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  1. Nice to hear from all of you. Finally got in touch with Love and they confirmed that they have never run Fruehauf tankers. As a result, the magazine article will simply describe how to put a representative Love scheme on a Fruehauf tanker instead of creating an accurate replica. Is it accurate? No, since Love uses the Beall tanker. But the object in this case is how to create and apply custom markings. The techniques will apply to any project.
  2. On a personal level, I like and build trucks, especially big rigs. First and foremost I'm an aircraft nut followed by science fiction. Professonally, I'll build anything the client wants from architectural on down, including weird stuff like a pattern for an eyelash dye clip. That said, your figures are not bad at all. Good job! Richard
  3. Hey Anthony, Nice to hear from another Italian, even though I'm only half of one! I thought I made myself clear but apparently did not...and that's a terrible thing to happen to a freelance writer! I'm building the Fruehauf tanker kit for a magazine article and I'm going to put it in the Love markings. What I need to know is if Love ever used the Fruehauf tanker at some point in time. Love can't tell me because they don't keep records of past rigs. As far as decals go, I can make my own. That's not a problem. Richard
  4. Hi all, Nice to find this forum. I was researching a problem and stumbled across this site. My question is this: Did the AMT fuel tanker that has been repopped by Round2 Models ever appear in the colors and markings of the Love Truck Stop? You know the one...solid chrome yellow with red hearts on it. Any help you can offer (including maybe a photo) would be welcome. BTW, I'm using the old AMOCO version from AMT that isn't plated. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Richard Marmo
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