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  1. AC Norton added a post in a topic Tom Daniel's '60 Chevy "Street Figher" finished! *a few outdoor pictures added 8/15*   

    boy, Jesse, that looks tough as nails all round,,,,terrific work there, probably the nicest build of BAD NEWS I've seen.....maybe take it to a contest entered in a rod or street beast  class, and it's gonna be BAD NEWS for your competition................the Ace....
  2. AC Norton added a post in a topic JJ King of the Burn Outs   

    ....just to throw in my 2 cents here, my local strip was called Dragway Park, Cayuga in Ontario, Canada back in the day, and I was a regular spectator then bracket racer thru the 70s to 90s off and on. anyhow, JJ had the 70 Camaro style body at on of our meets in 71 and I recall him boiling the boots ALL thru the pass right down the 1/4 on a practice run. no funny car pilot like him.....unforgettable even after these zillion years later........the Ace....
  3. AC Norton added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    ....would any of our members know if the decal sheets in the Rat Trap Vega dirt modified and 36 Chevy Wild One are exactly the same as the the originals in the Model King / DRT releases  from a few years back......thanks in advance, boys......the Ace.....
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  4. AC Norton added a topic in Wanted!   

    hello, need the decal sheet for an MPC modified WILD ONE  orange 37 chevy  oval track racer......original sheet or the reissued sheet from a few years back, doesn't matter.....have decals to trade or can make other arrangements......thanks in advance gents...the Ace....
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  5. AC Norton added a post in a topic Going Overboard With Progress   

    well, Richard just said it all in one quick shot.......personally, I find build threads to be sometimes tedious as well, but on a forum such as this many do enjoy seeing and hearing about each and every detail of a members ongoing project. lets face it, for many folks, its not just the idea of learning more about car modeling, but its straight entertainment for many.....and there is nothing wrong with that. I admit since joining this forum just over 3 years ago, I seem to spend more time here than at the bench. but, everyone enjoys this hobby on different levels, so it's all good as far as I'm concerned..........the Ace....
  6. AC Norton added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    ....quite a bit lately,,,,AMT original annual Mach1 Mustang, MPC Malco Super Vette, MPC 69 original annual Corvette ht, another MPC  56/57 Vette  mid 60s issue, AMT gasser series 40 Willys with dragstrip display, and a dirt track modified DTR/MPC 36 Chevy coupe..........the Ace....
  7. AC Norton added a post in a topic Rising price of our hobby   

    .....prices are geared to a specialty market now, that's us older crowd, and not kids. model companies don't produce near as much product as that 60s thru 90s era, as fewer stores and chains carry kits in general. so, to keep it profitable, they have to hit a home run per item compared to days of old, and the re issues for example by Round2 are comparatively cheap vs. buying an original issue in most cases. ......the Ace...
  8. AC Norton added a post in a topic Moebius California Flash 1965 Belvedere   

    ....unfortunately, that's no surprise ......with their price point, the fact that their customer service is poor, and that as exciting as the subject matter is of their kits, when other builders have popped open many of their cars to find bent bodies and the like, who really wants anything to do with that so called company......that bunch are merely a flash in the pan, and over the coming few years won't stand the test of 2 cents.....the Ace....
  9. AC Norton added a post in a topic Any chance the AMT Mach Won molds are still intact?   

    you know, Richard, that's a good question there.....I'm not a funny car guy, but one may think that something AMT from that era would do the trick. the only possible drawback to consider is that maybe the MACH WON f/c kit had provision for the SOHC engine setup, if different from most others.....I don't have any recent f/c kits here to check them we will have to depend on one of our esteemed members to fill us in here if they can do a comparison for us......still, a very good question, Richard...the Ace..
  10. AC Norton added a post in a topic Any chance the AMT Mach Won molds are still intact?   

    ....never heard of such an animal, but what do I it is the same, that may be the way to bring this kit back....just saying....the Ace....
  11. AC Norton added a post in a topic Any chance the AMT Mach Won molds are still intact?   

    interesting but unfortunate info on that chassis, Jesse,,,,so I would agree, a comeback is unlikely .....the Ace....
  12. AC Norton added a post in a topic Any chance the AMT Mach Won molds are still intact? cousin got the white/blue version as a gift in 1971. I was the model and drag freak, as he had no interest in the hobby,,,,so I built the kit OOB and really enjoyed it all. I'm not much on funny cars, however I'd grab one if reissued to go with our Ford race team hauler,,,,,think its one that Round2 should do if they can, as it has appeal to various builders in several ways....would be a winner ................the Ace....
  13. AC Norton added a post in a topic Der Bettle Bus Challenge   

    ....normally, this type of kit would have NEVER graced my stacks of cars, but I bought one when they were released a couple of months back. its such a neat little thing, that I had to grab one and may another at one point. possibilities are endless for project ideas, but even box stock with nice paint and decals would do the trick too..the Ace..
  14. AC Norton added a post in a topic Revell Promodeler 1970 Ford Torino GT   

    .....good looking piece, Gary, just now noticed it.... color and decal combo are boss, great work,,,,,best, the Ace.......
  15. AC Norton added a post in a topic Round2 August Announcements Video Snake, I watched on mute and buzzed thru it all, nothing for me this month. its terrible though, that a month has to go by where you end up wasting money on items that aren't model Ace.....