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  1. I ordered from him, and it took a while to get my stuff. It was as if he was selling stuff not in hand. It was getting close to the time limit Paypal allows to file a claim for undelivered goods. Finally after mentioning filing a complaint I received my stuff. He had me call him, and he talks a good story, but I doubt I would buy anything else from him. If it was stated , the items will need to be poured that's one thing. In stock sales would be better at least on eBay.
  2. The rear fenders and headlights really take that car up a notch. Looking forward to seeing more.
  3. I called them today to find out my options (this was before I received the email) and they told me about the FSM offer. I had already subscribed to it, so I guess it was ok. I asked what other magazines were being cancelled and she told me, a beading one, and Garden Railroads. I asked if it might go just digital, and she told me no. They blamed the pandemic and "changing tastes". That makes the fourth magazine I subscribed to go out of publication. Hot Rod Deluxe, Car Craft, Street Rodder Deluxe bit the dust earlier this year.
  4. Tim, thanks for the reply and the suggestions. Regards,Jimmy
  5. Tim, incredible work as always! I've seen people using "renshape" but I do not know where to purchase some. Any ideas for sources? While I'm seeking sources I've searched high and low to find some "tin plate" I believe it's called. I must have called every printer I could find a number for. Congratulations for accolades on your job of building the Bantam. It's one of the most detailed pieces of art I've ever seen. I'm always excited to see your next post of progress on your cars. Regards, Jimmy
  6. One of the most incredible pieces of workmanship, and artistic skills ever !
  7. John, awesome work as usual. Is this engine from the Anikin Skywalker kit I sent you? If it is I'm glad I was able to contribute to such an incredible build. If it's not, I'm sure the model you do use it on will be just as impressive. Regards, Jimmy
  8. Check the list price on this listing for the new Model Cars Contest Issue 2019
  9. Right place at the right time. Usually works out the other way for me, "a day late and a dollar short"
  10. Hey Chris ! It's was great to be able to put a face to all your posts. This is an awesome video featuring your incredible build. (Chris is featured around the 2:02 mark in the video) Congratulations again! Jimmy http://finescale.com/videos/event-videos/2018/09/2018-ipms-usa-national-convention-video-2
  11. I received my copy today. Leafed through the pages, and am anxious to start reading it. It's always fantastic reading your magazine articles, and a whole book of your thoughts and insights is really great! Keep up the great work Tim !
  12. I know I looked far and wide before finding a copy of your first book. I really enjoy and treasure it. Thanks for sharing the information about your new book. I'll be looking to obtain a copy of it too. Jimmy
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