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  1. A pitty they didn't do a dually and yes I know there was a resin conversion kit.
  2. Or maybe Round2 can look if there's ROI on adding a version to their snap kit.
  3. Who will be the first one to test fit the all new Coronet grill into a '69 Charger
  4. Well the Coronet is an "all new" tool based on the data of a vintage MPC kit, so the tool will be configurated from the get go, to eject several different versions. The Chevy pickup is from an "existing" tool, one that has to be altered, which mean inserts have to be changed, modified or that a second smaller tool, will have to be added to run the newly design parts, you can do only so much with an existing tool, due to the way it was original designed. Hope I'm making sense now Cheers
  5. The more one changes the more expensive and complicated it gets, If I understand it correct this is an alternative version of an existing tool no reverse engineering. To get the most out of this gen GM truck, one has to start from scratch, just like Moebius did with their Ford P/U's, and while I would welcome it, I assume that's not their game plan.
  6. That why IMHO a '70 could pilot a new series....
  7. I'm wondering if the '69 & '70 Mustang annuals from amt would be good material to replicate and improve. Any Mustang specialists who can comment? Cheers Luc
  8. Good point, cuz yes...do found that the tires included were too big on those kits. remember buying resin redlines which were based off mpc tires to replace these.
  9. Just put in my pre-order, delivery this summer they say..... FORD SIERRA COSWORTH 4X4 - Rally de Portugal 1992 – dmodelkits FORD SIERRA COSWORTH 4X4 - RALLY MONTE CARLO 1991 – dmodelkits
  10. Once heard that the '70 Coronet with the Plymouth chassis kit, production wise was one of the most costly to run. So I assume Round-2 didn't wanted to take that same route, albeit they could've as well copied the Plymouth parts and put them all in a new cluster of tooling, but then there's budget and how to get the most bang out of it. All and all not a deal breaker, cuz the Plymouth kits can be had on the secondary market on the cheap or just pull one from the stash. I like what I see here, and do hope that they can continue in the same vain, although my wallet may disagree Cheers Ps. do hope the Coronet and Chevy will have clear headlamp lenses, if not maybe an idea for a parts pack.
  11. It's not too bad, once you break it down in components. Anyone have pics of the chassis?
  12. The world lost a great modeler. Posted today, by his wife Susan on facebook: With profound sadness, we must inform everyone that Bob passed away on Monday, May 16, 2022 at about 8 p.m. of lung cancer. Four years ago, he successfully battled multiple, advanced cancers. This April, Bob took his yearly PET scan and a new cancer appeared at the top of the lung. This cancer was very aggressive, soon filling his right lung and bringing on pneumonia, which led to his need for oxygen. Bob was bedridden for nearly four weeks and was so weak from trying to breathe he decided to go on hospice care on May 14. Thankfully, with morphine and Ativan, he didn’t suffer any longer. Bob was content, ready to go, and peacefully passed away yesterday evening. We spent most of the day with him, holding his hands and telling him how much we loved him, and he told us he loved us. Even in our grief, Gail and I are so happy he is no longer suffering. I know that he will be with Lewis Pruneau, John Bowery, Gil Gonsoulin, David Harper, and all his other modeling buddies, building great dioramas. Most of you know his passion for building super dioramas, which were known all over the world and for which Bob received worldwide acclaim in the modeling world in magazines, television programs, and books. I am so glad that Danny started Bob's Facebook sites and Bob got to tell you just some of his many interesting life stories, not only as a famous dioramist, but also his very successful and meritorious careers in St. Louis law enforcement and as cofounder and CEO of VLS Corporation. Gail, Danny, and I want to thank you all for making him feel so loved on the modeling sites. He read all your posts and even when he was no longer able to respond, he felt your esteem and returned it in kind. He loved his friends and fans as much as they loved him. Bob was 81 years old on May 11. Please feel free to post your memories and anything else you'd like. We would love to read them. We do ask not to be called at this time, as we need time to privately deal with our profound grief at the loss of our beloved Bob.
  13. Hmm, maybe Mark B. knows why then.....
  14. problem solved! So the Jo-Han has it, cuz it's a '72 body, right?
  15. Which means to be correct a new top body cavity is needed, unless....they for the keylock trim would include a 3d resin decal like Archer does.... AR88186 (archertransfers.com) BTW are there kits which already include this technology?
  16. Ask yourself the following question: - how many parts need to be added?
  17. Mark, from an accuracy stand point which one is better the original amt or mpc kit?
  18. Remember Revell (Venice) having a CHP? Bronco, back in the day, so yes why not? BTW did the US border patrol use these model year Bronco's?
  19. Wrong: There is support, just use the form via link Revell warranty request – Revell GmbH (revell-service.de) You can even upload photo's to show them the defect, so that they can have feedback send to the production facility.
  20. Don't like the nose of this year Pinto, but do like the decals, think they would look great on my '75 Pinto kit.
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