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  1. Jocobus, first my condolences, thoughts and prayers for you and your family. I wanted to help with you engine fitment issue. I googled brochure images for Crakerboxes. as I am working on one as well, here are a couple of renderings showing the fan location. Hope this is useful. Mark.
  2. Alan, thanks for the link. You and Brian were on the money. Found some that will work. They were a little pricey, but, they measure out to almost perfect 20.8R42 23 degree lug pitch tires. This was one of the available sizes from John Deere on the 8850. Thanks again, Mark.
  3. Brian is exactly right. Factory built long wheelbase tractors are use specific, logging, steel hauling, anything where the load can hang over the truck frame, and not the back of the trailer. The custom crowd, myself included, love long wheelbase frames, just looks so cool to me. An added benefit is that the front suspension has more time to recover from a compress/rebound event before the rear axles hit the same bump, or pothole, etc.., so the ride is actually, noticeably smoother. With an air ride front axle, even a cabover could almost be acceptable as far as ride is concerned. Rough riding or not, still LOVE cabovers best. just my 2 cents worth. Mark.
  4. OH, this turned out beyond cool! You perfectly captured the 'used but not abused' look. Very slick build!
  5. Exactly right Hermann. Outstanding color choice, and very well executed assembly techniques.
  6. Thank you guys. I have 4 already, and need 8. I have some JD parts and want to do up a model of the 8640 4WD. Mark, I had thought of that, but I haven't found all that much in 1/25th or 1/24th scale, but I haven't really looked that extensively. Brian, I am going to check that out right after this.
  7. I know these may be a pipe dream, but I am looking for the REAR tires from the John Deere 4430, IH 1466, or Massey Ferguson 1155 kits. The wheels would be cool, but not nesseccary. I want to make a specific load for a heavy haul drop deck. Let me know what you would want for a trade, got lots of different stuf, maybe I have it. Thank you for your time and help with this wild goose chase. lol
  8. I truly appreciate the feedback from all of you. It is great to hear from so many builders with skills of your level. Thank you all.
  9. Thank you all very much for the kind words. I am very appreciative for the feedback. When you look at them for so long, all you seem to see is the defects. Good to take a step back and get some feedback. Given the quality of builds from you all, your comments carry great weight.
  10. This model just shouts '60s workhorse! Love the result, very nice build.
  11. Ken, we all expect your always your way above par building skills, but your color pallet always amazes.
  12. Awesome conversion. Another outstanding build.
  13. Ditto that. Really ups the 'Company truck' look and feel. Well done Ken.
  14. What a great fleet. They look terrific! Well done, Geoffrey. Very realistic weathering. Excellent choices on the subjects, way outside the norm.
  15. Lots of character to this good build. Very well done.
  16. Excellent conversion, JT. Looks really good with the interesting load.
  17. Hey Guys, a few more pics to torture you guys with. In the January 1975 Overdrive Magazine, there was an article about the new Mack Cruise-liner. In the article, it stated that Mack had plans for a bigger day cab, as well as a big sleeper version, had there been enough customer interest. So, I had to make the big sleeper, although nonexistent, 110" Cruise-liner. I found online pics of a non E9 V8, painted gold, called the ETB 1005. No after-cooler like the E9. scratch built grille, Aluminum wheels, photo etch exhaust shields, and dual intakes, as well as a little wheel base round out this Bulldog 'What If'...
  18. Hey Guys, Thought i would throw a few more pics up of a couple of recent builds. Well recent for my speed. Almost box stock, Revell snap boxes, exhaust, Modeltruckin' decals, and 22" 'shaker wheels.
  19. Very true! have a terrific 'big fleet' look.
  20. A big Thank You to all who have viewed and responded to this post. I appreciate the feedback. Jerry, the Moebius wheels are a little small for the axle pins on the Revell axles. The conical lock for the snap together assembly method is just on the far side of forcing it together. Now I did mine the hard way, I wrapped the pins with some 180 grit auto body sand paper. and worked it back an forth until the wheels slid on. At first, I just snipped off the lock, but that makes the disappear under the fenders way to far. The total you need to remove is, probably, .020, give or take a bit. Not much, but enough to complicate things if you don't. Hope this helps. Mark.
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