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  1. Volvo 850 Estate Wagon.

    especially this one...
  2. Tom Carter

    here's his email addy: spotlighthobbies@aol.com and FB page https://www.facebook.com/tom.carter.75436
  3. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    odd that they don't choose the S10 SS over the GMC.
  4. MPC 1967 GTO Kit

    I was able to buy an Airfix release of that kit, which in fact is just a rebox of the Mpc annual and yes when comparing the bodies (original vs '80s), one can see that the wheel-well areas have been reworked poorly. But the chrome and glass are good to restore old annual kits and promos. Here a link to more photo's of my Airfix kit.... http://ultimategto.com/modbox3.htm
  5. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    On FB I learned that Round2 didn't show the Supernatural Impala at Wonderfest, the word was that it wasn't ready yet.
  6. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Wonderfest is this weekend, so guess we will know soon what the kit will look like...
  7. Daisy Dukes '74 Road Runner Has Been Released!

    which probably be recycled for this issue, and if so darn great!
  8. Revell 2019

    Chris does a great job with his video's, no-nonsense builds, letting everyone see that one doesn't need expensive tools or an airbrush to build a decent looking shelf model. IMHO he's a great ambassador for the hobby we all love... Wouldn't hurt either the model companies on their site would link their products to his clips...
  9. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Would be nice if they from day one, include stock wheel covers, that way when the licensing runs out they have a bone stock kit too.
  10. Daisy Dukes '74 Road Runner Has Been Released!

    Great box-art indeed
  11. Revell 2019

    Just saw this posted https://www.die-leitplanke.de/herzlich-willkommen/bausatz-neuheiten/revell-deutz-d30-nr-07821-m-1-24/ photo courtesy of Guido Kehder
  12. May 2019 Round 2

    I have a couple of the goon kits, the Force 440 and some resin bits and pieces to transform them into Monaco's and Fury's (CHP, Hunter & NYPD) if Round-2 goes the extra mile they will sell me some extra kits, if not, then I spend my money on something else....no biggie. Ps: If anyone here has some leverage with the powers at R2, then let them know to fix the damage on the LH grille insert, if not done already with the last release of the Goon car.
  13. Cortina

    From what I learned 1/32nd scale is a dog in automotive kits, only "support" vehicles to put in a diorama with 1/32nd scale planes have a better outlook. Also, I perfectly understand that in this day and age, multiple versions are needed to make ROI, and they are possible an Mk-1 Capri was mechanically based on an Mk-2 Cortina, and the Capri had a facelift in '72....so in IMHO there are possibilities, one just has to research, the real reason is probably that there are no car guys in their R&D team.
  14. Cortina

    Odd that Airfix doesn't tool up some of these iconic British vehicles in 1/24th scale.
  15. May 2019 Round 2

    Dunno, cuz didn't they tool up new wheels for the D100 P/U?
  16. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    Are these the same design as in the original kit, or all new?
  17. May 2019 Round 2

    Interesting, new decals and I hope, new wheels push- and lightbar too.
  18. Future Possible Moebius Semi Trailer Kit?

    Revell Germany reboxed that truck just like the Moebius Lonestar, probably expecting the same performance, but instead, it tanked big time, a national toy store here, blew them out for less then €25 a pop, while the MSRP was €69.99.
  19. 1/25 AMT '63 Chevrolet Impala SS Hardtop

    Have that one, the body is marred with sink-marks on the opposite side of the feed channels grinded into the core of the body tooling to facilitate a better flow of the molted plastic.
  20. Revell 2019

    Maybe by tooling an all-new '57 Nomad-Sedan Delivery Gasser some of the changes can be introduced, but yes it will take some careful planning and design to make the parts interchangeable with the already existing Tri-Five Chevy tooling. Bottom line is, will there be a good return on investment?
  21. Revell 2019

    A modus operandi which most likely ends when the design is done by just one team, instead of two working (semi) independently.
  22. Revell 2019

    In this day and age, (excluding tooling and production) it's only a handful of people one needs to make things happen, see Moebius and think Round-2 is also a few people.