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  1. Gotta love the show rods. So goofy. Which is what makes them so cool. Nice job on these two - I bet they add some "pop" to the shelf.
  2. Beautiful work - nice and clean. I like the red stripe with those red wall tires.
  3. That last pic. With photos of the exact same car that you owned. Awesome. I would display it just like that. BTW...beautiful work, as usual.
  4. I was admiring the paint - and then I got to the picture of the engine bay. Wow...
  5. That's a lot of chrome to get right - and you got it right! Not to mention everything else. Beautiful work.
  6. Sweet. What is the paint/color? Looks great.
  7. tmb727

    '63 Bonneville

    Nice take on a subject that's not seen every day. If the color coat was as "glittery" as you say, I think you made the right call not to wet sand it unless you were willing to shoot another light top coat of color to even things out before the clear. Regardless, the end result looks good to me...
  8. tmb727

    1958 belvedere.

    Very clean and nice. How did you do the pattern on the side spear? Looks great.
  9. tmb727

    Monogram Ice T.

    Nicely done. Gotta love the show rods. The "ice cubes" in the back really make it "pop".
  10. Nice job on that side trim - funny, I had the same issues on the right fender that you did. And kudos to you for getting that nice, thin line around the wheel openings. That's not easy on this kit. Oh, and love the color choice. Well done!
  11. A nicely built show rod. And Jack Daniel's. Two of my favorite things. That is VERY cool.
  12. Yes, your spin is awesome. Gotta love the show rods...
  13. tmb727

    57 Nomad

    I have no idea how you got something that nice built in less than a week. I can't get the parts out of the box in less than a week. Nice work!
  14. Very nice, clean build. Your photographic skills are pretty awesome too!
  15. Very nice and clean. Gotta love the show rods!
  16. I always know that something good's on the way when I see a "RandyB." post. You didn't disappoint. Beautiful!
  17. Wow! Overall, a beautiful job, but that engine bay is amazing! Thought I was looking at a real car.
  18. tmb727

    1966 Riviera

    Nice work with the tape and the paint. Was wondering where you got those distributor wires from - they are very realistic and look great.
  19. Great looking model. Yes, perfect stance and color choice. Love that transporter pic! I think I also see a GSX and either a Daytona or Superbird. Add in the Cuda and that's a lot of money riding on the back of that truck...
  20. High or low, correct or no, that vinyl top looks sweet. Maybe someday, I'll be brave enough to attempt one. I like the blue color too. Overall, a very nice looking 442.
  21. Your cat must be a Chevy fan...? Glad you were able to save a nice build.
  22. So clean and nice from every angle. Very well done.
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