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  1. What was their first all new 1/25th scale car kit, the '67 Olds?
  2. Every bracket, clip etc comes at a cost of a few cents, but multiplied by x many cars..... and then I'm not talking the logistics side, IIRC the creation of a partnumber at GM, back when I worked there over ten years ago, costed $25000.
  3. October 1st. is D day for DM model kits Build by Masahiko Nakasone, photo courtesy of him and DM model kits Carlos DMmodelkits Leite | Facebook
  4. How Containers are Loaded on a Full Container Ship - More Than Shipping Dunno, wouldn't there be more parts be affected then, and also transport by truck cross the US in summertime, would have the same affect, no? Are customers in certain areas getting more warped kits than in other parts of the country?
  5. Too warm when packed?.....I assume the shot gets ejected from the molding machine, then goes onto some conveyer, so that the runners are cut to shape from the sprues, depending on release and box-size and put into plastic bags (bagged shots) and stored, except for the to be plated parts which have to go through an extra handling, after which all the parts including the clear shot, are reunited at the packaging line where they will be boxed together with the decals and instructions. IMHO 3 possible culprits (read; I'm guessing here) - Too short molding cycle - improper storage waiting for the plated parts - packaging itself (remember the time when Racing Champions or whatever they were called, sometimes used rubber band in the packaging of model kits?) I'm sure the folks of Pegasus are on top of it, to prevent this from happening again in the future.
  6. Remember having that one as a child, moterised so go Round and Round and Round.....
  7. I have their US spec Mercedes, and the plan is to mix it with the ex Esci kit.
  8. I'm hoping that somewhere down the line Round-2 tackles this one, relying heavy on the underpinnings of the late 80s Ertl designed Plymouth B-bodies.
  9. Maybe it's a dragster version of the '69 Dodge Coronet, of which the body after a year or so will be used for a showroom stock version borrowing the underpinning of that other cloned Coronet, the '68! Dunno just guessing, bet the boys at Round-2 are having a good laugh when reading this tread, and why not...the hobby is all about fun Cheers Luc
  10. While tempting, I'm sticking to my Monogram kits of this gen Firebird.
  11. More here.... Revell Model Building | Online Shop | Kenworth W-900 Dump Truck
  12. More here... Revell Model Building | Online Shop | 1999 Chevy Silverado Custom Pickup
  13. More here... Revell Model Building | Online Shop | 1987 Pontiac Firebird GTA
  14. More here... Modellbau | Revell Online-Shop | 1985 Chevy Camaro Z28
  15. More here.... Revell Model Building | Online Shop | 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner
  16. I kinda sense your excitement about it and it's on my want list too, but IMHO there are too many variables in today's world, to pin an exact date. Best to keep on following this forum and or follow Round2 on the socials.
  17. Got my kit today and while the old windshield frame is still on the parts tree, the windshield itself is deleted from the clear tree. the rest of your comments Tim, I still have to check.
  18. Just saw it available at a hobby shop, a two hour drive from me. Think it will be available at my local hobby shop later this week, don't wanna waiste expensive gas.
  19. Would love Revell tooling up parts to be able to build an LS version.
  20. And another one.... BTW It's for sale, located in Springfield OR Facebook
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