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  1. Nacho Z


    What a beautiful model! Your paint work is outstanding, Dale!
  2. That is a good looking Cup car. Nice job!
  3. Wow! I think she looks great! I have always liked this livery. There is just something about that old school Kodak paint scheme that catches my eye. Actually, the first NASCAR model that I built was the #4 Kodak car. It didn’t turn out a fraction as nice as yours.
  4. There are some very helpful videos on YouTube that show you how to mix thinners and cleaners for these paints. Yes, some may be oversimplified and yes, some may be overcomplicated. But when you see a common theme or ingredient throughout all of them, pay attention. I made a mix from a combination of several videos. These videos had to show a final product and most did. Using what I learned right out of the gate I was airbrushing the interior on my model of a 79 T/A. I had no issues and was pleased with the final result. Good luck with your project!
  5. Beautiful car, beautiful model! She looks great, Rich!
  6. I cannot speak to the kit bashing aspect but I can tell you that I am currently building the 57 Chevy Black Widow and it has been a joy to build. I have had zero issues so far and I am nearly done with it.
  7. Wow, Keith, that is gorgeous! She is a looker for sure. Very nice job!
  8. This is a very, very nice build of this car! You absolutely nailed it!
  9. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am not a truck builder but I know a beautiful truck model when I see one and I am seeing one here. This is just fantastic! I love both the tractor and the trailer. Great job, James!
  10. I’ve always liked this car. You did a fantastic job on this! Great looking model, Michael!
  11. Oh geez, Dann, you’re not going to believe this but I did post the finished model in Under Glass. And not only did I forget I had already posted it, you commented on it! 🤪😂😂
  12. Well shoot, I forgot about this! She is done and has even won some hardware. I will continue this build thread and then post a new thread in Under Glass.
  13. So sorry to read that this happened to you, Starter77. I would think Hiroboy in the UK or Spot Models in Spain would have replacement decals. I know this very kit is being reissued very soon or it may already be out. Good luck!
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