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  1. circaboy added a post in a topic 1966 Buick Riviera   

    What an amazing model! This is a jaw dropper paintjob for sure! Nicest model Ive seen in A while
  2. circaboy added a post in a topic ED Roth's (Finky) Rat Fink   

    That is amazing! Very nice for a first time miniature! you really applied the shadows at the good spots and that RF is gorgeous! Was it BMFd?
  3. circaboy added a post in a topic Gunmetal Gray '57 (with a little update)   

    Thats one awesome build! And a model can never get too shiny...
  4. circaboy added a post in a topic FnF Supra FULL DETAIL build ALL DONE! In Under Glass   

    Already love it! Cant wait to see more
  5. circaboy added a post in a topic Fujimi Group A Kyoseki Skyline GTR   

    Sweet build! I always wanted this one
  6. circaboy added a post in a topic 32 ford modified salt racer   

    That is awesome! It perfectly reflected what you mentioned: A superb mix of glossy and weathered paintjob. Very nice scratchbuilding as well! The whole thing is amazing
  7. circaboy added a post in a topic Aoshima RocketBunny GT86   

    Nice And SHINY!
  8. circaboy added a post in a topic 67 Charger   

    Real good detail there! That would be my kind of detail hell.
  9. circaboy added a post in a topic 67 SHELBY MUSTANG   

    awesome stance and what a paintjob! Very Nice work
  10. circaboy added a post in a topic Project Z (Nissan 350Z)   

    purple paint and apple red? lol Very nice build! I like it a lot!
  11. circaboy added a post in a topic '80 Trans Am   

    Thats awesome! Very nice work. LOL "voiture de muscle" is not something you can say in french! A muscle car is a muscle car.
  12. circaboy added a post in a topic Saved from the garbage truck...   

    Larry, I thoroughly searched the dumpster to check out if anything else was there and I also took the time to ask all of the 5 neighbors in my block if they knew why was this kit there...none of them knows. I also looked in some other dumpsters around but only to find trash juice... PS: I might find something interesting around the back of the MCM offices...LOL
  13. circaboy added a post in a topic Crazy weather here   

    Kinda envy you guys...theres about two feets of snow over here in Montreal Guess Ill never get used to winter...
  14. circaboy added a post in a topic what does everyone do for a living?   

    Work in a lumberyard...I do everything there from driving forklifts to deliveries to customer service and more....carrying lots of wood!
  15. circaboy added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Saved from the garbage truck...
    Hey Guys! Just want to share with you what happened to me today... I woke up this morning,drank a cup of coffee and decided to take the trash out of my appartment block (Nothing special here).
    So I walk to the dumpster,grab my bags and open it...What I saw made my heart stop There was a model kit sitting on top of other garbage bags. What a shame!
    I quickly opened the box to find out in what condition it was,and simply to know if there was really a kit inside of it. To my surprise,the kit is complete and in very good condition! Pretty much everything is still sealed apart from one sprue but all the pieces are there. The box is a bit folded but nothing major.

    So.someone threw away a MIG-17 PF from Hobby Boss to the trash...again what a shame! Im not really into airplanes but I will definetly give this one a try! I also found out that it contained all the photo etched parts that could be used for this kit,plus window masks and some extra decals.

    I guess Ive got a gift a month before Christmas .
    Heres some poor pictures of this saved kit (Actually an hour later the garbage truck was there.)

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