so great things, and now i see theres a fella on here that has bought him out and will be reproducing (hopefully) the correct ones.
    So i can fix the marginal paint and get some right decals, so im pretty happy!
  3. Rob Hosking added a post in a topic Primer for color molded bodys   

    Ok, thanks.
    I have not really painted plastic with anything other than Tamiya primer first, the primer sealer can go right on or should i prep the body with something first?
  4. Rob Hosking added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Primer for color molded bodys
    Wondering if anyone may have a magic trick to cure the red/yellow bleed through on color molded bodys and parts?
    Like especially around panel lines, brutal.
    I was contemplating using the tamiya brush on primer on the panel lines, wet sanding, then applying tamiya white primer in the spray can?
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  5. Rob Hosking added a post in a topic Early 60's GMC 1/2 ton conversion?   

    Oh i understand they are busy. I just ordered a 68 Chevelle coversion kit and some missing wheels for a 59 Vette, pretty pumped to get the stuff.
    I dont know who Sean or Casey are, do they cast resin?
  6. Rob Hosking added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Early 60's GMC 1/2 ton conversion?
    I have a Chevy truck, i want to convert to a GMC, I had heard Modelhaus did a conversion years ago, but contacted them and "that has been out of production for years"
    No reply on if they still had the mold and wanted to do some one offs.

    So that being said, where can i find a 1961 to 1965 GMC 4 Headlight grille with the GMC Script, and a GMC molded tailgate?

    As far as i can tell there was no kit, or diecast ever produced, any help??

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  7. Rob Hosking added a post in a topic 1st post, Paul Blevins Corvette   

    Dont let it scare you off! Im not very good at scratch buidling, and I managed it!
    Its just 3 sides of .030 evergreen and a piece of a pop can for the front. I used a machinists rule and measured off the front wheel opening and headlight doors on the photos, then the model to get a conversion. I used the 1972 US nationals photo (The real car has the same scoop on it currently), but it had about a dozen different scoops on it by the difference in all the photos.
    SO make something that looks good to you!
  8. Rob Hosking added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    1st post, Paul Blevins Corvette
    Hello all,
    First off, I'm hoping the obscurity/ rarity of this model offsets the lack of details. I am pretty outclassed here, and I hope that that will motivate me to build better to at least get close to par with some of the outstanding work on here!

    *Long story warning*
    Paul Blevins and John Scotto campained the Nomad, which most of you are familer with. They built this Corvette I Believe in 1971, to run in Modified Production/D Gas because of the rules. The rules allowed no engine setback or fibreglass parts (unless factory), and the addition of a solid axle to a car that came from the factory without. So with a fibreglass body, and 12 inches of engine setback a Corvette was a great choice.
    And when retrofitting the solid axle (an Oldsmobile front loader), they came up with a prototype rear suspension, the 4 Link.
    At this point most people were running leafs with ladder bars, or some sort of coil spring/ladder bar setup. Once dialed in this car won lots, including the 1972 US Nationals, as well as the World Finals that year. As i understand it, it was the first 4 link car to win an NHRA event. At the time it held the record at a 10.17 with a 327.
    I think part of the reason this car doesnt have the notirioty of the Nomad, is because after being run for less than 2 years it was sold to Dick Moroso (Yes the Moroso performance parts guy) so Paul could go Pro Stock Racing.

    Part 2
    Either just before or just after the car was sold to Dick, it was tubbed to run a 12 inch slick with a Dana 60. Once Dick was done with it, the car ended up north of the border in the Toronto area, my details are somewhat foggy here. The car was modified pretty heavily to run in Mini Pro with drag spindles and brakes, rack and pinion, more engine setback, 14 inch tire, full tin kit etc. a couple of owners later around 1988 it ended up at my Dads shop to have a big block chev put in it.
    The car really went too fast with the big block, it ran in the 8.50s with a single carb 468. A testament to the original engineering of the 4 link, with chevelle coils!
    Theres only 3 tracks around our way, and after being kicked out of all 3 for running too fast with no chute, cage certification etc, the car went into mothballs til around 2000.
    It was delivered to my dads again, to put it on the street. One of our friends saw the car, heard the story about Blevins and bought it on the spot.
    It has now undergone a complete restoration, and been put back to 1971 spec. Before Paul Blevins died, the current owner contacted him, and while somewhat unwilling, Paul ID'd the car as his. One of the keys was the reshaped wheel lips in the rear. They were built with torch hoses!

    Real Photos

    Anyways, heres my take on The Scotto Blevins GM/P D/G Corvette. Built from a Revell kit, with Ebay decals for the Nomad, Cragars from a Chevelle kit, scratched side windows, rear suspension, wheelie bars and the worst looking hood scoop of the 70's.
    I am not really happy with the paint, decals should have been coated a few times before i laid them, and it has those terrible plastic rear tires.
    Once i find a real set of correct decals for it, i will probably redo it, but for now it looks good on the shelf.

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  9. Rob Hosking added a post in a topic Bare Metail Foil - Which One?   

    Glad this topic popped up, i was just planning on getting a sheet.
  10. Rob Hosking added a post in a topic 63 Chevy   

    Nice work!
    The Blue tint is spray can or airbrush? Really sets it off!