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  1. KJ love this truck and where you're going with it. As always you have an eye for detail and it definitely shows. Looking forward to the finished build.
  2. Did some frame work last night including mocking up how the Cummins NTC370 will look. A few more pieces and then I prime and paint the frame.
  3. DJ thanks very much. It's Testors One Coat Bronze Lacquer. Got it online maybe at Hobbylinc.
  4. Frame work tonight. Mock-up with the NTC 370.
  5. WOW that's really cool. Not surprised given the strengths of your subjects and builds. Like the fleet truck look.
  6. WOW those are very nice. They are so cool. Very well done. Would love to see the 4070B Transtar II come out out again. And yes I can dream can't I?
  7. For mine unfortunately yes. Missing some parts. And need to figure out key things like HINGES.
  8. I really like that. Looks very nice. Here is mine which has sat for like 2+ years. The frame color is similar to one that Tim Ahlborn had posted that was (maybe?) at the Newark, California plant. Eventually I may finish it. Or maybe not. You never know with me.
  9. Primer then shot the lacquer. I know you don’t have to prime but I generally do.
  10. Hi guys. Sorry if the pictures show it up as something different. It's Testors One Coat Gloss Bronze as seen below.
  11. Thanks. Kind of leaning towards this 1970’s love ok.
  12. Got the second color on. Have never done a two tone paint scheme. Going for that mid 1970’s look. I’m pretty satisfied with it so far. Considering eyesight not so good, arthritic hands, and low self confidence.
  13. Thanks Tom. Can’t wait to see the 352
  14. Sprayed the base coat in Model Master White lacquer. Will let cure a few days. Then tape off and spray the second coat. May use Testors One Coat or Tamiya lacquers. Hope they play nice together.
  15. Mica Blue Park Green Mica Red. I think these are the closest colors to some Kenworth trucks I have seen online.
  16. Hello group hope all are well. I am going to be redoing a project I started a couple of years back. I have an AMT KW K123 I started. Originally painted her with a yellow cab, and a Brown frame and associated parts. Now I don't have a ton of successes I can claim but on this one I did. I successfully was able to attach the suspension and the axles out of alignment. Wow. So I have decided to start the project over with a new rear suspension system and repainting the cab and frame. The frame is easy. I will repaint it in semi gloss Black, and aluminum tanks. The cab color is the difficult choice. I am looking at Blue, Green, or Red, and planning on doing it in a Tamiya lacquer. If anyone has an opinion I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  17. Here's pics of the "Boat Anchor". Just a few more touch up's and "Anchor's Away" we go.
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