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  1. Brockway conversion kit

    I think the 762 was the 761 replacement and built from 1974/75 to 1977 when Brockway went out of business.
  2. Just got this last night

    Hey Jeff if you could that’d be great. Thanks.
  3. Just got this last night

    If I don't use them I will let you know. Got the Moebius set but have to check the fit etc.
  4. Just got this last night

    Looks really nice Dave. I got the paint on the cab and hood over the weekend.
  5. My early 1970's White Freightliner SD project

    Weathered the wheels and tires with acrylics I've been using. Also added the rear deck plate.
  6. My early 1970's White Freightliner SD project

    Thanks Gator. I did the weathering for the most part last night and added the company livery to the doors of the tractor. The engine is next and also the radiator and plumbing, and perhaps some more weathering as well. Will post pics when that is completed.
  7. Just got this last night

    Thanks for the replies. This one I got is interesting in the following: Heritage Series new to this kit. The wheels/tires seem to fit much better. The rubber compound seems firmer. But I’ll see how I like the Moebius set. i be done both with the lacquer as far as no primer or primer. One coat without primer is okay. I like to use primer for handling imperfections.
  8. Painting Questions

    Brenden, Depends I guess on a few variables. Such as the type of climate you live in? Where I am in NJ humidity is always a major concern. The only thing I know about the weather in South Dakota it's generally cold, and snowy. Additionally do you use use an airbrush, or rattle can's? I have an airbrush but have never used it. Because I am part as stubborn as a mule, part I don't have a compressor, part I have to clean it, part I have been using rattle cans since the early 1970's. Next would be which paint medium are you comfortable with. Good old enamel? Acrylic's? Lacquers? I use either lacquer (Tamiya, Testor's) or enamel (Rustoleum, Krylon, Testor's) which is dependent on what finish do I want. Work trucks (fleet unit's) I generally use enamel's. For owner operator type units (Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner), or classic car's I like lacquers. Hope this helps you somewhat.
  9. Just got this last night

    Yes I agree that is a new box graphic I believe. This is gonna be a fun kit to build. I have ordered the Moebius wheel and tire set. Thinking white cab and hood, blue frame and fenders. Maybe a stripe set from Model Truckin'. Just need to score a front visor and I'm good.
  10. Just got this last night

    Hello everyone hope all are well. Just picked this up at Hobby Lobby last night. Plans are to paint the cab white and the fenders and the frame blue. My son picked out the blue. It’s Testors DeJa Blue One Coat lacquer. The only drawback is the tires/wheels will most likely replace them.
  11. GMC Daycab update 9/22

    Brenden I think those are from the Ford Short Hauler kit. I could be wrong though.
  12. Peterbilt 352 Double Bunk

    Wow that's a great job. The modeling future is bright in your household. Job well done.
  13. AMT Peterbilt 352 "Pacemaker"

    Thanks. Got them off the kit sheet I think.
  14. Hello all. I am in the midst of my early to mid 1970's AMT Peterbilt 352 "Pacemaker". Building her as an East Coast O/O unit leased to a company. I have been working on her on and off since early last year. I get the itch out she comes and I work on her. Then when I have no time I put her away.
  15. My early 1970's White Freightliner SD project

    Assembled the wheels last night. Test fitting her this morning. She's getting there. Will paint the engine, and transmission tonight and work on the interior. Done by next week? Perhaps.