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  1. Whats the difference between this kit and the Big Red Rod? Cause i just finished the Big Red Rod and looking at them, they seem to be the same.
  2. Front are from the kit and rear are Revell 32 Ford Big Deuce.
  3. Just looked in my stash. Unfortunately it's a LA small block.
  4. Got a few of these 330s in my stash and plan on putting them on a transporter. Will have a /6, 383, Max Wedge, and Hemi. Want a 318 poly, but can't find that engine. Now onto the two i built so far. The slant six is pretty much an optionless car. Does have a Dana in it though lol. I also added whitewalls. I did the usual BMF, plug wires and other small detials. One thing that is my pet peeve on these kits is the molded hood trim in the grill surround. Looks much better cut out and on the hood where it belongs. The 383 car i added a heater, radio, dual mirrors, windshield washer bladder, whitewalls, full wheel covers, and a 8 3/4 rear.
  5. Thanks guys!!!! I had to put another piece of furniture in my car room to display it lol.
  6. Long time no post, but thought I'd share this T Bucket i just finished. This is the chromeless kit from Ollie's but the lack of chrome didn't deter me from not making it into something that would love to own in real life. I did use some parts from Revell's Big Deuce and made some of my own too. I did raise the spring perch on the front and Z'ed the frame in the rear to get it to sit lower then Lindberg had it. The paint is Apple Barrel Pumpkin Orange. But here is my take on this kit.
  7. Well I swapped out the engine with what I wanted in the first place. I didn't have the belt assembly for the flathead when I first built this. But got one the other day and finished it up tonight.
  8. Thanks. I know the track nose is a little odd looking, but does give us a break in what we see every other model T with. I built a Midget Racer a while back and it had this extra nose, so I tossed it in this kit for safe keeping. I was really up in the air about the interior color. I wanted it to mix in with the two other colors used but didn't have anything handy except for Tamiya Green Pearl. I did spray a flat clear on it and used a light black wash. Think it works well. And overall I am pleased with the build. Oh, and I originally wanted to put a flathead in it. But I couldn't find the belt setup for the engine I had. So went with this early Hemi.
  9. Thanks! I have yet to build the Fruitwagon as the Fruitwagon. I just go off and build what I'd like to own in real life. The middle one here is all box stock out of the Fruitwagon kit minus the radiator cap and small details like wires and plumbing.
  10. This started out as the Fruitwagon kit. I changed the wheels/tires, engine, headlights, taillights, nose, dash, and steering wheel. Did add a wood floor and plug wires for little extra detail. I wanted this to look like a late50s/early 60's rod. I airbrushed the body and frame with fingernail polish, there is lots of flake in it. The wheels and engine is just duplicolor, and interior is Tamiya spray. Any questions, feel free to ask.
  11. This is the Revell Syclone kit. I made it look like a normal Sonoma kind of.. Wanted a Sonoma ST look hence the stripes and script on the doors. Also wanted it to look like someone's fun toy, but not an expensive toy. I'm cheap so didn't go all out on details and just used what I had laying around. Like the wheel tubs are LED tea candles cut in half. And the fuel cell is a rubber bumper for a hood or trunk lid with a washer and screw added. The hood I messed up on. Its ill fitting cause I didn't test fit it with the grill in. The cowl scoop is from the 69 Nova kit. Overall I'm please as it was a fun build.
  12. Thanks, I do like the Burlwood look.
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