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  1. More power to those who like this kit, but to me it's too toy like, do have a build IMC tanker trailer, I bought soly with the intention to use it as a base for a Ford C-series tanker truck, project 1000+ on my in my head to do list
  2. Very nice, and with your build you gave me the answer to the question in my head, what color to paint my copy, though I think I'll do my chassis red oxide primer; Again very sharp build!
  3. Eye candy, just the way I like them trucks, worn and kinda brutal, top job Ville
  4. The gist I'm getting is that they got more on the plate then they can handle as a company, so things are delayed and while that happens sometimes more interesting read more profitable things move up on the priority list, doesn't mean they're abandoned. Also seems my 250k was right on target when Dave mentioned the tooling cost for the Pro-Modeler Charger at Modern tool in Windsor Canada. One thing I was surprised to hear is another topic I mention in my 250K question, is about parts arrangement and ejector pin marks, good to learn that Pegasus is giving the matter some thought
  5. Glad I got mine 10 or so years ago...
  6. If this rumor has some merit, then IMHO it would be about who's going to to the R&D on anything automotive, but again pure speculation on my part. the only guy who can shed some light on this is Dave Metzner, the Moebius brand R&D manager.
  7. My first new car was almost a Manta, the last ones which were produced in Antwerp plant 1, but decided the then all new Omega instead, with a huge discount. Anyway beautiful built, great car from days gone bye...
  8. I have a couple of the original Monograms, IMHO a great kit, the only let down are the tires which should've been like the ones in the '87 T-bird kit, then it would've perfect 😀
  9. true, maybe someone with connections could contact the powers at Round-2 advising them to leave the extra parts in there.
  10. I'm glad I picked up a copy 10-15 years ago.
  11. Here the decal sheet of the German release, which of course includes European license plates...
  12. Here's the site for those of us who wanna dig deep into the subject parts wise https://www.roversnorth.com/category/10_land_rover_series_ii_iia_iii_parts_accessories
  13. something odd about this one, the indicators left and right are positioned differently
  14. Thanks guys.. Anyway googled trailers and found that real ones are not difficult to make some C-Channels and you're on your way....it's one of those other wacky ideas I have a Mpc Ford 4x4 Van I wish to turn into a dirt bike racing support vehicle, trailering two dirt bikes.....now don't tell that to the powers at Round-2
  15. Hi all, Did MPC produce trailers for their dirtbike's? or did Revell only do those? Thx Luc
  16. The pics of this test shot are promising, cuz at the time of the announcement I feared a lot of simplification and design short cuts a la Panamera. It looks like the bean counters were convinced by R&D crew that the current hobby market doesn't accept mediocre kits anymore and that short term profit is long term disaster. Looking forward to its release, but not to the season. Here also an interesting later model variation, which to me is smoking hot!
  17. Nope but you can use the engine from the 69 Mpc kit, or so I learned.
  18. Thanks, guys, I was playing with the thought to use a Ford set up due to the limited Fr. overhang, now the hunt for parts is on... The (long term) plan is to turn one of my Dodge window van kits into an Alaskan wildlife tour or polar bear spotting vehicle with roof-rack for backpacks and stuff...
  19. Hi, Photo's of the 4x4 set up of this van would be nice to find. Thanks in advance Luc
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