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  1. AC Norton added a post in a topic Gremlins in model building (not AMC type).   

    ........very small part's getting lost at time's is a problem that most builder's deal with at one time or another. the key is to organize your work area, and when I either custom make, or remove a tiny part from the tree, I put  it in a small tube container, like the one's number 11 blade's come in. I also sometime's  take a strip of masking tape, sticky side up, and place part's on it until they are used. As for glue mark's, glass can be tricky to install in some car's, and I usually do that using 5 minute epoxy, because if a peck get's on the glass, it generally wipe's off  with a bit of warm water before it dries. I also use clear Scotch tape, cut to the specific need's of that particular glass piece, and also when I cut side window's from clear sheet for installing in certain car's. that way you can remove it if your piece isn't positioned the way you like, and then simply start again.... save's damage of any glue stain's.....hope this help's...the Ace...
  2. AC Norton added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT '59 El Camino   

    ....you know, Chris, now my memory has been jogged, it does fit the 59 better....my friend built the 59 a zillion years ago, and I recall thinking when I built my 65 that his did seem better  on that aspect ....good point......the Ace....
  3. AC Norton added a post in a topic Nancy's diggers   

    .....two very nice, clean build's of period digger's.......great work on both....the Ace...
  4. AC Norton added a post in a topic Original Issue MPC 1956/57 Corvette   

    ....Robert, how are you making out with this build.....I've been eye balling one of my 56/57 MPC kit's in the last week or so, almost ready to jump in....interested in hearing and seeing a current report if you have one....best,,,the Ace...
  5. AC Norton added a post in a topic Cobra Jet shaker scoop acquired, thanks Mitch.   

    Mitch....just thought I'd mention.....the original 1969 annual AMT 69 Mach1 kit, number Y-905, has 2 hood's....one to make a Shaker CJ  set up, but the other a stock base 69 Mustang hood. I say this because it would save you the work of working the Revell hood over to build Jones car. these hood's show up on ebay frequently because most builder's built the CJ deal way back. I have built the kit 3 time's from 69 up to the late 90's era, and have one still mib. if memory serve's, I think one of the resin boy's offers the exact hood as well.....figured it may be helpful.....the Ace...
  6. AC Norton added a post in a topic Cobra Jet shaker scoop acquired, thanks Mitch.   

    ....could be, Michael.....never got one and am unfamiliar with the detail's of the kit.  just thought Mike maybe able to use the shaker from it if it would do the job for him,,,,but, as we all know, kit to kit, issue to issue, some time's that's easier said than done...lol......the Ace....
  7. AC Norton added a post in a topic Cobra Jet shaker scoop acquired, thanks Mitch.   

    if it was green, then I would say it's original annual 69 Mustang hardtop from Revell. that kit was molded in green as I recall, and the scoop was quite nice and a touch larger than various other one's made thru the year's. maybe a tough find, unless you grab a beater build somewhere.....the closest, and probably easiest to find that is close and still decent would probably be the Revell 69 Mach 1 issue first out in 1989, but as you know has been reissued a few time's. I am not familiar with the 70 Mach 1 Revell offered a few year's ago, but that kit may also be your ticket to one also....hope any of this long winded bla bla helps....the Ace...
  8. AC Norton added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT '59 El Camino   

    .......correct me if wrong here, but I think the camper in that 69 box issue is exactly the same as the one offered in the various 65 El Camino kit's that had one included....my Buyers Choice 65 issue from around 1998 or so has the camper......my point....even if this 59 we are awaiting does not include one, they seem pretty common to grab one way or the other, if they fit the pickup box the same...just a thought....the Ace...
  9. AC Norton added a post in a topic MPC 1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee   

    .........exactly, Casey.....it has always baffled me how topic's and conversation run's amuck on this forum..... frustrating and boring, to say the least.........the Ace...
  10. AC Norton added a post in a topic AMT 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 7 -litre   

    .....working on the same kit presently building a vintage FX drag piece.  nice in red, your build is clean and sharp......the Ace....
  11. AC Norton added a post in a topic 73 gtx   

    .........just thought I'd mention, that is a 71 GTX, and not a 73......best, the Ace...
  12. AC Norton added a post in a topic Wanted: Round 2 Boxes   

    Bill, I have a mint 68 Road runner  box from the newest issue....pm if interested....the Ace....
  13. AC Norton added a post in a topic AMT '49 Ford 'Gasman"   

    let me check mine, Gary.....back at ya' in the quick.......the Ace.........ok, the kit has 2 belt's for the Caddy engine, 1 regular style for the street setup,,,, the other a 3 pulley  blower belt, that to me looks typical of what most blower belts look like. these are white parts, Gary, and there is nothing resembling what you mention on the chrome tree......I'm not too familiar with the many version's of this kit, this new one being my first ever, but I hope this helps....best, the Ace...
  14. AC Norton added a post in a topic Gassers   

    very, very nice gasser group, I really like the 36 Ford....looks great....the Ace....
  15. AC Norton added a post in a topic 35 Yr. Old Monogram Camaro SS-A Minor Setback-02/14   

    ...it's hard to imagine that's the MONOGRAM interior ......look's just outstanding, Joe....terrific effort to bring it out so nicely,,, great work and very interested in the finished  build....best, the Ace....