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  1. Now that the throttle plates are done I started on the cam covers. I primed them with Gravity primer and then airbrushed them in Tamiya's yellow lacquer. This will be the base. I will shoot Tamiya acrylic over this. Once cured I will remove the acrylic paint and hopefully not hurt the lacquer paint. Next I shot them with Tamiya X-18 Semi-gloss black. I then took on the tedious task of exposing the underlying yellow lacquer. I used Tamiya's acrylic thinner on their swabs at first but found this to not be to my liking. The black would smear and I went through a ton of swabs in no time. I ended up scraping the ribs and words with a #11 blade. I was worried that the black paint would chip as I did this but it did not. Once all of the yellow bits were exposed I added PE bolt heads on top of the poorly molded kit bolt heads. Here is a picture of an engine in a museum, (I believe). Not an action shot but the details are the same. I wanted to add the red circles and the white bits where the spark plug wires go in. The white bits may actually be the spark plugs. I honestly don't know. There was no way that I could neatly paint the 4 red discs on the cam cover. I punched out 4 discs from sheet styrene and painted them red. I did hand paint the silver parts. Next I sliced 2mm solid rod into .44mm pieces. I hand drilled out the centers. This is where the ignition wires will pass through. Those pieces were glued to the cam covers. Here is the final product. I may add a fitting to each cam cover once I figure out some of the plumbing that I would like to add. I would love to hear some feedback. I am open to all suggestions and comments. Thanks!
  2. Fandamntastic, Doug! Although I have not built mine yet, I love this kit and love seeing built examples. Yours is top notch!
  3. I haven't really commented on this build yet. I'm not really sure what to say that hasn't already been said. I'm really loving the thread and I appreciate not only the time you've put into the model but also the time you have taken to photograph, post and caption all of the work that you are doing. Great job so far and please keep it up!
  4. I appreciate it, Scott! As I recall it wasn’t a bad kit except for the 2-piece rear tires.
  5. This is a perfect example of the old saying “to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Congratulations on doing just that. I agree with you that I really like the looks of that BMW.
  6. Just an exceptionally nice model, Jason! Wow!, I love everything about it. Great job!
  7. Very nice looking Mustang! Great paint work.
  8. What a great looking model! You don’t see very many of these being built. Yours is one of the nicest examples I have ever seen. Great job, Bill!
  9. Very nice, Jason! You put a lot of work into this and it paid off handsomely!
  10. Thanks, Jason! Yup, I have some of those as well. They may find their way on this build as well. Master Club are like that as well. They have a stem that can be trimmed as needed.
  11. Here is another little update. Pictured here are the throttle plates that the air funnels fit into. The molded in bolt heads were really more of a cone. They were more round than hex shaped. Because they were easy to get to I decided to remove them and replace them with Meng bolt heads. I used a Trumpeter 1mm chisel to remove the molded on ones. Please keep in mind when viewing the photos that most of them are zoomed in views. Not every bolt head is the exact same thickness. This has to do with removing them from the plate they are molded to. Also you may notice a small bit of glue that squished out when applying the bolt heads. As much as humanly possible this all scraped away after the pictures were taken. There are 52 individual bolt heads on the two throttle plates. The original kit parts. With the molded in bolt heads removed.
  12. She's a beauty, Rich! I have really enjoyed the couple of Fujimi kits that I have built. The PE set really adds to a nice kit.
  13. Very nice, Tony! She is just an all around great looking model.
  14. You are far too kind! I post the WIPs in hopes that it will help others. I will even post what didn’t work. There is not a lot of information about this car out there, relatively speaking. I already know that I will be guessing at more than a few details. Thanks, Tim! Thank you, Bruce!
  15. Much appreciated, Stephen! I am happy with how the funnels and injectors turned out. I have a long way to go. Thanks, Pierre! I’m nowhere near your level but I’m trying!
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