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  1. Rt4957 added a post in a topic Hi,New Here,71-73Blue Max Mustang Question   

    Thanks for the replys

    The Kit I have shows light blue with dark blue decals,I do like the Dark blue metallic one that you guys posted.

    I went with a testors Can light blue,,but haven`t decaled yet so i`ll check the Tamiya color first before proceeding

    Thanks again for the Help
  2. Rt4957 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Hi,New Here,71-73Blue Max Mustang Question
    Hello all,,New here,but have been lurking and enjoying the builds here.

    I have the Round 2 MPC version of the Blue Max funny car and I am curious as to what color to use for the body,,Can`t find it anywhere on the box,nor the instructions.

    I suppose this was done in the day of colored plastic/molded in color days,,but I`d like to get the correct color if possible as mine is molded in white.

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