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  1. Hello all. Curious to what is actual interior colors for AMT White Freightliner c/o. I’m sure like the Pete’s, and KW’s of the day you could get whatever interior colors you wanted for the O/O units. However looking for the fleet units colors. I’m thinking Beige interior on doors and on the tunnel, Brown seats and Black dash?
  2. AMT saving on molds that’s why separate pieces to the cab.
  3. But both the separate SD and DD kits have hollow tires.
  4. Just opened mine. Surprised to see the tires are like the ones in the 1970’s that you have to cut the center out of them.
  5. Just opened up the box. Everything was great until I discovered that the tires are like they were back in the 1970’s with that center portion that you have to cut out. That was never fun and figure it still isn’t fun.
  6. Thanks I found it this morning. Thanks Hermann. Very helpful
  7. Joe thanks. I currently live in Medford just outside Cherry Hill. Moved here about 9 years ago from the Freehold/Howell area. So Exit 5 or 4 of the beautiful New Jersey Tpke.
  8. Joe I will be watching your build closely. Have the same kit I will be starting. Will also most likely do it as a CF unit although mine will be a dual drive tractor. Quick question about using the Gorilla Tape. I figure it would be the black tape ( I know there’s also a clear version). After you sanded the cab meeting seams did you just use the tape on the inside roof then glue the seams or vice versa?
  9. Thanks again for showing me your cab assembly. I assume that the strip cannot be seen at all. Am I correct?
  10. Thanks for the pictures and suggestions.
  11. Hello all hope everyone’s well. Could use some tips on building the AMT White Freightliner. Going to be starting the 2n1 kit. Had originally contemplated doing is as a dual drive day cab. I had build the SD and the cab went together reasonably well. So now I may want to do it as a sleeper version. I know that the sides of the sleeper interior bucket have to be sanded down in order not to blow out the back wall of the cab. I am probably not going to be filling in the seam line. Also I had read somewhere on line recently that somebody had used Gorilla Tape to hold the cab together from the inside but don’t remember where I saw that. Thanks.
  12. How was the build on the Bison? I heard the fit on those was tricky.
  13. Or the AMT 1/43rd scale TNT Kits (Dannon Yogurt, 7UP, KMart,,Sears,,Pete 359 wrecker, Western Express) they were cool.
  14. I’d go for the Louisville first then probably the General after that.
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