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  1. Tamiya Mazda 787B

    Darn fine work there, Mike!
  2. Tamiya Mazda 787B

    Love it!! It looks like you did an outstanding job on this one. I personally love doing decals. They certainly can be a challenge. How was this one as far as the decals fitting and settling down?
  3. AMT 1969 Oldsmobile 442 (non W-30)

    Gorgeous looking model! Looks great from all angles. Nicely done!
  4. Coca-Cola Show Rod - (Vending Machine)

    There is a radiator in the kit, kind of, but it is not very detailed. Take your time and think out how to do the roof. I glued mine on and fixed the horrible fitment issue. I then cut out the cab floor and put the interior side panels in through the bottom. I then glued the cut out floor piece back in. Good luck on your build!
  5. Coca-Cola Show Rod - (Vending Machine)

    I agree with you about the rear tires. I just used what was in the kit as this was going to be a quick build. You would need much wider tires to accurately replicate the real car.
  6. This was meant to be a quick build. It turned out that it took a little longer than I had planned. The frame was badly twisted. There is a lot of flash on the chrome pieces. The biggest problem was the fit of the roof piece to the cab. It just doesn't fit. Look at other built examples of this kit and you will see what I mean. I spent a lot of time getting the roof to look right. Lots of filling and filing. Here is the kit that I used. Here is the final result.
  7. Hobby shops in Pittsburgh, Pa

    Hobby Express and Auto Models LLC are both great. Hobby Express has tons of goodies. I can spend hours in there. I have spent a gazillion dollars with John at Auto Models. There is nowhere, that I have found, with better prices than John. One word of caution. Check with John at Auto Models before going to his store. He goes to a lot of contests as a vendor and his store hours are hit and miss sometimes.
  8. Ted Musgrave

    Nice NASCAR, Bruce. This was a popular livery. You've done a great job on this one/
  9. Miller Genuine Draft

    Yes, yes, yes!! Back when I knew who was driving what. Great looking model!
  10. Another Steve Grissom

    I remember Steve but I don't remember this car. Great looking model!
  11. John Andretti

  12. Buddy Baker

    I've said this many time on several forums, I love your work, John. I don't comment near enough because I'm running out of superlatives for your models!
  13. Ferrari fxx-k

  14. Porsche 935-77

    Great looking model! Originally, I did not like theses cars but over the years I have warmed up to them. Your model just bumped that up a notch.
  15. Mack Cruiseliner

    I'm not a truck builder but I enjoy checking out the builds in this section. Models like this are the reason why! Nicely done!