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  1. I was able to score the body from Mike C. Thank you Mike.
  2. Thank you for the reply. Rattle cans are what I normally use. I've heard Tamiya TS 50 Mica Blue and TS 36 Fluorescent Red are a match(?)
  3. I have the Revell 1998 Jeff Gordon Monte Carlo (the one in the tin) and have a couple of questions. What color/brands of paint do I use? Also what do I use to replicate the black bars on the windshiekd, and back window?
  4. This what I want to more or less replicate. My 1967 Chevelle SS. So I guess it would be classified as a match racer. Someone suggested the Revell 1967 Camaro. However can’t find one reasonably priced.
  5. Hello all hope everyone is well. I am contemplating on doing my AMT 1968 Camaro at a minimum as a street racer, or even more as a match racer, or pro stock. That being said I could use suggestions on then following: What frame/floor pan would I pirate to use for the Camaro? What aftermarket site(s) would I use to source the following- Rear tires, wheels. Front tires, wheels. Pro Stock type hood. Traction/ladder bars? Big block Chevy motor? Roll cage? For this I could just use a parts box NASACAR roll bar. I assume Slixx will have what I need in the way of decals for my project Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Mike thanks. No just the body. What do you need in return?
  7. Looking for an AMT 1968 Camaro Z28 body. If anyone has one to spare please let me know.
  8. Hello all hope all are well. I am looking for 2 sets of the Revell USA KW W900 kit decals. If anyone has any please advise what you’d want in return. Thank you.
  9. Thank you for the reply. One question. HPI guys did a Youtube video on this kit and the moderator said he used gel Superglue to fill in the taillight panel gaps. Any suggestions on a gel superglue?
  10. Just picked up last night at Hobby Lobby. Going to paint her Testors Revving Red with a Diamond Dust undercoat. Have never built this kit in the past. Hopefully I can pull it off. Plan is a non Mach1 car. Could use tips from those who have built it.
  11. Bill, Thank you for the reply. When you said you used Testors Red to make it stay in do you mean paint? Also Testors window make to wick into fill all the gaps. Do you mean Canopy cement?
  12. Bill I’ll be watching yours. I am working on the newest version. A couple of questions which both pertain the back of the car. How easy is it to fit the back panel in? Also how should I attempt to do the trim around the taillights?
  13. Questions about the ‘67 Fastback. The instructions state to cut out the panel in the trunk. Can I just leave it and glue the trunk lid over it? Also the wheels, and backings are a little bit wide. Any suggestions to modify them, or does anyone know where I can purchase slightly wider tires? Thanks.
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