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  1. Now that is one great looking Mopar! Everything comes together so nicely on this one. Perfect color for it.
  2. What a gorgeous model! You did such a nice job on it, Steve!
  3. Beautiful!! Stunning car, stunning model!
  4. Beautiful! Such a great looking model.
  5. Love me some Skoal Bandit! Great looking model, Mark. NASCAR had some great characters back in the day. Harry Gant was one of them.
  6. Dale was my driver. I loved seeing that black #3 on the track. It didn’t take too many seasons after his death that I lost interest in NASCAR. I really like your model. It put a smile on my face! Thanks for sharing.
  7. She looks great, Bruce! This is one a the few kits that I have more than one of.
  8. Love it!!! Very cool build, Steve!
  9. She is a beauty, Matt! Great color and such a clean build, you should be proud!
  10. Now that is one very cool model! Everything about it is just “right”. Very nice job!
  11. Great looking Olds, Eric!
  12. Test. Multiple pictures with text in between. Picture #2 Picture #3
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