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  1. ....Great work to improve just that little extra....you're good at fixing up the 'dead' cars that others just toss aside.....wish I was still devoted...lol.......reminds me of much simpler and fun times when my friend's and I got bored with our builds back in the 60s and early 70s, then did some tradin' and swoppin' and brought home the other guy's builds to improve it and change it up a bit....good for you, Richard...the Ace...
  2. ......The lettering on the fatter MH 10.50s rubs off easily with thinner, goo gone, etc.....BUT those pie crust MH seem to be a lot harder to remove anything, at least I have found....I'm sure someone on the forum has the handle on how to do it quick and easy, so I'll be interested in that info as well.....the Ace...
  3. 1975 AMC Matador X

    ......Nice clean build....color with the stock striping makes it very much like the car's we would see on the street day to day, all those years ago......the Ace..
  4. Ford Asphalt Modified

    Very real, and very nice...great build, I love it....the Ace...
  5. Another track closing

    ......Very sad to hear that about E TOWN........one of the best, most exciting nation events I ever attended was the '84 Summernationals.....guess all the photos I have are a bit of true nostalgia....sad, sad news.....it was only topped by attending the U.S. Nationals in '76.......the two greatest events I was lucky enough to attend, especially if stockers, super stockers, mod. production, and all the door slammer classes are you thing, as they are for me.....the Ace.....
  6. 1/24 Monogram Trans Am Pontiac

    .....RUN OL' BANDIT, RUN............LOL.....THE ACE...
  7. Liberty Walk R35 GTR

    ....Wild,,, just plain wild.....great piece...the Ace....
  8. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    Scott, I personally have built this exact kit several times thru probably the 70s to late 90s era, and found that with a bit of correction and work, a very satisfying model ends up on your shelf. Sadly, all of mine have been sold off to collectors thru the years and I can't offer up any photos, but may be able to on the last one from around 1998 or so.....painting the red side panels is the way to go, as the kit supplied decals are tough to work with. Wish I could throw in some more on this note, but if your not happy, my suggestion is to try another one when it suits you, and maybe check info on other builds of this, as I have seen nice builds posted on our forum, as I recall. I know this really does not help today, but like the ol' saying.....try, try again.......best, the Ace...
  9. 1966 Galaxie 500 427 SOHC Street/Strip

    ............Funny, I have been working on this exact kit now, off and on, for quite some time. Good to see one built with the cammer setup and such....if actually ever finish mine, I'll post as well ...lol....if it happens.........thanks for sharing, the Ace...
  10. 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T by round2

    ....Yes, they certainly do have great people involved , and I truly hope input from this forum and everywhere else actually does influence some of there decision making.....and getting back to the original topic about upgrading the 69 Charger, my thoughts were not even focused on my personal wants, but looked at it as a great selling point for them being that nostalgic reissues seem to be the order of the day in recent times. But lets face it,,,, this company and all others will do what they choose to, and the rest of us can decide if your wallet comes out or stays in your jeans as new items get released.....the Ace...
  11. 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T by round2

    ..............To further this talk, I seem to recall a conversation I had with the Model King, when Dave was retooling parts for the awb 63 Tempest Funny Farmer kit...the glass and front grill/bumper parts needed quite a bit of attention, and Dave was the one who coughed up the money, and as I recall is was about 30 grand, but to get the kit back to original condition it had to be done...my point...Round 2 can afford to upgrade many kits...if they want to.....the Ace...
  12. What Pleased You Today!

    ......I certainly know that Chi-Town can be one of the coldest spots in the states during winter, and I guess I've got soft in the last few years around my area....traditionally we are used to brutal cold, tons of snow, and that dull, boredom that befriends most of us for 3 or 4 months....but up until this present winter the last few here have been mild,,,,but NOT this year....wouldn't matter if I visited you, or you came up to visit me, we'd be just as cold and feel those winter blues...lol.....the Ace...
  13. 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T by round2

    ........Luc, you missed my point entirely......regardless of the many Charger alternative kits out there, we all know Round2 is not going to create a whole new Charger R/T or any 68-69-70 piece to go head to head with what's already been done to death.....BUT, you and I fully know that a reissued 69 R/T in the original box, with a little 'tune up' here and there , molded in white, with all the newer goodies like tires, great decals, tinted glass, etc thrown in and wrapped up in 69 artwork of the MPC vintage with Landys car on the lid like the annual kit was would be irresistible to many buyers/builders.....THAT , IMO, would be money well spent because the whole project for them would be financially viable and yield good return on the bucks spent....if they, Round2, don't spend some bread on some oldie projects, this whole thing will fizzle out like in the 90s all over again......the Ace....
  14. AMT '74 AMC Gremlin X

    .....My thoughts on kits and the whole hobby is the same view I've had since 1968 when it started for me....buy what you like, build it the way you want to, fix the imperfections if desired,,,,and stop crying about everything else...most of these newbies that jumped in the hobby in recent years have no idea why old kits were not engineered like the newer items in the last 20 years or so....and, as you certainly know, Ellen, several of those are a far cry from well engineered either....the Ace...
  15. 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T by round2

    .....Well, you are entitled to your opinion, even though it holds no importance or merit for many of us,,,, stupid, as you say that it would be....yet I rarely use that word in most any conversation, but probably could be persuaded to....the Ace...