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  1. Ryan Blaney's 2018 Menards Ford Fusion.

    Very nice job. Love what you did. Ryan is my favorite driver as well. He has the stuff to be a future champion in the Monster Energy Series.
  2. Revell '66 Impala Lowrider

  3. Next up Revell 1968 Dodge Charger

  4. Moebius /Model king 65'Mercury Cyclone A/FX

  5. My son's first model

    Great job. Congratulations.
  6. Next up Revell 1968 Dodge Charger

    Engine block painted
  7. Rambunctious funny car

    Very nice job. I really like it.
  8. Next up Revell 1968 Dodge Charger

    Paint is on the body. Testors Fiery Orange Lacquer. So far so good. Will have the 440 C.I. engine option.
  9. My 1970 Buick GS455

    David. Thank you.
  10. My 1970 Buick GS455

    If I am not mistaken the 455 Stage 1 put out 360 HP. And ran 13's off the showroom floor.
  11. 1972 Mustang Funny Car

    Thank you very much.
  12. Next up Revell 1968 Dodge Charger

    After my build of the 1970 Buick GS I am now going to be building the Revell Special Edition 1968 Dodge Charger. I am planning on doing it showroom stock in a color similar to the one shown on the box. Love these 1968-70 Chargers.
  13. My 1970 Buick GS455

    Hello all I hope everyone's well. This is a project I started 2 years ago. The first model car I bought in about 34 years. The Monogram 1970 Buick GSX. It's probably my favorite muscle car of all time and the one I consider to be the best one ever built (before I get decimated by the 1970 Chevelle SS 454 LS6 crowd it's a personal opinion). I original painted her with Tamiya TS19 Metallic Blue. However I changed my mind yesterday and resprayed her in Testors Star Spangled Blue Lacquer. I also never did as thorough a job on an engine bay. The spark plug wires came courtesy of a NASCAR car kit I had laying around. The only things left to do are the headlight lenses, taillight lenses, touch up on the intakes on the air cleaner, the battery, the washer fluid reservoir, and the side mirrors. I think she came out quite good.
  14. Revell 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A: Done!!

    Craig, very nice job. I like it a lot. There are two things I have learned over time. Never steal another man's fries. And I never negatively criticize another builder's work. I know my limitations and frankly know that I will never build a show worthy prize winner. However I build for myself first and foremost and I am proud when someone comments positively about my models. And I take anything that is given as a suggestion and try to apply it with each example I build moving forward. And I do appreciate comments, and suggestions from others on these boards, and others I belong to. In any event great job.
  15. Buick GSX

    WOW very nice. I have one that's 60% done I like your take on the drag aspect. Once again great job and thanks for sharing it with us.