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  1. Rex pretty much know who your talking about. But no these are Freds that I have. Have way too many decals for cars I will never get to. And I have about 100 coming in the mail probably next week just because there were about 10 decals I wanted out of it. More leftover.
  2. Still have a few of his. But there are quite a few I will need in future time.
  3. Elvin did you ever get this decal. If not let me know and I will send you one I have just need address. Let me know.
  4. glad it went all smooth. now about that other imperial. lol. im hoping this weekend to start restoring the one i got from you.
  5. Just did a trade with bisc63 aka Mike Bratcher. Great communication and arrived quickly and packed terrific. Thanks a ton.
  6. Rex thanks for posting Freds lists. Now all I need to do is rob a bank. LOL.
  7. Sorry to hear about the breakage and the loss of seeing you at the meetings. Glad you may have a buyer for the house. I still havent unpacked since the move to this slumlord place. No room anyway to unpack, and sold most of the stuff of over the last few years. Hope everything goes smoothly the rest of the way for you.
  8. I love Freds decals and use them whenever possible. He is in my model group, but rarely comes. When I was driving a truck, I would stop at model empire back in the day and he always had a bunch of freds decals. In my opinion can never have to many of freds decals.
  9. Did a great trade with Tom aka Modlbldr.
  10. Never saw those kits before, but have heard and seen the ARII.
  11. I have a whole bunch of tires but not sure of how you size tires. But if you have a picture might help me out. How many sets looking for.
  12. I know Johan put one out as I have one. Can build 4 different police versions if I remember correctly.
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