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  1. I'm not a fan of red but it really works on this car, nice build!
  2. All this work just to let the neighborhood kids play with it! JK Quite honestly this is the most amazing scale model I have ever seen built. I can only think of one word to describe this, INSANE.
  3. I have been "dying" to get my hands on this kit but im always a day late and a dollar short
  4. Maybe it'll work this time
  5. Nice looking build, factory fresh!
  6. Nothing detailed, just what I have left from the past 6 years
  7. Nothing detailed, just what I have left from the past 6 years
  8. I have a 78 El Camino as a dd, 71 Triumph TR6C Tiger 650, and an 81Cutlass Supreme as a project. Ol lady drives a 00 Lincoln LS8
  9. Im 32, been building since I was 10 while taking a few years off here and there due to life. I build 50's - 80's usually gm. Im a decent builder but nowhere near a lot of ppl on this forum. Looking forward to learning a lot and sharing a few builds...got a 78 camino on the way that I plan on building to look like my daily driver. Heres pics of my last build.
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