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  1. Nice build of a cool concept
  2. Great color combo and stance. Looks spot on for a Day 2 car.
  3. You went for a cool classic look and hit the nail on the head. Beautiful build.
  4. The seatbelts are actually MCG "Seat Belt Material" along with their PE buckles. It's more "fabric" than using ribbon, although it's also more expensive. I'm going to try to find something similar next time I'm at the craft store. I do want to add, for those of you who haven't built this kit, it is quite well detailed from the box. Those heater hoses were actually part of the kit, and the interior isn't a "tub", so it has nicely detailed seperate panels for each side. Went together very well, minimal flashing, and they did a good job minimalizing the mold lines on the body. The chassis isn't bad either. I'd definitely recommend this kit. My only complaint is that the "glass" is a little wonky, but you could replace most of it with thin polycarbonate if you felt so inclined.
  5. Very cool builds and concept. I love wagons! I have a question though, what is your method for black washing the panel lines? They look very crisp and realistic.
  6. My first car was a Bradley GT. I wish someone had made a kit of it so I could build one.
  7. Just like how I'm sure lead sleds and high-boys and gassers all handled fantastic? "Stanced" cars are the modern age lead sleds. All about looking wild, laying frame, and not giving a care about the rest of what a car is supposed to do. I bet people called lead sleds "ruined" back in their day as well.
  8. Thanks for the compliments guys! I agree I probably could've done a little more under the hood detail.
  9. Over the weekend I completed Revell's 1966 Chevelle Wagon. The kit itself is great, fell together with much ease. I decided to ditch the big rims and tires that came with the kit (WHAT?!?!) and go with more of a sleeper / stockish appearance. Paint is Tamiya Light Blue metallic with Pledge Floor Care for clear. Interior is Tamiya aircraft USA Intermediate Blue with ZING! blue embossing powder for carpet. I'm a little unhappy with a few mistakes I made, but I'll let you find them on your own I swapped the big chrome wheels for some subtle but cool Rallye's. The only external hint that there might be a little more than you expected here is the NSRA sticker in the rear windshield. MCG supplied the alternator bracketry, Preston's distributor. What's a 4-speed without a tach and shift light? Hard to see in the pics, but I added seat belts. My first time ever working with them. Well worth the effort. As always, comments and constructive criticism are welcome.
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