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  1. Mike that’s really nice. I like the Green a lot.
  2. Also deciding on enamel or lacquer rattle can and colors.
  3. Worked on fitting the grille in yesterday. Looks pretty good. May need a bit more work so we’ll see.
  4. I'll take the RModel, The Bison/General, the Z28, and maybe the 55 Chevy.
  5. Hello all. I will be starting my AMT 1970 Chevelle SS454 soon and am wondering if any of you that have built the kit could share pictures, and tips about the build. Thank you.
  6. This I believe is the new tooling. What brand is the Flat Aluminum or Dull Silver available in.
  7. That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Well done.
  8. Since I got back into the hobby 6 years ago I've built (and attempted to build) strictly cars, and semi tractors. What I have not attempted until now are 1:72nd scale aircraft. I've purchased 3 new kits. Two F16 Falcon's, and the next one up on my workbench is my favorite WWII aircraft (and has been since I was 6 or 7) the North American P-51D Mustang. I bought the Airfix P-51 yesterday at Hobby Lobby. 1:72nd was my preferred scale back in the 1970's when I was a yute and I would buy what was ever available at the Pathmark Supermarket in my hometown on Long Island. I am planning on painting her Krylon Short Cuts Chrome in the rattle can. I have been told maybe Tamiya AS12 for the bare aluminum finish. It will be built right out of the box. I have read it's a pretty straightforward build so I am looking forward to it. Will post as i build.
  9. Thank you. In direct sunlight the Blue tinge will show up on the cab.
  10. Paint is on. Cab is Rustoleum Gloss Solstice Blue. The frame is Rustoleum Gloss Brilliant Blue. Pretty good thus far.
  11. I am considering trading a Mack DM600, and a Diamond Reo conventional. Both boxes are opened but both kits are complete, and unstarted. If anyone has any interest in either, or both please let me know. Thank you.
  12. So my BRBO 2022 bit the big one. Cleared her and then she fell to the ground still wet and got a bunch of debris on her. Now that sucked. However coming to the rescue is my replacement. The Revell USA Peterbilt 359. Already removed the sleeper ladder steps. Could use color suggestions.
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