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  1. Thanks. I really have had a soft spot for the White Motors cabs since the 1970’s when I was a teen.
  2. Thanks. Hood was painted tonight. Need to touch up the Red by brush. So far so good.
  3. Thank you Sir. Engine was painted and assembled. The transmission is next.
  4. Good evening all hope everyone’s well. A project that’s been about a year and a half in duration. She’s been painted in a couple of shades of Green, and Royal Blue at one time. My mid 1970’s White Western Star. Stretched the frame and I am using the sleeper from the AMT IH 4300. Paint is Krylon Ivory with Rustoleum Colonial Red. Will post more as I go along. Always had a soft spot for White Motors trucks since I was a teen back on Long Island in the mid 1970’s. They were literally everywhere a semi would go.
  5. Thank you for posting your project. FREEDOM.
  6. Thanks. If you want to give me suggestions on the next one to do I’m all ears.
  7. Thanks Sam. I actually assembled AMT Mirrors.
  8. Sam I like it. Great job. Color is spot on and interior looks great. Well done.
  9. My White Freightliner pretty much done. Not a show winner by any stretch but more or less a test bed for doing things such as AMT mirrors.
  10. Thanks Jim. Torn on my next purchase between. Autocar A64B, GMC Astro 95, Mack Cruiseliner, and KW W925. As with all AMT kits I'm sure each have their own special issues.
  11. DJ thanks It is a Tamiya Maroon TS11 maybe?
  12. Thanks Kerry. Those mirrors are not easy. Thinking about getting an Astro 95 next. Have some things in mind with it. Probably a fleet unit.
  13. Well finally calling my White Freightliner SD more or less done. Only things left door handles, the turn signal lenses and reattaching the front license plate bracket. Got over my anxiety about the side mirrors and put them on. Would like to do another one down the line. Came out okay. Not a contest winner by any stretch just a solid test bed for future projects.
  14. WOW! I really like that a lot. Well done. Bravo.
  15. Hello everybody hope all are well. Does anyone know what happened to Hank's Truck Pictures website? Can't find it on the web at all.
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