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  1. Warthog added a post in a topic McLaren MP4/23 (2008)   

    Thanks for the kind comments ...Its just been released in the USA as a partwork... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzmQPGNX5JA&feature=player_embedded had a lot of fun building it and learnt a lot with airbrushing as this is the only time I had ever used one..
  2. Warthog added a post in a topic McLaren MP4/23 (2008)   

    It's 594mm long.. about 23.5inches and consists of metal engine and suspension arms etc.. a pretty heavy kit too!
  3. Warthog added a topic in Under Glass   

    McLaren MP4/23 (2008)
    This is one of my 1/8th builds finished earlier this year.. The kit is from DeaGostini but rather than build from the box so to speak I stripped the parts back using break fluid to the ABS, primmed,topcoat of gloss black and resprayed with Alclad Chrome and MP4 red..

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  4. Warthog added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello from another new guy!
    Hello there!

    Just thought I would say hello as just joined after "browsing" some of your fine models and hopefully be able to share some of my own.. been out of the model making hobby for a bit but came back to it about 18 months ago.. I have a few builds on the go at the moment and current interest is F1 in 1/8th scale.. also do 1/35 Armour and the odd SciFi kit. I'm from a small island called England (Great Britain or UK etc) and i'm 46 and been modelling since I was 8 or 9... maybe 10.. well it was a long time ago (dam, no one told me this would happen at 46!!) I'm hoping to share some knowledge and tips from you guy's too


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