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  1. 1966 Chevy impala Modified Stocker Completed

    This piece is as nice an example of this particular kit as I have ever seen....terrific work, just looks killer....congrats, the Ace....
  2. 1/25 AMT '40 Ford Sedan

    .....I can say that even though there is, when I built my gasser 40 coupe, removing it completely and plating the floor with plastic sheet was super easy, and took maybe an hour to complete.....if you look up TROUBLE MAKER in the drag car section, all my photos should appear with a chassis shot to see what I mean...hope this helps...the Ace....
  3. Yeah, and it really is a big disappointment, and the box and decals really don't justify buying one, IMO.....I have a tendency to think that Round2 is 'reaching' on reissues like this trying to capture something very exciting from the long ago, and it just does not cut it....just my 2 cents....the Ace....
  4. ....Let me PM you later today, think I have new parts here you need, Andy.....the Ace...
  5. 69 Mustang

    ....Love it....can't wait to see your project finished ....the Ace...
  6. 69 Mustang

    Boy, that's going to look mighty tough when completed.....I like the stance and the whole idea here.....the Ace...
  7. Lindberg 64 Dodge parts needed; FOUND

    ....I have a sealed Maverick super stock Lindberg I'm dying to move out...PM me if this helps....Ace..
  8. 68 Sox and Martin Roadrunner

    .....Also keep in mind in those days the rear seat and all stock interior components were required by NHRA rules...no roll bar either, so remember that if you use reference pictures from so-called ' restored' or clone racers of this car from the last many years, they could have any combo of parts and pieces with full roll cages and such, wheel tubs, you name it, and will not reflect the original idea you are after.....just a thought....the Ace...
  9. 68 Sox and Martin Roadrunner

    ....Hot Rod magazine Dec 67 has an article, and shows a pic of the interior.....it was all stock, vinyl silver/black bench seat, large mechanical SW tach mounted in the centre of steering column, Hurst Comp/ Plus type shifter with line lock and I think the reverse lock out lever too....a gauge cluster was present as well, I think....I no longer have that magazine, but remember details well as I owned a truly mint 68 'runner for many years, and Sox and Martin were my favorites of all time...hope this helps....the Ace...
  10. Choosing a glue bomb..

    ..........So true, so start with new...lol........the Ace....
  11. 55 Chevy Drag Car

    .....Love those Rader wheels on it...looks so gasser perfect, as you can just watch the haze of smoke off the slicks when he leaves the line....nice piece, Johnny...the Ace...
  12. AMT Mustang GT Funny Car AWB

    God, I'd forgotten about those wheels, as back in the day there was a zillion street/strip wheels out there by another zillion manufacturers.....I think all the players were trying to capture your bucks by coming up with as many ideas and designs as possible, and all copying each others designs with a slight change or ever so slight difference wheel to wheel......glad you jumped in here, Steve, as I need a jolt like this from time to time to check and see if I'm still awake...lol...the Ace....
  13. AMT Mustang GT Funny Car AWB

    ....Up in this area, there were quite a few guys who ran these wheels, street and strip-only cars as well, but they were easily mistaken as many 'knock off' companies pirated several wheels at that time....I do know that if those wheels were neglected from care and regular cleaning, they tarnished easily, and became very dull and weathered looking quickly....you did see them around, but certainly Cragar S/S and several others dominated the scene.....the Ace...
  14. AMT Mustang GT Funny Car AWB

    ....I have 2 of these kits, and even though it has a million shortcomings, I have always loved it. The decal sheet is just killer and probably worth the price of admission itself..lol...as for the textured front wheels, if memory serves I seem to recall a Cragar wheel around in the 60s and thru part of the early 70s that was flat black, with some texture. I had Keystone Rogues on my 1.1 68 Roadrunner, and Keystone Classics on my 69 Swinger 340, but there was a 68 Nova that hung around with some of us at a local burger joint that sported these exact wheels,,, think they were known as ' CRAGAR GT's'.... but the model wheels seem to be a bit too textured compared to the actual ones as I recall....Also, interesting note on this AWB issue...early releases were void of the header collectors that are needed here....I actually contacted Round2 and they sent me 2 sets for both my kits, so check your to see if your kit has them, as apparently all was corrected in later runs of this issue.....thanks Casey, as always for great input....the Ace....