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  1. I once bought an AMT ' 57 Chevy Pro Shop kit from fleabay, the one with the yellow car on the box still sealed for $0.99. Definitely worth the $12 or so for shipping.
  2. Great build, jr! Always like your tri-fives and it's nice to see you post it here. You should take some fresh pics of this ' 56 you built, from that kit I sent you. Still hard to believe you took that flash covered piece of junk and made this out of it.
  3. Nice save, and the two cars look great together!
  4. Looks good. Now, you just need to build the shuttle to go with it!
  5. "By Design, for ' 79". That was Chrysler's advertising slogan that year, here in Canada. And yes indeed, your build captures the look of those cars perfectly!
  6. I worked with a guy who had a ' 10, painted deep blue. Yours looks spot on, color wise . . . . great build!
  7. I recently started using Brave browser on my pc, with a built in ad blocker. Works terrific, and I don’t see a single ad.
  8. Lepage’s 5 minute epoxy is what I use. Gorilla epoxy will take days to harden. Lepage makes a really good superglue, as well.
  9. Did they even make one? I’ve only ever seen a ‘ 64 wagon.
  10. I love full fendered rods, and yours . . . . wow! Simple, yet stunning! 😎
  11. Snagged one of these, awhile ago from ePay. I'm robbing the camper goodies out of this, for my ' 73 Dodge van with extended roof, a replica of my aunt and uncles' rig. The camper shell and racing accessories I'm betting I'll offer up for trade. 😉
  12. Model building as a chick magnet. Who knew? Nice build, hope she likes it.
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