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  1. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic 2014 Cannonball Run CBP   

    Thanks Arno

    Well, I have finished the basic work on the engine. The intake manifold was done in a simple manner, I didn´t go wild on detailing it with flanges or bolts. Since the whole Chevelle kit is not much of a detail-fanatics friend, I considered this to be enough. The carb is an aftermarket resin piece, the valve covers are scratchbuilt and I added some etched bowties. In the pics the orange looks kinda faint but it really pops to the eye.

    I think the engine should provide enough horsepower for a coast to coast race. Let´s imagine this to be some sort of a crate engine with maybe 550ci and about 800hp...

    Parts that are still missing will be added when the engine gets mated to the chassis.
  2. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic Sad Little Opel GT--What Should I Do With It?   

    Since the hood is missing, how bout doing something different?

    With a little trailer and a tow vehicle this would be quite an interesting build on the shelf IMO.
  3. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic 2014 Cannonball Run CBP   

    The wheels you are looking for are not included in the Mustang kit. Alt least the older issue that I have does not include the wheels. You can find them in a Deora kit for example.

    With a grown out bronchitis and no reason to leave the house, I was able to focus on the Chevelle without distractions.

    What I´ve done:
    - removed fender trim
    - replacement of the drip rail trim above the side window
    - added some panel lines in the headlight area on the fenders
    - removed the cowl induction lettering on the hood
    - added some PE parts to the hood and trunk
    - tinted the rear glass with Tamiya smoke on the inside
    - ...a lot of sanding to straighten the body
    - body painted with IJN grey and finished with semi-gloss clear, both Tamiya paints from rattle cans

    The engine is almost done aswell. Pics will follow in a few hours when I have finished assembly and spark plug wiring. The engine will be the only colorful thing on this rather mono-chromatic looking build.

    Some may notice a certain affinity to the Fast&Furious4 movie car, which is no coincidence. This Chevelle will be a nice addition to my movie car collection. And with Dom Toretto at the gas pedal this Chevelle should have a good chance to end up on the podium of the Cannonball Run...

  4. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic are there any group builds in here, any interest?   

    I´d vote for a "F.A.S.T. Class" (factory appearing stock tires) group build. But that would probably not be very interesting for the drag car folks since these cars are pretty much bone stock on the outside.
  5. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic "NEW" Parts Pack kit Chevy Covair engine and a Chrysler   

    Thanks Snake. This is actually really a vehicle from "The Road Warrior" movie. In the final chase scene this buggy is crashing while being attached to the tanker trailer with a grappling hook.

  6. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic 2014 Cannonball Run CBP   

    I´ve been busy with the chassis of the Chevelle. After figuring out the stance and how to attach the wheels, I have started painting the chassis with Tamiya semi-gloss black. The center pieces of the rims were painted with Tamiya TS-67 IJN grey. A layer of Tamiya smoke was added to darken the grey up and give the rims a glossy finish. Here´s a little mock-up.

    Brake calipers will be added later...


    Next steps will be preparing the crude body for the paintjob and fitting some scratchbuilt valve covers and a scratchbuilt intake manifold with a big carburetor to the engine block.
  7. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic "NEW" Parts Pack kit Chevy Covair engine and a Chrysler   

    Modified Corvair engine from the Blueprinter parts pack. Upgraded with a scratchbuilt intake system and a turbocharger from an Unimog kit to give it that post-apocalyptic look. Slanted to a VW bug transmission and chassis from the old Monogram kit molded in pink.

  8. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic 2014 Cannonball Run CBP   

    Hey Cannonballers

    Sign me up with a ´70 Chevelle from AMT. Beefy engine, some aftermarket wheels, a rollcage and a plain body with deleted fender trim and primer look. No show, all go.

    I´m going to get started with the!!

  9. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic '70 Dodge Challenger R/T- best kit?   

    I don´t like both Revell kits and prefer the AMT kit. If you put the three together, the AMT makes both Revell kits look bad. The ex-monogram kit in 1/24 looks like a blown up balloon and the newer Revell kit in 1/25 is based on a die-cast model and has flattish rocker panels and a metal axle through the engine block. Of course the AMT kit requires a lot of work with the roof, but it is definately the sexiest of the pack.

    The AMT kit was released as a Vanishing Point movie car and this version has the two-vent hood and a 440 Sixpack included. The old Yankee Challenger kit has the hood aswell. The VP kits are easy to get and cheap in online auctions. I can post a pic of an AMT body in progress and give some advice to get the roof done right if you´re interested.
  10. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic 1971 Chevelle SS convertible   

    I didn´t know that there´s a ´71 grille available from Modelhaus. And I have the same problem like you since I have already modified too much on my build. The bumper has been seperated, the headlights have been scratchbuilt and permanently glued to the body. And it´s painted...too late for going a different route. I think a PE grille would be the best solution for me.

  11. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic 72 GTO Box Stock, Rear bumper fixed   

    Agreed, it looks a 100% better now. I have another minor suggestion regarding the BMF on the bumper. If you use a wider piece of BMF (about twice as wide as yours) that reaches to the inner moldings around the tail lights, the BMF would probably blend in better and look a little less prominent. The edge of a piece of BMF is easier to hide along a curvature than on an even surface.
    It was definately good to fix the bumper as the model can now be displayed as it deserves it for being a GTO.
  12. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic Revell Germany new VW Golf (Rabbit for you guys)   


    There is not a lot of interesting stuff to translate in the text. Mostly blah blah and some minor information about this being test shots that may still have some rough spots and flash. Other than that it is mentioned that the new kit´s quality will probably get in line with the latest new tools of classic cars from ROG.
  13. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic 1971 Chevelle SS convertible   

    I wish there was a ´71 available. I have a ´71 (modified ´72) in progress, too and I´m having a hard time with the grille. I think I´ll end up with a scratchbuilt grille to get an accurate look of the front end. Still need to figure out how to make it...
  14. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic 72 GTO Box Stock, Rear bumper fixed   

    Chopping the bumper is definately the best route to fix the issue on this kit. I did this on my build of the GTO that is being crashed in the television pilot of "The walking Dead". I´ve cut the bumper in the middle and covered the middle section with some BMF.

  15. Stuntman Mike added a post in a topic Scale Production   

    Currently out of production, but it has been re-released several times since its introduction. I´m sure there will be more releases of the kit in the future.