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  1. I not going to post every little part I do, but I am pretty proud of this axle. The holes are not perfect but the center ones will covered by the lowered grill any way. Boo booed on the last hole on the end, started it in the right spot. Stop for the wife, then when I restarted I put the bit in the wrong spot. Had to fill and sand it, but it came out alright. And the last pic is a life lesson on krylon paint, I am a rattle can guy so I spray into a cup when I need body color for small parts I want to brush on. I had the cup sitting tilted in a tape ring, I thought the paint was drying fast, till I picked up the cup. DOP!!!
  2. Thanks for the info on the moons out they go. I se what you mean about the frame. I just grabbed a car the right color and dropped it not realizing they had dropped their frame. "DOP! " Well I am going to keep the frame on this one stock and just channel it. I have a tendency to over do models, get in over my head and put them in the closet. So it's "kiss "for the frame. The channeling I can handle. Edit: Third pic new try with the right stance or close to it. Thanks Ace-Garageguy and misterNNL 2end pic is the height I should of started with.
  3. I have started with the frame , I am keeping the stock tank. Cut the rear to drop the body over the frame and tank. I got the idea from another member, I have forgot his name and can not fined the post. If it's you let me know so I give credit where credit is dew. Started removing chrome. on select pieces. I think all chrome suspensions to much, so just painting some parts to give it some contrast. Going with the stock wheels and caps, may us the moons painted I don't know. Dose any body know if they had moons in 47?
  4. Histry alert. If any one cares this is Major Frederick W. Glover. story and another pic of him. Fred Glover hailed from Asheville, North Carolina. He had once played a little professional baseball. He had once seen a Flying Tigers pilot return home, and he was so impressed with the adulation he received that Fred never forgot it. He decided that flying was the service for him. Fred and several of his buddies decided to enlist and headed for Fort McPherson, Georgia. They tried to enlist in the Army Air Corps for cadet training, but were told the Army had no use for them. Glover replied " Well, to hell with you friend", and walked out. His passion carried him to the RCAF, where he earned his wings. He was assigned to England to ferry planes, not to combat. He was totally dissatisfied with this; he wanted to be a fighter pilot. When they ignored his request Fred took an Oxford transport up and power-dived it. It was not exactly what this type of aircraft was designed to do, and the damage to the plane and the arrogance of the pilot did not sit well with the authorities; so, on 20 February 1944 he was sent to the 4th fighter Group to fly combat. On 30 April, while strafing Lyon/Bron Aerodrome, Glover's plane was hit by flak, causing him to lose his glycol coolant. He had to bale out, but he evaded capture, meeting up with some French Resistance Fighters who sheltered him until he finally returned to England on 28 May. In August 1944 he became CO of the 336th Fighter Squadron, where he had an intense rivalry with "Red Dog" Norley, his roommate and CO of the 335th Fighter Squadron. Glover never gave up; he was a great pilot and intensely aggressive, which was much admired by his squadron pilots and kept their morale at a constant high. In June 1945 he was transferred to 8th Air Force Headquarters, ending his combat. He had 22.8 enemy aircraft destroyed to his credit and had earned the Sliver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster, and the Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster. He was killed in a flying accident in July 1956 in Hazlehurst, Georgia. He is the one on the nose cone.
  5. After a 10 year hiatus, I started building again this year. I am putting this up to get some motivation to stay on target, any suggestion welcome. I am starting with 2007 Revell version of 1932 "big duce". I have combined my love of hot rods and ww2 airplanes, I have seen some on the net and thought I do my interpretation, and try to look a little deferent then the others. This is going to take some time, but I have to finish this one or the wife will kill me, this one is pricy. ( I have a lot half fished kits in the closet ,over the years) So I am building it based on a p-51 mustang " Rebel Queen" flown by four time ace Fred Glover. I building it as if he or his mechanic built it after the war in 1947. It will have shinny paint and some chrome, as if it was going to be a show car or what they fantasized what the p-51 could of looked like if not in war. Channeled body, laid back wind screen, Fighter gages, bomber seats, joystick handle shifter and other goody's. Wish me luck. Laz The first pic, the plane. The second, the nose art with Crew Chief S/Sgt. John E. Wilson The third, is Major Frederick W. Glover. The forth, is the car I started with for photo shop. The fifth, is final rendering.
  6. now that is far out. Pure genesis. That interior is so 57 future.
  7. Belongs on a magazine cover. And great pic taking.
  8. Nice save. I wish my dropped cars looked this nice, they usually end up in a box for parts. Love the upgrade on the tiers.
  9. Wow a lot of shiny bling on that interior, Nice...
  10. I was afraid of that, thanks guys for the info, you saved me a lot money and hart ake. Thank you Laz
  11. That top came out great, like the rest of it.
  12. Has any body try to put the grill from the AMT 1/25 1969 Chevelle Convertible on to the AMT 1/25 1968 Chevrolet El Camino SS Derby Champions Kit. I had a 1969 El Camino in high school and always wanted to build one. But for some reason in my mind I tried the grill from AMT 1969 hard top Chevelle and did not work, but it's been years since I tried, I may be remembering wrong. I do not want to both kits if it will not fit. I bought a resin kit 25 years ago but I screwed that up and kid of gave up in frustration. Would love to give it another try. Thanks for looking Laz
  13. That is beautiful, How did you get the Bel-air script chrome on the silver paint fins.
  14. Man that's sweet, that stance makes the ride, Love to have a 1to1. Dude if you can build like this now You will end up in the model mag's with in the next few years. Laz
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