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  1. Man I love these stories and builds thank you so much for the energy you bring into this forum sir!
  2. Ahhh I thought it said 89 for some reason. Trust me any 1:1 owner would much rather have that aod so you’re absolutely right on that one!😎
  3. Nice build however the 2.3l those years didn’t come with an AOD tranny. They came with a a4dl also in rangers and explorers. I’ve swapped quite a few
  4. Anybody that doesnt know what ruccis are these wheels are 5-10k forged 3 piece wheels. I think it's crazy but these young guys go for it.. Oh well more reason to pay twotone. Lol
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys you all are so very nice here. I'll try to get bench time tonight I cant seem to get done with these 1:1s. Just did valve cover gaskets, radiator, lift, head unit install. Still gotta get oil pan gasket and woodgrain wheel done.. Staggered ruccis😎
  6. Stay back up off the car about 12-18" when spraying and every few layers of panels I'll drown it in a few coats of clear. That's how I do fades. If you get far back enough you can almost get airbrush consistency.
  7. Regular 3m blue tape my brother. I lay it out on my table and either use an exacto or 2 razors taped together side by side to cut the tape thin. I do get rough edges when I do I backtape and respray the panel til I'm satisfied. Alot of time and tape.
  8. Sorry to hear that. I have 2 daughters one is 5 the other is 9. Moms tried to do the same so I lawyered up and went after em. And won. Therr used to be a time fathers didnt have a fighting chance in family court but modern times have leveled the field for us. I definately encourage you theyre the best thing to ever happen to me! She says thanks the compliments on her car as well thank you very much!
  9. Thank you sir I'll tell her to fix it! I can't wait to see what she's does with it either!
  10. Couldn't leave well enough alone so had to pattern the dash and package tray to match and flow with the roof.
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