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    Painting bodies?
    Hello everyone, I'm new here. Well I should start off by saying I've been building models for years but got out of it because I could never get the results
    that I wanted when I painted the bodies. Well I'm back in it and decided to give it a second shot. What I'm working on is a 2010 Revell 1/12 Mustang Shelby GT500. I painted it with MCW Grabber Blue out of there rattle can and cleared it with Testors One Shot clear. For the most part it turned out ok after polishing it from 1800 to 12000 grit. But I rubbed through the paint to the primer on a couple of sharp edges. Is there a way to repair this without re-spraying the whole body.

    What is the best polishing compound to use and if there are any tips on painting bodies PLEASE pass them on.. I'll be honest I suck at it.

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