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  1. Sorry to be such a newb. If I use a hair dryer to help dry CA glue faster, will it work?
  2. What color and brand did you use to get the cadmium goldish color on the engine parts? What about the intake manifold and tranny?
  3. Nice work!!! I hope you keep posting...my daughter, along with my help/advise/coaching is going to build this kit for her 4-H project. I would love to pick up a few ideas for her build.
  4. I love the work bench tutorials! I learn something new every time you post. Thanks for all the great tips, Harry!!!!
  5. Starting this kit soon. Look forward to watching your build!
  6. Well, I just found the resin kit. I think that I own the very kit that was sold in 2011 at Ripley Auctions. The box has a very small AntiqueHelper sticker on it that reads LOT 6: http://www.antiquehelper.com/item/377340 I am shocked!!!! FWIW, Ripley and AntiqueHelper are local auction houses in my area.
  7. No... The kit that I have is of Superman in his classic flying pose. Both arms stretched out in front of him.
  8. Skills??? You did a fantastic job on that build!!!! It is beautiful!!!!! Nicer job than I could have done!
  9. I went to a train auction today. I went to buy postwar Lionel. I didn't buy any trains, but I did buy a resin kit of Superman. He is in a flying position. The figure measures about 13 inches head to toe in the position that he is in. If you measure his outstretched arms, the figure measures about 16 1/2 inches long. I cannot find any markings on the kit, on the box...nothing. I will try to add pics, that is if I am smart enough! BTW, I am not into figures, or super heroes, but thought that it might do well on an internet auction site. Thanks!!!!!
  10. Our Michaels is pretty lame, and pushed into a corner on an outside wall. Hobby Lobby is next door, in the same strip mall, and beats Michaels pretty bad.
  11. I just saw on Revell's facebook page that they are issuing a VW bus this year in 1/16.
  12. Revell sent me the clear sprue from a Lambo kit at no charge, even after I clearly stated that I had purchased the kit second hand. I was so impressed that I have purchased numerous Revell kits since then.
  13. It isn't the kit that I was hoping for, but it looks like we will gain another 1/16 scale model to build. http://www.revell-news.de/display.php?M=111055&C=407eb970f6702d62882bdbf7a8c80a07&S=390&L=36&N=135 I was really hoping that Revell would give us a new tooling of a US muscle car, like a Pontiac GTO,Chevelle, Mustang, or hot Mopar car. If you are into Volkswagens, here is your opportunity!
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