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  1. From one John to another, great job!! This is just such a nice model. It really looks the part.
  2. Although I have no plans to ever do my own machining, I appreciate Pete’s answer here. It was an interesting read. Thanks for taking the time to write it. It is this kind of sharing of knowledge that makes this forum so great!
  3. I like it! She is just a good looking car. Nice job!
  4. Yup, it is funny how things that we might have thought were kinda goofy back in the day are really pretty cool now. For me, this is a good example. I’m really digging this model, nice job on it!
  5. Very nice! Great color combo.
  6. That is a good looking Chevy! The color looks good on it. Great choice.
  7. Gorgeous paint and the colors really work well together!
  8. Beautiful model! That is one of my favorite liveries on this car.
  9. I hear you, I chimed in because of the “communication” aspect of aftermarket vendors and got carried away...lol. It was therapeutic, however 😂
  10. I by no means am trying to hijack this thread but I wanted to chime in with my experience with another aftermarket vendor, Thunder Valley F1, (TVF1). TVF1 makes PE and machined aluminum parts for large scale F1 kits. It is such a mixed bag. On one hand TVF1 makes some of the most absolutely gorgeous parts for F1 kits out there. On the other hand TVF1 went through a rough period and gained a bad reputation much like Reliable Resin. He got back on track and I ordered hundreds of dollars worth of parts for a Williams F1 kit. Took a little while but I received everything and the items are exquisite. I picked up a Tamiya Ferrari 641/2 kit. About the same time TVF1 announced that they were getting out of the 1:12 scale side of the hobby and focusing on another scale. I placed another order worth hundreds of dollars. It has been well over a year and the only communication is when I initiate it. I do not get solid answers. I’ve passed the PayPal time frame and I think even the credit card time frame to file a claim. I really do think I’ll get my items and I know they will be stunning but in the back of my mind I have that little nagging feeling that is “what if you don’t”? The amount of money that he already took from me is enough that I will do something through legal channels, small claims court perhaps? Besides getting my items what do I want? COMMUNICATION! That’s all. Be honest and tell me what is going on. “Hey, it will be 18 months before you get your order.“ “Sorry but you’ll get A, B and C but part D is out of stock and will not be made until I get a few more orders”. Just shoot straight with me. I’m willing to wait if I know up front that I have to. Anyhow, thanks for letting me chime in.
  11. Very nice, Jeff! I’ve always liked this one. It is in my stash, I hope to build it someday.
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