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  1. Jet Powered Train / Dragster : On The Workbench 2/8/18

    John, did you use small diodes and transistors for detailing the jet engine? It looks awesome !
  2. Replicas & Miniatures Company of Maryland

    Thanks !
  3. Is Replicas & Miniatures Company of Maryland still operating? Thanks ! Jimmy
  4. Jet Powered Train / Dragster : On The Workbench 2/8/18

    It's amazing the vision you have taking something from pieces of plastic to such realistic looking finished pieces. just when I wonder what will John do next, the next incredible installment arrives. Thanks John for making me log in every day to see what's next !
  5. Anyone in Texas?

    2016's show
  6. Anyone in Texas?

    I left before the judging. Here's a few from last year's show.
  7. Jet Powered Train / Dragster : On The Workbench 2/8/18

    It's coming together great. You've got great vision as it's evolved so much from your initial mock-up. It's always exciting to see where your next update takes us.
  8. Jet Powered Train / Dragster : On The Workbench 2/8/18

    John, another great one on the bench. I'm sure you have a jet engine in mind, but just in case I've got a couple of these laying around I could send you. Let me know. I can't wait to see how this one turns out.
  9. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    I asked the store manager here today about it, and she replied they were going to a straight 75% off, rather than starting at 40% off to make it easier to clear them out rather than having to keep marking them down. I got the 49.99 AMT Ladder Truck for 12.49, and a '57 Ford Gasser Wagon, and '51 Chevy convertible for $7.50 each.
  10. Revell '57 Ford Gasser

    I picked a couple of these up today at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $7.50 each.
  11. What did you get today?

    No pictures, but got two Revell '57 Ford gasser Wagons, an AMT "Der Beetle Bus" , an AMT Man In Space Five Complete Nasa Rocket Kits, and a Monogram 1/32 Sherman M4A1 "Screamin" Mimi for $7.50 each. I've never seen kits marked down this low on the first go around.
  12. Old 69 Yenko Build Up Cut Up

    The rear looks almost like a Torino to me. Great job of working the parts together. Looking forward to more posts. Jimmy
  13. Moebius Comet... Wild Bubbletop Show Rod

    What thickness of plastic are you cutting with the silhouette scrapbook cutter? It looks like it scores the material and then you weed out the scrap. I was thinking of getting one. Also what software do you use with it? Everything's looking great on your build, and thanks for answering ! Jimmy
  14. This came across my Facebook page today. I can't wait to see your completed model John ! http://www.hotrod.com/articles/bug-thats-actually-buick/