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  1. Hello all hope you’re all well. Question I have just gotten a kit from the 1980’s and the kit decals look to be in pretty good shape. However how do I prep the decals to ensure that they play nice? As always all help is appreciated. Thank you. Regards Jerry
  2. A tentative deal has been struck. Models gone.
  3. Both still available. Let me know if there is interest. Thank you.
  4. Here's what got me hooked on trucks back in the 1960's as a yute.
  5. Just got this today after making a trade with Vettegasser. Since I’ve got a tractor version from the latest rePop on the bench I’ll probably build this box stock. Just need suggestions on using older decals. Do I spray them with clear?
  6. Got parts I needed from Techman. Very helpful. Hopefully I can reciprocate in the future.
  7. Made a couple of trades with Vettegasser. My latest item on its way from him. Great trader would definitely do trades with him again.
  8. Made a trade with JohnnyG. Both items on the way to each other. Great trading would do trades again.
  9. Have a number of options for livery. Choices are WX (Western Express), Hoosier Motor Lines, or the Dixie Transport decals all from the Autocar A64B kit, and the Outward Bound, or National Trucking decals from the Diamond Reo kit. Probably doing a White cab, and hood with contrasting fenders, and frame.
  10. Johnny, Thank you. Great dealing with you. Have a great rest of your day. Regards, Jerry
  11. Johnny, The Post Office is indeed closed tomorrow. Thank you so much for this trade it's very kind of you. If you want to throw in a car kit that would be great. Any one of them with the exception of the 1962 Bel Air I already have one I am working on. I will get the wrecker parts, and the decal sheet in the mail to you on Tuesday. My address is Jerry Fowler 100 Tallowood Drive, Medford NJ 08055. I will just need your address. Thank you once again. Regards, Jerry
  12. John, Just so I understand correctly. You'd be willing to trade the General kit for the sealed wrecker parts from my kit. Just let me know. Thank you. Regards, Jerry
  13. Johnny, Can you please send pics of what's in the GMC General box?
  14. John, Thanks for sharing the pics. Let me think about it, and get back to you if that's okay. Regards, Jerry
  15. Then I have this from the parts box. California Hauler sleeper
  16. I have put the wrecker parts up on the trading post section of the website. Looking to do her as a day cab tractor, or maybe slap a Mercury sleeper on her. Went to order decal stripes from Jerry Reeter's Model Truckin website and noticed that the shipping cost is $11.00. A bit steep as I thought that shipping used to be about $4.00 from his website.
  17. Harvey good morning. No it's the latest re-pop from Round 2 Model (AMT #1133). No sleeper, and no additional parts slide plate, fifth wheel to make he a tractor. I actually am probably going to make her a tractor. I have a post on the trading part of this website where I am looking to trade the wrecker parts. Haven't had the 359 kit since the White, and Brown one since about 1977ish (?).
  18. Just purchased the AMT Peterbilt 359 wrecker. Will be looking to trade the wrecker body and associated parts, and decals. If anyone has interest please let me know. Thank you. Also have the complete plow setup from the Ford Snow Plow kit also for trade. Jerry
  19. Since I don't do plastic surgery I may have to do it as a tractor.
  20. Anybody build this (I am pretty sure a number of you have)? If so I am curious to see what I may be in for for this build. On the fence about the tractor vs wrecker assembly. I know that there is no 5th wheel, slide plate included. Also looking at the instructions online it appears also no quarter fenders, or mud flaps in the kit. Also I would have to source the tow cable which presents another issue. That all being said this ought to be fun. As always any tips, suggestions, mentioning of me needing my head examined would be most appreciated. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is not, I repeat NOT a Revell USA snap version of the 359
  21. Picking up items from my Wife’s needed items list and I came across this. Only $29.97 and I had buy it. Now the question is wrecker, or tractor. Suggestions, building tips, etc. are as always appreciated. Walmart carrying models now is a plus.
  22. Thanks. I’ve got a few ideas. Thinking maybe an Aqua, a Royal Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, or an Orange. Was thinking about a Grey but I’ve decided to put the kabosh on that choice. Remember I always reserve the right to change my mind more than a 17 year old girl when picking out a prom dress.
  23. Especially on these Revell USA kits I assemble all parts (except the rear suspension) and paint. I then paint the rear suspension. I then brush paint the airbags with black acrylic paint. Then I attach the suspension to the frame. As far as ghosting not sure, but if it does I generally do a weathering wash anyway.
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