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  1. AC Norton added a post in a topic Early 60's Ford and Chevy Pickup parts   

    Thomas, I have a mint  63 ford bumper/grille that's been in stock for years, and I think I have 1, maybe 2 stick on white wall sets still on paper.....PM me if you'd like............the Ace,,,
  2. AC Norton added a post in a topic thank you Round2 .   

    like always, Round 2  AMT, MPC, and the rest of R2 are number one. I have had parts issues several times, and bang,,,,my replacement items show up in no time. they are the BEST of them all, and as far as I'm concerned always will be.......they are the one model company that still encompasses the tradition and excitement of our hobby, and truly cares about their customer base, unlike some other so called players  that are a joke at best..............the Ace...........
  3. AC Norton added a post in a topic Do You Have Any Kits You Will NEVER Build?   

    I have a few, I suppose,,,,but to fall into the discussion topic here, Richard, I would say my still factory sealed Johan 69 GTX annual cartoon box, with the 1.87 KMART sticker on the box end.........the Ace..........
  4. AC Norton added a post in a topic MPC '73 Mustang?   

    ....just noticed this thread now....Jeff, that picture you are seeing on our posting is the original 73 issue kit, when MPC  and General Mills had a business arrangement for some years,,,the new issue coming won't have that art on the box.....and Harry,,,when did your LHS say your pre order would be in stock, as I too will order one  from mine.....thanks boys,,,,,the Ace....
  5. AC Norton added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    ............just over 600.00 shipping......................yeah, I know, don't say it.......the Ace...
  6. AC Norton added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    predict,,,ummm,,well, I predict that there won't be enough cash around if all our dreams come Ace....
  7. AC Norton added a post in a topic New unbuilts for trade...   

    hi Mike, I haven't either of your wants, but do have extra mib kits to trade.....let me know if you have other wants as I am interested in your 39 Ford and Nova ss ...thanks, the Ace,,,,
  8. AC Norton added a post in a topic SOME NEW GOOCHE DECAL INFO.......   

    so sure, Nick.....I'm like Don Corleone, I insist on the bad news Ace....
  9. AC Norton added a topic in General   

    ...thought I would share something that just moments ago came in an email to me.......Billy Gooche  told me that his family no longer wants to bother with the decal business, and he cannot manage it alone for health reasons. he also said a friend was looking into possibly taking over, but that's just a, its now shut down and the reason so many of us have had no contact with Gooche for months now........just thought I'd spread the unfortunate news.......the Ace........
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  10. AC Norton added a post in a topic "Boss Bird" or "Flamethrower" Firebird funny car bodies.   

    .......all I have is most of an original decal sheet for this....let me know if that helps....the Ace
  11. AC Norton added a post in a topic '74 Gremlin   

    as far as I know, there are resin cast 71-72 bodies made,,,,but, you will have to get the bumpers chromed as they come straight resin, and decal striping for 72, and of course 73 which as you know are a bit different may be a problem, as I don't think any of the decal guru's make sheets. AMT started their annual Gremlin X kits in 1974, and only made that funny car kit with the early body, but it had mods to it that can be changed, but could be a task.....not to mention the kit is sought after now, and seems to draw good money. I guess the way to achieve what you need is to go resin, chrome the bumpers, buy a reissue 75-76 AMT as your donor, then get someone to make decals for your particular needs....I have always wanted to build 2, a white with black stripes like my car,,,and a black with white stripes like my best friend's 73 was......I've worked on and off with a 76 kit building a drag piece, so won't consider jumping into more Gremlin builds until I one day complete that one....hope this long winded testimony has Ace........
  12. AC Norton added a post in a topic '74 Gremlin   

    very cool, I love first  car was a new 73 Gremlin X with a 304 stick.....added wheels, tires, headers, Lakewood trac bars, shifter, gauges, Accel ignition,,,,etc etc.....had more fun on the street and the strip than probably all the other cars that followed.....still miss that little car, after over 40 years.....the Ace....
  13. AC Norton added a post in a topic Revell Parts Pak 60's Nostalgia Dragster With Ardun Power   

    .......dynamite,,,just plain dynamite, Dennis, as all yours always are.............the Ace............
  14. AC Norton added a post in a topic Basically Box Stock Slingster   

    well, Brad,,,if the driver had a bad attitude and just didn't fit in, guess he'd just have to become a Ace....
  15. AC Norton added a post in a topic Basically Box Stock Slingster   

    wow, Brad...that's very nice as a stock box build....intend to do mine box stock too.....hey, Brad, 2 questions....what yellow spray is on your piece,,,and, does the driver not fit in ANY version if you use the steering wheel, I ask because I did intend to use my driver....any thoughts appreciated......great work, the Ace....