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  1. pepperdrumstix added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Question for kit historians
    I have a question for the kit historians out there. Did any company make a "29 Ford Coupe? I know they made a '29 model A roaster, roaster pick-up, closed cab pick-up and the woody wagon. Any coupes or sedans? I would guess the after market has made one but I don't know what company. Thanks for the answers. Patrick
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  2. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic 1/8 Scale 79 Trans-Am Black Bird.   

    Nice build!! Was this kit molded in a sort of metallic brown plastic? I have one in brown and want to paint it black. My hood is cracked a bit so I will need to repair that. I hope mine comes out half as good as your build. Patrick
  3. pepperdrumstix added a topic in General   

    Scottsdale car Auctions
    Anyone watching the Speed channels coverage of the Barrett- Jackson auction and getting tons of ideas for builds? So many cool cars that could be built. Lots of '40s, '50s, '60s and '70s cars that have been in model kits through the years to get ideas for, and to possibly build for "way cheaper" then the ones there for sale. I like it when they show the underside of the car as it rolls slowly over the camera. I live near enough to the site at West World that I hear and see the private jets flying over head. Last word, there could be 400 of them landing there. That is 800 fly overs for me here. This is the real 1% wealthy, folks. They can buy the type of cars we dream about for pocket change, for them. They have pizza slices there that cost $75 a slice because they put real gold leaf on top. And they can't keep up with the orders. Guess you can't call your self wealthy unless you can eat and BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH real gold and bid on and buy cars that cost tens of thousands of dollars. The auction will be on TV tomorrow for another 10 hours or so. The big ticket cars will be on the block tomorrow. They will bring out the "real money". My favorite cars so far are the 2 LS7 '70 Chevelle convertibles going for over $175,000 each. The classic '50s Chevies sold there, both cars and trucks, are as good as it gets. They sold a miles deep black paint '40 Willys today with an injected big block and 15 by 15 rear wheels and huge by large rear tires. It had a 5 inch dump tube in front of the rear tires fed by a 4 inch exhaust straight from the headers. When they started it for the TV it roared and cackled like a drag motor. Be nice to buy that car and drive it to the local hang-out and set-off all the car alarms in the area. But for the price it went for I can dream of that a lot cheaper, plus for those bucks buy a house and furnish it. And build a model of the Willys' too. I am the "Wish full dreamer-TV watcher and low bucks "I can build a model of that car" Patrick .hearing those jets fly over day and night. Wonder if any of them built models as kids?
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  4. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic '50 Chevy Fleetline finally done...   

    Ditto to everything said above. Glad you are back among the builders Steve. I wondered where and how you were doing and I can't wait to see what you build next. A BIG fan Patrick
  5. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic 31 Ford woody ratrod   

    I have thought about making a "woody" pick-up out of this kit and I have one set aside to do this. Your's looks fine. Now I need to start again on mine. Excellent garage dio. Patrick
  6. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic 32 ford 5 window   

    From a former Buckeye to another, fine little coupe. I wish I could get paint that nice. Nice channel job too. Patrick
  7. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic 32' High Boy   

    Looks real to me. Great colors and like someone said that motor is perfect. Patrick
  8. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic 48 Ford - 2nd place!   

    For the opening in the door gap, put some black thread around the opening and it will look like the stuff on those cars around the doors. We called them "fuzzies". Maybe dark grey thread. Super nice build. Patrick
  9. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic Yet another '32 Ford 5 window   

    What barn did you drag this cool '32 out of? Excellent work. Perfect weathering.
  10. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic Auto ID #62 FINISHED!   

    Don't know what it is but it is beautiful.
  11. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic Old Truck Dio   

    Looks real. Excellent work.
  12. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic Any one know what the pointy thing in the back of the boat is ?   

    Flag stand. All boats have to have one with a flag. My buddy up in Ollcot NY on the shore of lake Ontario is a captain of a local fishing boat and once flew an AZ flag I sent him. He was stopped by the coast guard and they wanted to know why he was flying a Japanese flag on his boat. He told them it was an AZ state flag and they told him to remove it and fly a flag of NY. It is also a stern light, the round white thing. So even these small boats have to fly a local or state flag. I would love to have kits of that Chevy Suburban and that boat, pointy thing and all. Patrick
  13. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic "the wall" (no not pink floyd, my man cave)   

    Nice room and drums. I have a sort of "Man Cave" where I keep my stuff and build and display my models. My drums are in another room now so I don't have that distraction from building. I have the problem of volume too. I have learned to play without most of the noise but drums are just naturally loud. I have cats too and one of them likes to sleep under the floor tom. Better than on my bench like she did before, messing up the projects and knocking parts on the floor. Now she sleeps next to the computer and likes to get on my or my girl friends lap when we go on-line. But the cats and the girlfriend all leave when I start to play the drums. I too like Pearl hardware and DW drums. But my old road kit is-was a cheap 25 year old CB700 set that I worked on to sound great in most rooms. My lady friend recently found a set of nice basic drums at a church yard sale for $100 and they have become my gig set after I worked on them. Speaking of drums and musical equipment, back in '63 I build some 1/25th scale drums, guitars and amps for a kick. I put them in the second Johan plastic case I ever bought and displayed them at one of the local model shows recently. I really don't think I would have the patience to build them now. It is hard enough to build all the projects I have now, find time to work and practice the drums and spend time with my girlfriend and the "Honey Do List". But the neat thing is that these are the same things I have been interested in since I started building models, playing drums and chasing girls. Didn't have or even had heard of, a man cave then, but we got along with what we had. I like the idea of foam to muffle the drums for practice. It never hurts to protect the ears. I know after 40 plus years next to Marshall, Fender and Peavey amps on 11. But I used ear protection so now I can hear my friends and grand kids talk to me. Now back to the bench, it is too late for the drums and my girlfriend is watching TV in the other room and the cats are asleep-- perfect time to build on that '37 Rat truck with a BBC with a tunnel ram I am working on. Bye. Patrick
  14. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic 1959 Chevy "fuelie" again   

    Did you sneak in some photos of a real car frame? Looks like it to me. Stunning little sleeper build Jon. Perfect detailing. Colors and finishes are real looking. Patrick
  15. pepperdrumstix added a post in a topic '50 Ford Pick-up   

    This build is nearly perfect. Just as good as the '29 Ford Rat Rod you posted. Excellent weathering and I too love the wheels and great frame. You nailed these 2 builds. Patrick