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  1. Nice job! Love the skirt rivet detail, and awesome job on the decals!
  2. Theres no real problem with the decals per se, its just they are for the Nomad! And i held off buying a set from lucas, but i had heard some not so great things, and now i see theres a fella on here that has bought him out and will be reproducing (hopefully) the correct ones. So i can fix the marginal paint and get some right decals, so im pretty happy!
  3. Ok, thanks. I have not really painted plastic with anything other than Tamiya primer first, the primer sealer can go right on or should i prep the body with something first?
  4. Wondering if anyone may have a magic trick to cure the red/yellow bleed through on color molded bodys and parts? Like especially around panel lines, brutal. I was contemplating using the tamiya brush on primer on the panel lines, wet sanding, then applying tamiya white primer in the spray can?
  5. Oh i understand they are busy. I just ordered a 68 Chevelle coversion kit and some missing wheels for a 59 Vette, pretty pumped to get the stuff. I dont know who Sean or Casey are, do they cast resin?
  6. I have a Chevy truck, i want to convert to a GMC, I had heard Modelhaus did a conversion years ago, but contacted them and "that has been out of production for years" No reply on if they still had the mold and wanted to do some one offs. So that being said, where can i find a 1961 to 1965 GMC 4 Headlight grille with the GMC Script, and a GMC molded tailgate? As far as i can tell there was no kit, or diecast ever produced, any help??
  7. Dont let it scare you off! Im not very good at scratch buidling, and I managed it! Its just 3 sides of .030 evergreen and a piece of a pop can for the front. I used a machinists rule and measured off the front wheel opening and headlight doors on the photos, then the model to get a conversion. I used the 1972 US nationals photo (The real car has the same scoop on it currently), but it had about a dozen different scoops on it by the difference in all the photos. SO make something that looks good to you!
  8. Glad this topic popped up, i was just planning on getting a sheet.
  9. Nice work! The Blue tint is spray can or airbrush? Really sets it off!
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