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  1. I agree! Nice job on both of them. I used blue with matching interiors, for these two. The Sunliner is from an original kit, the Starliner is a Modelhaus resin body, with '60 Starliner chassis and engine.
  2. Beautiful color, and it looks great on both those ' 61's. The deep scribing does work, for darkening. That's all I did on this Hudson.
  3. That's just how I'd want a 1:1 to look. Muscle under the hood, full fenders and running boards and a totally classy paint job. 😎
  4. Gorgeous build, you made an ordinary kit look extraordinary! 😏
  5. Every so often, I see a build on this forum that if it were photographed in just the right setting, would pass for the real thing in most people’s eyes. This is definitely one of those. Great detail, and that’s a gorgeous color combo. 😉
  6. Please, before you reply to a thread this old with a question, make sure there's some possibility of getting an answer. The member hasn't been on this forum since 2013.
  7. Or a lot. 😉 Nice touch, and that's a cool van!
  8. That's one of the nicest examples of that kit I think I’ve ever seen. The color absolutely pops, and I think it begs to be photographed outdoors. 😉
  9. Your VW is simply gorgeous. My parents at one time owned a utility van, no side windows. I never even knew of it’s existence, until I saw a flash of it sitting in our backyard one evening when we were watching one of the rare color reels dad shot out of all our home movies. Their’s was the same color. Great job on this!
  10. Great looking Boss, and you picked the best color combo possible. I prefer foil, but I’m with you on the Testors tubes. 😎
  11. Great color, perfect choice of wheels . . . and the stance is just perfect. And that killer interior 😎. Sharp in every regard!
  12. Looks sharp, and I love the color!
  13. Beautiful job on the conversion! Wanted to do one myself, ever since I was a kid. I too have to wonder why they never offered a convertible. Even more of a mystery is why they showed off that one prototype to the public, the way they did. Oh well, definitely a piece of history!
  14. That turned out great, love the color. Crisp and clean, like all your builds! 😎
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