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  1. Good afternoon hope everyone’s okay. Have a question about the Ford CSeries Coke Stake Truck. Does this kit come with the two sets of frame rails and the fifth wheel parts? As always help is most appreciated. Thank you and be safe and well.
  2. Adding more each day. Pogo stick and plate from the AMT KW K123 kit put in place today.
  3. The build continues on. More engine weathering and some inadvertent inside of the windshield fingerprint smadging lends itself to the process. Additionally the left rear cab support decided to go south so I reached out to a friend for extras. Front nameplate and headlights attached. I must say as much as I love the old IH 4070A and 4070B the White Freightliner cabover will always be my favorite.
  4. Some more work last night. The right front wheel was not cooperating but I think I’ve convinced it to work.
  5. Thanks. A good friend had the suggestion and supplied the decals.
  6. Cab painted and mostly decaled. Air deflector installed. Coming along so far so good second cab in.
  7. Mostly were East Coast type units but I believe I’ve seen some O/O units with Mercury sleeper boxes on the web.
  8. Some outside pics today. I have never taken outside pics of my work. With my other Revell Pete.
  9. Good morning everyone hope all are safe and healthy. No worries going with a solid fleet cab coloration.
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