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  1. Nacho Z added a post in a topic 2014 CORVETTE   

    Now that is one great looking Vette!  Doesn't matter that it is a snapper.
  2. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Loctite McLaren Longtail GTR   

    That is great, Jonathan.  Keep on posting progress shots.  Can't wait to see it completed.
  3. Nacho Z added a post in a topic McLaren MP4/5B   

    That is an absolutely gorgeous model, Danny!  Nice job with the paint and decals.
  4. Nacho Z added a post in a topic 1/12 scale Williams FW14B   

    GREAT job so far!  You are doing a wonderful job on this kit.  I look forward to seeing your updates.
  5. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Chevelle SS '70   

    Amazing paint job!  What a very nice Chevelle.  I like the wheel and tire choice too.
  6. Nacho Z added a post in a topic 1954 Hudson Hornet   

    Nice, nice, nice!  I have those decals too.  Seeing your beautiful build makes me want to get started on mine.
  7. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Stretching Sprue   

    OK Cato, I have not seen anyone else post this method.  Disclaimer:  I have only done this once or twice, and that was a LONG time ago.  The details are a little foggy.  You may find better instructions on some of the military modeling sites as that is where I read it.  As I remember, you heat one end of the sprue until it actually runs.  (I think I actually caught mine on fire.  I'm not talking forest fire here, more like an incense stick or match stick fire.   If it does catch on fire blow it out).
    Anywhoooo, you basically stick the melted end to your workbench and pull.  I was able to get hair fine strands every time.  Once the sprue cools it pops right off the bench.
    I hope I explained this well enough.  If you can handle a match stick flame, you can handle the sprue flame.  I personally had more control with this method than I have with the holding the sprue over a flame method.
  8. Nacho Z added a post in a topic 71 duster 340..   

    Every so often you run across a model that just looks "right".  This is one of those models.  Paint, wheel/tire combo, stance, etc.  They all look "right"  Nice job!
  9. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Scratched windshield   

    Depending on how deep some of the scratches / scuffs are, you could try dipping the windshield in Future.  It isn't a cure all but it will take care on minor problems.
  10. Nacho Z added a post in a topic FINA Mclaren F1 GTR   

    Dale, this is one of my favorite liveries on this car, not sure why, but it is.  You have done an outstanding job on it.  Great photography too.  Thanks for sharing!
  11. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Warming paint cans.   

    Yes, I have heard/read about it but I have never, that I can remember, had a poor outcome because I shook the can.  I think the possibility of a poor outcome from not shaking the can enough would be greater than the possibility of a poor outcome from shaking it.
  12. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Gran Turismo Nissan Skyline GT-R R34   

    Tomo!!  Awesome!  You are getting the model thing down...  Really, that is a great looking model.  Nice job, buddy.
  13. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Tamiya Martini Alfa Romeo V6 TI... Rare Kit??   

    Hi Mark.  If your response was to my picture, thank you.  The picture is over-exposed.  I'm sitting here looking at the model and the red portion of the decals is a darker red.  The blue is also darker than what shows in the picture.
  14. Nacho Z added a post in a topic Warming paint cans.   

    I just run hot tap water into an old water pitcher.  The cylindrical, tall, old fashioned one.  I put the can of paint into the pitcher and leave it in there for a few minutes.  I take the can out, shake the heck out of it, while at the same time running more hot water back into the pitcher.  I do this two or three times until I feel the can of paint is uniformly warm.