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    I attended the Petty Driving Experience in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. What a blast! It is not a driving school but get in and actually drive a stock car. The only qualification ... know how to drive a 4sp. The package that I has was 1 lap to get up too speed ... 8 laps at 135 MPH max and 1 cool down lap. You follow a professional driver in race car with a green light (go faster) and a yellow light (slow down) on the tail panel. The cars are ARCA like and powered by a 650HP Chevy. There are various body styles and paint schemes. They also have 2 seaters for "ride alongs" with the professional drivers.

    I would do it again in a nano second. I got out and my son said I could not take the smile off my face. The toughest part .... wedging the old bones through the window and roll bar