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  1. Nacho Z

    '39 Ford 3-W

    I’ll admit that I don’t know a lot about this style of build but I do know a beautiful model when I see one and I’m looking at one right here. Very nice!
  2. Very nice, Tom! Great looking engine bay.
  3. Very nice, Steve, you did a great job on this. This kit was one of the first Tamiya kits I ever purchased and I still haven’t built it...lol. I hope mine turns out as nice as yours!
  4. Nice Porsche, Bruce! Looks like you did a great job on a nice kit. I’m with everyone else, love the stance and the color combo!
  5. Bruce, it may or may not be the best solution but there are lots of parted-out 1:12 kits on Ebay. This might be an option for you.
  6. Is this what you are looking for?
  7. I’m happy for you, Alex! You are such a talented modeler and it is nice to have you back at the bench.
  8. Man, Tim, if anyone can do this kit justice it will be you! I’ll be following this one for sure.
  9. Beautiful Ferrari! You did a great job on it.
  10. Gary, I had had good results with this, Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome.
  11. Could I bother you for just a little more info on the black bird? Revell or AMT?, kit # or pic of box art? Thanks for any help you can share.😎
  12. Wowzers!! What a great group of models you have to there, Cliff! Not a bad one in the bunch. I love those birds. They look “right”. There is plenty of inspiration in those pics!
  13. Let me applaud everyone in this thread, at least so far, for the civil answers and help being given. I asked the same question in two groups on Facebook not too long ago. To be more specific, I asked if I could shoot Tamiya TS over Krylon. I had my reasons for this situation. Pretty simple question requiring a pretty simple answer. I did get some helpful answers but I got just as many "what the heck are you thinking" type answers. Had my skills as a modeler even being questioned, (please feel free to look at my models in the Workbench and Under Glass sections). One Admin took a cheap shot at me and then turned off responses to my post so I couldn't even explain why I was asking the question in the first place. I don't, and never will, understand why people have to put down someone else in that manner. Just answer the question, add some explanation if needed and move on. No need to denigrate anyone. I do see it happen here on MCM too but not like it is on FB. Anyhow, I just thought I would share that with you all. Thanks! (BTW, I am going to finish that model, two-tone, in Krylon just to prove it can be done and it can be done well.)
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