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  1. Two of the rarest that I have are the Monogram 1/8th scale Big Drag and Monogram 1/12th scale Mean Maverick. Both are complete and unbuilt and more than likely will never be built.
  2. Dean's Hobby Stop in Owosso, Michigan also buys collections. I have sold to him many times and i feel that he gives a fair price.
  3. I still have two or three sheets. i think I got them from Auto World some time in the mid seventies. I know I didn't get them new as I was born in December 1961.
  4. Fantastic build! I may have to find one.
  5. Between the Revell and Round 2 announcements I can see nothing that I will be buying.
  6. Cool!! I think this is the first time that I have ever seen that kit built factory stock.
  7. Very nice. What color paint is it and what kit are the wheels from?
  8. If I remember correctly, the steering axle was in the original kit and the non-steering, lowered axle was added in the Hot Rod series release.
  9. Somewhere between 100 and 150. At one point I had around 3,000 kits, but sold off most of that ten years ago.
  10. I had both of when they first came out, never built them. Sold them about five years ago. Kind of wish I had kept them.
  11. Awesome work!! One of my favorite cars. I have that and the rally version. I need to get built someday.
  12. Excellent work! Very clean build.
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