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  1. She looks great! I’m really looking forward to some glamour shots of this one!
  2. Just a quick update. I took this model to an IPMS show this weekend. PennCon, hosted by the Central Pennsylvania IPMS club. I am pleased to report that she took a Gold in Automotive!
  3. Thanks, Helmut! Considering how old they are the decals held up quite well and laid down very nicely.
  4. Although I am not 100% sure about this I thought the forum software automatically swapped out any restricted words with the “blah blah blah”. It seems like that has happened to me a long time ago.
  5. Very, very nice Jag! You did a great job on this one, Anders!
  6. Thanks, Kurt! The main thing about the stripes was to get them in place but not set in place, eyeball the stripes to make sure they lined up and then smooth them out without moving them…whew! I really had to take my time. Thanks, Mike! There are stripes everywhere…lol.
  7. Welcome, Bill! That is a great looking model. As others have said, it would be nice if you could tell us more about the model, what additional work you did to it, aftermarket parts you may have used and I think we all agree, more pictures! She is a beauty!
  8. My Buddy here in WV just received one of these as well. He is a fan of Fernando’s kits and the somewhat unique subjects.
  9. Thanks, Gary! And yes, the decals were a challenge...lol. The thing is, I love to decal work and I actually enjoyed doing these. When I was first starting out I would get all flustered if the decals wouldn't lay right. Now I realize that if I just take my time I can almost always get them to lay down and conform to the part they are meant for. One of the biggest decisions that I had to make was which decal to lay down first. Every other decal would key off of that first one. I decided to start up front and in the middle. I taped the rear cover to the front and left it that way until all of the decals were applied. The other challenge was to keep them running straight. The red stripes were prone to cracking and chipping. I had to touch up a number of places. Lastly, each star is an individual decal. Each. One. 😮
  10. That is a good looking Nissan, Dale!
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