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  1. Thank you, Bruce! I appreciate it! Thanks, Jim! I hear you about the backgrounds. I really like the black for the artsy-fartsy aspect but I like the white for the cleanness.
  2. Thanks, Anton! And thanks for following along over in the WIP thread. I really do appreciate the kind words.
  3. That is very cool Benz! I really like some of those older Carrera Panamericana cars. This is such a cool livery. Nice job on it!
  4. Those are some good looking models, Anton! That Supra is very, very nice!! It just has “the look”. 😎
  5. Good Lord they are all fantastic! Congratulations on a productive year! I will chime in with my favorite as well, which is the GTX. That NASCAR really catches my eye too.
  6. Thank you, Steve! I will be looking forward to seeing yours. I have all but one of these. I forget which one I am missing. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about that diecast chassis plate and I’m still not sure…lol. There is really nothing to see on the underside of these cars anyhow so it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Thanks for the kind words, Ricky! You and I are on the same page regarding the black base and reflections. It doesn’t work on all of my models but I think It looks pretty cool with this one.
  7. Thanks, Kurt! I am definitely pleased with how it turned out! I appreciate it, Carl!
  8. Thanks, Josh! I think that I agree with you about the backgrounds. I like the black for the artistic qualities. I think the white better captures the true color/hue/tint of the paint.
  9. I appreciate the kind words, Rich! It is such a nice kit. I don’t think I could have screwed it up even if I tried…lol.
  10. I finished this Tamiya kit of the Honda Takata Dome NSX on Christmas Eve. You can check out the build thread here: Tamiya Honda Takata Dome NSX - WIP: Other Racing: Road Racing, Land Speed Racers - Model Cars Magazine Forum All information about the build is in the link above. The build took me 80 hours. A lot of that time was in masking and painting. For the body I used Gravity Colors - Spain's Honda Takata Green Effect, Zero Paints' Pure Brilliant White and Tamiya LP-5 Semi-Gloss Black. Other items were shot with AK Interactive Xtreme Metals and Alclads. I used Tamiya's PE set for this car. I could not decide which background I liked the best, the black or the white, so I'll post them both. Let me know what you think!
  11. That is such a good looking dragster. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do with this one. Looks like lots of goodies will be going into it.
  12. Wowzers!! That is incredibly nice. Yes, Tamiya kits have amazing engineering but you really added some great workmanship to the kit. I agree with you about LP paint. I will use it over the acrylics as much as I can. I have limited colors but I believe they are adding more all the time.
  13. Sorry, Monty, I haven’t shot any bodies, just interiors. I like the flat sheen I get. By the way, I know several guys who thin craft paint with Future to shoot bodies with. It gives an nice semi-gloss sheen.
  14. I have used it via airbrush. A quick search on YouTube for homemade craft paint thinner will get you lots of results. Sorry I do not have the formula I used in front of me but it is distilled water and windshield washer in equal amounts, some isopropyl alcohol and a drop or two of glycerin. Formulas vary. Some like Windex. Some will argue of Windex with or without ammonia. Mine worked well for me for interior parts. I have not tried to shoot a body with it. I’m a lacquer guy.
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