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  1. smellyfatdude added a post in a topic 1975 Corvette Convertible   

    That's a beautiful Vette, and the color suits it. The only flaw I can see is that it's not on my shelf!
  2. smellyfatdude added a post in a topic ' 64 Impala SS "Street Shaker"   

    I mentioned in my initial post that there were Goodyear Polyglas GT L60 tires in the kit. There's aslo a set of Firestone Supreme whitewalls, for the stock version.

  3. smellyfatdude added a topic in On The Workbench   

    ' 64 Impala SS "Street Shaker"
    I decided that while I'm waiting for the parts to arrive that I need to complete my ' 61 Starliner, I should be able to knock off one of my "low parts count" kits. No skill level 3 stuff here, no. I'd always wanted to build a ' 64 Impala, and since I've had this kit for awhile, there's probably no better time than now. My inspiration is a ' 64 I saw in Hot Rod magazine when I was about ten. Black paint job, five spoke rims and a blower sticking out of the hood. It also had the words "Black B*tch" on the back quarters, in orange lettering, but I'm not sure I'm gonna add that particular detail. Six coats of Tamiya TS-14 black, four coats of TS-13 clear, and Duplicolor Torch Red for the interior. The Polyglas GT L60 tires in the kit didn't fit the wheels too good, so I used the L60/F60 combo from the AMT tire set, and they fit just fine. Did a little dechroming on most of the engine pieces, and painted them up with metalizers. Fun times lie ahead . . . . .

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  4. smellyfatdude added a post in a topic AMT ' 60 Starliner parts needed   

    Thanks Roy, I appreciate it greatly. I think the post offices of our two countries conspire to make all these rules, just so you choose some other method of shipping. Like carrier pigeon, for example.
  5. smellyfatdude added a topic in Wanted!   

    AMT ' 60 Starliner parts needed
    Looks like I'm in need of both front springs, both upper "A" arms and both front spindles. I seem to have inadvertently tossed
    mine out while cleaning up. If you have them, let me know what you want in trade.

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  6. smellyfatdude added a post in a topic Modelhaus resin ' 61 Galaxie Starliner Foil Done 07/21   

    Jumped up and down yesterday 'cause my shipment of foil arrived. Alas, it was the wrong stuff. Three sheets of ultra brite chrome, instead of just regular chrome. I'll have to find some room in the fridge to store the stuff, 'cause I know from experience it doesn't age well. So, I just used the sheet of chrome I have to finish off the rest of the body. Now to do the foiling/detailing on the interior, finish the engine and start assembly. Soon . . . . . . soon.

  7. smellyfatdude added a post in a topic Modelhaus resin ' 61 Galaxie Starliner Foil Done 07/21   

    Thanks, I'm growing rather fond of it myself.
    Haven't got alot done, mainly because I didn't want to mess up the paint job. I haven't painted too many resin bodies, so I'm always leary of getting the paint to stick properly. I've had zero issues in that regard, so I wasn't about to rush the polishing process, either. But here it is buffed to a nice shine, using 6000, 8000 and then 12000 micromesh cloths. I was hoping my new shipment of foil would have arrived by now, but I was itching to get started so I used what I have on hand. I couldn't get my ancient gold foil to stick worth a hill of beans, so I hand painted the stars on the B pillar with Vallejo gold.
    After thinking about it a bit, I decided against leaving part of the interior white. So I sprayed it body color, and used Vallejo Andrea Blue for the seat inserts. Hopefully this one doesn't take me a whole lot longer, as I'm itching to start the ' 71 Ranger. 

  8. smellyfatdude added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Got the AMT ' 66 Galaxie re-issue, and some Spaz Stix mirror chrome.

  9. smellyfatdude added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I got my first truck kit! Well, no . . . . I actually have about half a dozen or so truck kits. But, in all the years I've been building models, I've never even so much as started one. This will be the first one I build, and I don't think a guy could pick a better kit for the first time out!

  10. smellyfatdude added a post in a topic Modelhaus resin ' 61 Galaxie Starliner Foil Done 07/21   

    Thanks for your interest, folks. I scratched the scripts clean, and added the clear, earlier today. Mist, mist, wet ,wetter. Four coats of Tamiya TS-13, in all. I'll have to put some shims at the back of the tub, so it can't move up higher in to the body than in needs to sit, before I glue the tub in place. I trimmed the front of the chassis to where everything fits, so all in all I'm not anticipating any issues. I also got the firewall painted, so now while I waffle over the main interior color, I guess I'll start painting/building the engine.

  11. smellyfatdude added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Modelhaus resin ' 61 Galaxie Starliner Foil Done 07/21
    I said I should get busy on this one. so I guess I took myself seriously, and I did. Here's the body painted in Duplicolor GM Light Blue Metallic. I foiled the Galaxie script on the trunk with gold foil, as well as the incorrect Sunliner scripts on the fenders. I plan to do the stars on the B pillars in gold, as well. The F-O-R-D lettering on the hood was done with chrome. I'll sand the paint off, after a bit of a snooze. I'll mask the portions of the interior that will remain white, and spray a second color on, though I'm not sure just yet what that'll be. The kit had no chassis, so I used the one from the AMT ' 60 Starliner. It still needs a wee bit of trimming, and it'll take some gluin' and clampin' come final assembly, but I can make it work. The powertrain and all the bottom bits are going to come from the same kit. but the car will be wearing some Torque Thrusts, wider tires and have an ever so slight rake at the back.





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  12. smellyfatdude added a post in a topic 1956 Chrysler 300B   

    Again, thank you everyone! I'm not sure this kit is quite as easy as the ' 55, it seemed like a little more fiddling to get some parts on with this one. Still, it's a Moebius kit, and the overall pleasure of building them is pretty terrific. I had a friend come visit from Ontario, and sent him home with this, the ' 53 Hudson I built a few years ago.

    I'd promised it to him ages ago, so now that there's room for one more finished build I might need to do up the ' 54 Hudson. I still have another ' 53 Hudson coupe kit, plus the ' 52 convertible kit. And my mouth waters just thinking about the ones that will be hitting the shelves, soon (Ventura, Comet, Satellite).

    Harry, here's another shot just for you, even though you didn't mention it. The kit has none, but I scrounged up your favorite accessory from the parts stash.

  13. smellyfatdude added a post in a topic 1956 Chrysler 300B   

    Aw, heck. Just do a tri-tone like it's a Packard!

  14. smellyfatdude added a post in a topic ' 56 Chrysler 300B In The Home Stretch!   

    Thanks, it's done.
  15. smellyfatdude added a post in a topic My 1932 Fords   

    They're both terrific, but that five window is the real star, in my opinion. There's just something about a full fendered, non-chopped coupe that appeals to me, big time. In fact, I've been planning a similar build for awhile, in that same color scheme. Nice to see a preview!