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  1. That's an incredible variety of classic American iron, and every one looks fantastic. Love the Fairlane!
  2. Incredible, too much for words almost. It looks like you went back in time, took the real thing and shrunk it. 😎
  3. I used an AMT ' 60 Starliner chassis, on this Modelhaus ' 61 Starliner. Needed a wee bit of shortening at the back, but otherwise if fit good.
  4. "You may decide to combine parts from the different versions shown, or use parts from other AMT kits for a really personalized model." I realize you started with a promo, but when I look at this I can't help but think that you've taken what they wrote in those instructions, and elevated it to an art form. Whether a model or a 1:1, that's the best of both worlds. A high performance street machine, that still pays tribute to the the look and feel of the original classic lines. Ford built some gorgeous cars in the sixties, and that's certainly one gorgeous scale replica! 😎
  5. Excellent color choice, and the light interior really complements it. I love the slight weathering on the underside, as well as your photo backdrops. Looks like you could get in it, and drive. πŸ˜‰ A great build!
  6. Beautiful, beyond words! I’m currently working on a replica of my uncle’s β€˜ 73 Dodge Tradesman camper. I plan to make the roof extension removable, so the detail inside is easier to see. I hope mine looks half as nice, inside. Great job!
  7. Nice clean build, great color combo to boot! πŸ€—
  8. I think this will work for what I need, though a picture of one would help, at this point. Basically need a single carb performance intake, for an early 70’s 318. I’m told this kit has one. I have lots to trade.
  9. Never had one of those, but the Mopar engine is what I need it for. The one my brain remembers having could have been in any kit, Chevy, Ford, etc.
  10. I should know the answer to this, 'cause I know one of the kits in my stash came with one. I also know I didn't use it. But I'm me, and I'm stumped. What kits had a single carb intake? It's for a Dodge 318, if that helps.
  11. That most certainly is them. I found a video on gluetube, showing somebody unpacking the contents of the above kit. When he pulls out the chrome tree, yup there they are. I doubt I'd find any originals, but maybe someone has resin cast some. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out. Thanks for the help!
  12. Anyone know if these were ever kitted, or resin cast?
  13. The number of kits that I've either bought, or wish to acquire has gotten pretty small over the past couple of years. I also just purchased a ' 72 Dodge van kit, since I've posted this, so I can scratch that off my want list. The only other kit I really would like to get my hands on in an original AMT ' 59 Galaxie hardtop (not the junior kit).
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