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  1. Tamiya paint stands...

    I know this is a day late and a dollar short, but this is a common problem/complaint. There have been various homemade fixes, you will nees to find what is best for you. Personally, I just leave the base separate from the top. Sorry to read about your bad luck.
  2. Any Veterans out there ?

    Bob, that is what I was doing at Sheppard, attending my tech school. My training was about 9 months long. Sheppard had one heck of an Airman's Club...lol.
  3. Any Veterans out there ?

    USAF, 1983 -1988, BMET stationed at RAF Alconbury / RAF Upwood. Did a little time at Sheppard AFB and Columbus AFB.
  4. I've been gone for a little while and I am just now trying to catch up on some of the threads I was following. Not even sure what to say! She is looking fantastic! I appreciate all of the time you take to explain what you have done, along with the photos to document your work.
  5. 55' Chevy Convertible

    That is just flat out nice! I really like the color combination.
  6. Why Can't I Post?

    The whole "I can't get back on the forum" thing has happened to me several times. I found that if I try to re-post more than three times after getting the 404, that is when I get the never ending loading circle thingy. I cannot get on the site on my phone nor my laptop.
  7. Model factory hiro

    What an absolutely gorgeous model, Bruce! I have followed/seen a number of MFH kits being built. I know they can be a challenge at times. Your finished example is outstanding!! Now here is a cool coincidence, I just purchased the Eagle a few months ago. It will be my first MFH. I'm going to be following your build so that I can learn from you! So please, share as much as you can, good and bad. Thanks!
  8. 1/25 Tribute Hot Wheels Custom Camaro

    I love your stuff, Jim. I always like seeing your models on FB. Nice to see them over here as well. You have soooo many cool builds and this one is one of my favorites!
  9. 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Finished Pics

    Chris, I know that the accolades will be pouring in, and deservedly so. Let me just say that I was blown away by the workbench thread and the final project is phenomenal. Absolutely top notch build!! Congratulations to you!
  10. Mario Andretti’s last win

    I love it, Jay! Love the car, love the livery! You did a very nice job on it.
  11. 2018 Christine

    I think she looks great in that color. Nice job!
  12. 1:12 Tamiya WR1

    Good to see you back on this one and making good progress too!
  13. Model Car shows

    Sure is. Happens all the time. I usually reply if it is a show I'm going to.
  14. Beemax Porsche 935 K2

    Beautiful build! She just looks so good, everything looks "right"!
  15. Revell 83 Hurst Olds 442

    Great looking Olds. I remember seeing these driving around when they came out. I have always liked these cars. Yours really looks the part.