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  1. wow that's a lot of work, looks great.
  2. looks nice. i like to build pre paints when i am watching a race.
  3. That is great. I had to go to the link to see what the motor was, very creative, looks like a giant super charger on top. And the exhaust is awesome. Laz
  4. Good chose for the retro ride. i remember them now I had to go back and look at the box.
  5. That,s real nice. Deep paint. Do you have a pic of what it look like when you got it. Oh, a six cylinder in that street beast, your killing me, LOL looks great.
  6. that's fantastic, you wont see one of those every day. You nailed that interior with the red sparkly Naugahyde, (and what is nauga any way😁)
  7. lazlow


    great paint, i really like the fad in on the green styles. I like that you gave each its own scoop stile.
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