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  1. Looking great as always, I will be following this one closely since I have one of these started myself, it won't be nearly are good as yours but I'm stretching my skills and I'm sure I will learn a lot from watching your build. Thanks for posting your step by step!
  2. Stoped at my local hobby shop and as I walked up to the door I saw "store closing" signs all over, my heart sank : ( I go in, look around and pick out my models and paint and the talk with the owner, I asked he was indeed closing? He said closing was worst case, that he has a couple people that might help him out but business was just bad this year. We talked for a good while, something you can't do at a chain store. Please i realize its just the nature of the world today but please if you are from the pittsburgh area stop into AB Charles. Lets not sit back and watch another shop close. Everyone try to support your local shop. Ok off my soapbox.... I picked up the new release Cuda and the pro stock Camaro and some paint which is not exciting as the two kits.
  3. Ok guys here are my photos. Enjoy. http://s1038.photobucket.com/user/racedoug/slideshow/2014%20SHMA%20Shhow
  4. Hey guys, I will upload my photos to photobucket tonight after work and share the link. Sorry about that.
  5. It was a good show even if the turnout was light because of the snow, Here are my photos. https://www.facebook.com/doug.hinderliter.1/media_set?set=a.10153887922355046.1073741834.784475045&type=3
  6. Looks great!! Where did you find the pot belly stove? I've been looking for one of those myself.
  7. Looking good!! I'm going to build this garage also. I have the plans printed, just have not had the time to start it.
  8. Picked up a Camaro and a Silverado. I'm going to do the Silverado like my 1:1 I just got.
  9. LOVE IT!!!! Great job!!!
  10. Very nice job!!! I hope to get my Willys done soon.
  11. Welcome Adam, great start!!! I use that same "glue" I have to turn the bottle upside down for a min or two before the glue starts to flow. Good luck and keep us posted on your build.
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