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  1. Thanks. Just hit the link shows as discontinued.
  2. Dump truck frame started. Wasn’t crazy that the frame inserts for the tractor version were mismolded so I chose the more challenging version.
  3. Doug thanks for the reply. Hope all is well.
  4. Good morning everyone hope all are well. Have a question. Where can I source decals for the Red and White reflective type decals, and the Yellow and Black decals (similar to the Wide Load warning ones)?
  5. Steve a couple of questions if I may. Did you build the ladder on the side of the bed? Where did you get the Red and White reflective tape that is on the bed? Thanks
  6. Still don’t know if I have the skill set to attempt the dump truck much less the entire plow truck set up. I’m still leaning towards doing it as a tractor. However it’s still winter and I have about 60 days before Spring. So enough time to change my mind a few hundred times or more.
  7. Thanks I will keep that in mind as I build.
  8. The rerelease of the LNT8000 Snow Plow would allow you to build the one Carrol Jo destroyed with the shotgun in White Line Fever.
  9. Very cool can’t wait to see it built. Will keep my eye out for it.
  10. If you don’t mind me asking where did you have decals created? Was it expensive?
  11. Those look great. Thanks for sharing. Do both havevunderneath exhausts?
  12. Thanks I appreciate it. If you have them just let me know how much you would want for them.
  13. Good morning everyone hope all are well. Curious if anybody who has built the AMT LNT8000 (could be the tractor, or the dump truck, or another dual drive version) wouldn’t mind posting pictures of your build. Thank you.
  14. Kerry thanks for the reply. I want to put those on the LNT8000 Snow Plow kit as I’m not sure 10 holes all around was something you’d see at any time. But that’s AMT for you. On the fence about dump or tractor. Have a few months to change my mind 3,000 times or so. My indeciveness is my downfall.
  15. Hello Kerry. Either Diamond Reo/Road Boss type or the Astro 95/Titan 90 type.
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