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  1. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic Indy Pace Truck Wrecker   

    Truck looks cool. Being a huge fan of '79 fords especially the Indy pace cars and trucks. Can you post some more info on where you got the decals from? The tow truck and flat bed are my next builds but have not been able to get any good pics to make decals with.
  2. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic orange peel   

    I use dupli color for paint. It's stored in the basement next to the kits so they are the same temp usually. I have found a good primer base wet sanded smooth is the key to getting paint to lay really flat. I spray a little closer and faster than they recommend. Usually 3-5" away and at a nice brisk pace. Wait for it to tack and hit it again. In the winter I have used a small garage space heater to keep the area around the body warm when I spray in the garage. I think the enamels give off more issues than lacquer which is much more forgiving and user friendly
  3. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic Michaels 50% off coupon!   

    Looks like your Michael's has newer kits than hobby lobby. They have an ap now that give a 40% off coupon or just sign up for emails and you get it weekly. Have to swing by mine tonight and see if they are up to date!
  4. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic Shop Pranks/Stories   

    I have a 1979 lincoln with the same feature. My girlfriend now wife thought that when she clapped the station changed. Took her three years to figure out I was messing with her.

    Me and my buddy lifted up and slid our bosses ranger in between two signs about a foot father apart than the truck was long. The next morning there was only one sign.

    We stole his keys from his pocket and moved his truck to another parking lot. He bought a belt clip for his key ring

    We took a weber grill, a patio table, and two chairs and made lunch in the bed of the truck. A flying broom removed us just before the hot dogs were ready. He parked his truck in front of the office window going forward

    I also made copies of the keys to the bay doors. There were six on each side of the building and he had the only set of keys for the lock, so he thought. I would reopen the doors as he closed them. He had no idea how we did it so he started watching back the camera tapes. My buddy shimmied up the pole on the back side of the camera and screamed into it as I unlocked the doors. We knew exactly when Rick got to that part of the video.
  5. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic Slammed trucks   

    Also don't forget that bumpers that low have hydraulic rams that flip them up so the track has extra clearance
  6. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic White road boss....next up....   

    Have to agree with fitting the hood then setting up the cab to match. I ended up having to shim the back edge of the cab mounts to tilt the cab forward so the hood gaps looked good
  7. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic Where do you build?   

    Looks like I am the only one that builds in hotel rooms the most! I travel a lot for work so I buy and build on the road and come home to paint bodies and chassis.
  8. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic AMT's Ford F350 pickups   

  9. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic it is over   

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family, I cant even begin to imagine what you are going through
  10. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic Galaxie models?   

    Built a couple of the fifth wheel trailers and they build up well with a really nice fit.
  11. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic Suggest a model, please!   

    What abou the new Richard Petty 1/16th that came out? Can be bought at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon for a resonable price. She could make it look "raced" with some rubber build up, a few tire rubs ect
  12. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic Galaxie limited trailer   

    Built the 38' gooseneck version and thought it was a great model. Nice fit and finish looks good hauling my '55 pro street
  13. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic Revell 1990 Mustang LX with increased headroom.   

    I have to disagree, being a diehard ford owner, the fox body mustang did not save ford, ford was fine. The truck lines have always carried ford. The fox style and the publicity that it recieved from pacing the indy 500 helped save the mustang line. The car returned to a sporty style with power, V-8 power. The 5.0 has been in play essentially from the beginning, while yes it was a 289 for several years, a simple longer stroke crank pushed the car to 302 cubes and actully 4.9L if you would like to split hairs not to mention that a 4bbl was available on all but the 6cyl engines since day 1 in 1964. the fox body came out with the v-8 as the flagship engine as well as the v-6, I-4 and turbo I-4 (pace car)that being said, the fact that ford killed the UGLY, underperforming mustang II in favor of the v-8 fox body style is what brought back the automotive passion for the mustang. The gas crisis of the 70's and 80's nearly killed the sports cars of the time.

    Now back to the model, wow, I am amazed at the level of work and detail that has been put into this project. Simply amazing, i remember as a kid it was a race to see how fast I could get the cars put together, and to see if I could do it with one tube of cement or less! Paint?! that came years later, and now, it takes months to get something acomplihed as I watch and study what amazing modelers like you are doing.
  14. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic How often do you visit Hobby Lobby?   

    Just an FYI, i was at the two Hobby Lobby stores by me (aurora il) and both have some nice kits stocked, the 1/16 petty car, the new round of funny cars including the bounty hunter, hot rod, ect, the fireball Roberts 57 Ford, the new repop Vetts, and the new ford c-600 pepsi truck. I also saw places for the new dirty donny super bee as well as the repop gt500. very very excited to see this coming to hobby lobby as it is only affordable with the 40% off coupon.
  15. bigmerc2003 added a post in a topic AMT DIAMOND REO   

    agreed, I luckily did not glue the sleepers on, but if you are going to use it / glue it on, dont use the crawl through piece on the sleeper, it looks funny and takes up valuable room. I left it off the second build (made a log truck) and the spacing is much better but i think you might run into some minor exhaust stack clearance problems. Nothing a little heat and twist wont solve