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  1. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Fujimi Veneno   

    Very nice!  Looks to be a very clean build.
  2. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Fiat 806 Milano GP 1927. 1/12   

    Absolutely gorgeous model!!  Some real eye candy, for sure.
  3. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Who's doing the 24 Hour Build this year?   

    Dave, you can post on FB.  Actually, under the pinned post on the 24 hour FB page, Gary states that everyone should post on FB.  If you have a Fotki account, send Gary the link to your page.  Not everyone has a Fotki account.  I assume it does not have to be Fotki.  It could be any photo hosting site.
  4. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Be Safe Everyone.   

    The local news reported 22 inches here in Fairmont.  Normally having a two stall driveway is a good thing, but not when you have to shovel it...
  5. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Who's doing the 24 Hour Build this year?   

    I'm in the loop!   I've been in the original group since the first one.  (Original group meaning this iteration of the 24 hour build).  Yes, Gary is the driving force behind this annual event.  He started it with just a Fotki account and posting updates there.  He still maintains that site and you can see all of the previous years.  (did the link work?)  On FB, just look for "10th Annual 24HR Build"  Gary's vision was always to have this thing blow up and it really has taken off since putting it on FB.  Gary still does his very best to link everyone's personal build site to his so that we can all see what everyone else is up to.  Not everyone is on FB.
    If you have not participated before, give it a shot.  It is a good time.  It is much more fun if you are able to do it with a few of your buddies.  You are much less likely to stop, quit or fall asleep!  It is fun to bust out a build and not sweat all of the little details.  As a kid, I could buy a kit on a Saturday morning and have it done before going to bed.  And the best part of it....I had FUN doing it.  That is the whole idea behind this, having fun.  It is doubtful that we will have any Best of Show winners coming out of this 24 hour build.  My goal every year is to finish my model in 24 hours.  I have come very close.  Most of us do have to finish them up after the 24 hour period and that is OK.
    If there is any other questions you all might have, post them here and we will get them answered.  Good luck to everyone who is participating this year.
  6. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Tamiya Ferrari F60 (Felipe Massa)   

    I look forward to seeing more of your F1s, Justin.  I think this one looks very good.  To be honest, I think she probably looks better in this red than the one they call for.  I have the correct color and is just doesn't seem right for Ferrari  Regarding the rear wing, you are probably the only one who will notice anything wrong with it.   It sure looks good to me.
  7. Nacho Z added a post in a topic 917K   

    Very nice 917, Nie!
  8. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Tamiya Ferrari F60 (Felipe Massa)   

    Justin, that is a great looking Ferrari!  Those rear wings can be a real pain.  Some of them can have 3 or 4 elements, I believe.  Hard to square everything up, but it looks like you've got it figured out.  A question about the paint, what did you use?  Tamiya came out with a specific paint for this car.  Not the easiest to find though.
  9. Nacho Z added a post in a topic 1/8 65 Corvette   

    First things first, that Vette is beautiful!  Stunning model!  Secondly, it looks like RoG is re-releasing this kit.  It was just posted on here today by Luc.
  10. Nacho Z added a post in a topic My take on the Revell 29   

    Everything just works so well together on this model.  Outstanding job!!  The brown looks good on it too.
  11. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Revell '29 Model A Roadster- * Electric Currant Red Metallic   

    This is a perfect example of what an OOB build can be.  Soooo clean!  Looks great even without after market goodies.  Nice job!
  12. Nacho Z added a post in a topic New NASCAR builder from PA   

    Welcome, Joe.  I looked up Acme.  You are not too far from me.  There is a nice hobby shop in Connellsville.  I hope to see you at some of the local shows.
  13. Nacho Z added a post in a topic My last one for 2015...'75 Dodge Dart Sport   

    I think it looks great, Tony.  You said you wanted a decent looking "shelfer".  Mission accomplished.....(and exceeded).
  14. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Candy apple green 06 Zo6   

    That is a good looking color.  I really like the last picture, the rear 3/4 shot.  Good job!
  15. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Nacho Z's 2015 - with a slight twist   

    Thank you Richard!  That means a lot coming from you. (I seem to remember a BoS for you, not too long ago ).  It would have been nice to hit a few shows with you.  I have three more shows towards the beginning of 2016 that I would like to go to.  Unless I learn of other shows, the car will be retired and given to the man I built it for.