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  1. Gluing transparent parts

    Watch Crystal Cement
  2. What Irked You Today?

  3. Building for your 1st Big model show HELP

    When building for competion, don't throw every little aftermarket part you find at the model, it will not help you. #1 thing to remember is the basics. Seam lines removed all 4 tires on the ground glass is free of defects. The list goes on, but just some advice, If you are building just to try to win something, you're building for the wrong reasons. Good luck and have fun.
  4. Meng 1/24th Ford F-350

    they can gripe all they want, when was the last time you saw anything other than revell at Michaels? Any Meng at hobby lobby??
  5. Meng 1/24th Ford F-350

    That will never happen
  6. $4,000+ each, for these kits?

    those are 1/10 scale RC Cars
  7. This is disgusting

  8. What Irked You Today?

    The year is 2014, not 1950. I agree with everything James said.
  9. XR-6 (glue bomb restoration) Update 1/18/17

    All I need is a set of rear wheels, then my mint unbuilt will be started.
  10. '63 Custom General Ford Lee

    why not?
  11. Chrome Tech does offer the gold plating, it will cost you more though.
  12. Is our hobby, growing or skrinking?

    I see what you did there, and agree 110% Some people just can't let things go and want to cause drama.
  13. Using ad blocker, having the issue, on Chrome.
  14. '49 Miss Majestic

    that is the amt 49/50 ford custom front end.
  15. How do you deal with limited bench time?

    Working 12 hour shifts 6 days a week, I just bring a kit with me to work and dabble on it a little bit here and there.