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  1. Tim, thanks for the reply and the suggestions. Regards,Jimmy
  2. Tim, incredible work as always! I've seen people using "renshape" but I do not know where to purchase some. Any ideas for sources? While I'm seeking sources I've searched high and low to find some "tin plate" I believe it's called. I must have called every printer I could find a number for. Congratulations for accolades on your job of building the Bantam. It's one of the most detailed pieces of art I've ever seen. I'm always excited to see your next post of progress on your cars. Regards, Jimmy
  3. One of the most incredible pieces of workmanship, and artistic skills ever !
  4. John, awesome work as usual. Is this engine from the Anikin Skywalker kit I sent you? If it is I'm glad I was able to contribute to such an incredible build. If it's not, I'm sure the model you do use it on will be just as impressive. Regards, Jimmy
  5. Check the list price on this listing for the new Model Cars Contest Issue 2019
  6. Right place at the right time. Usually works out the other way for me, "a day late and a dollar short"
  7. Hey Chris ! It's was great to be able to put a face to all your posts. This is an awesome video featuring your incredible build. (Chris is featured around the 2:02 mark in the video) Congratulations again! Jimmy http://finescale.com/videos/event-videos/2018/09/2018-ipms-usa-national-convention-video-2
  8. I received my copy today. Leafed through the pages, and am anxious to start reading it. It's always fantastic reading your magazine articles, and a whole book of your thoughts and insights is really great! Keep up the great work Tim !
  9. I know I looked far and wide before finding a copy of your first book. I really enjoy and treasure it. Thanks for sharing the information about your new book. I'll be looking to obtain a copy of it too. Jimmy
  10. *Disclaimer - I am just sharing this, and know nothing of it's validity. Make of it what you will. Hopefully it's not erroneous reporting. Some long awaited REVELL news: Home Page Atlantis Toy and Hobby > Atlantis News! Updated August 2018 Open the Official PDF Version ** PRESS RELEASE ** Contact: President: Peter Vetri FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel. (631) 499-6733 Email: sales@atlantis-models.com Atlantis Models "Preserving the Past while Building the Future" LONG ISLAND, NY, August 29th 2018 – Atlantis Model Co., manufacturer of plastic models and toys has purchased the tooling for many plastic model kits from the new owners of Revell, Revell Inc. USA-Blitz Partners. These molds were from the tooling banks of Monogram, Revell, Aurora and Renwal, some dating back to the early 1950s. They were stored in Revell’s Elk Grove facility in the great state of Illinois and represent Automotive, Aircraft, Ships, Military, Figures, Space and many other interesting subjects. Peter Vetri, President of Atlantis, states, “It's a lifelong dream to own this historic tooling and archive material related to these molds; to be able to preserve the tooling is a real honor. We look forward to reissuing many classics that have not been available in quite some time. All of the model kits will be made here in the USA and all the tooling and the Archive have been moved from Elk Grove to our facilities in Deer Park, NY. I would personally like to thank Julie Dombrowski, Edward Sexton, Lou Aguilera, Chris Borris and the legendary Ken Funk for the hard work they did at Revell over the years and especially the last few months which were a difficult closure for them.” The deal was worked out shortly after the Hobbico bankruptcy was settled out. It was a very smooth transaction. It took about 2 months to complete from start to finish. Rick DelFavero, VP of operations, states, “I think model enthusiasts around the world will be pleasantly surprised in the coming years to see what the tooling bank and Historical Archive contains. We believe our releases will appeal not only to people that saw the original issues of these kits, but also to a new generation that can help expand and grow the hobby!” Look for kits to hit store shelves 1st qtr 2019, our 10 Year Anniversary! About Atlantis Models Atlantis Toy and Hobby was founded in 2009 by Peter Vetri and Rick DelFavero with some guidance from former Aurora Project Manager Andrew P. Yanchus. With a combined 60 years of hobby experience, not only are we lifelong hobbyists, we know what it takes to run a successful hobby manufacturing business. Atlantis Toy and Hobby has sold thousands of products all over the world since 2009. Atlantis is an MDR company, Manufacturer-Distributor-Retailer, offering World Class Knowledge and Service in the Hobby Industry.
  11. Those look awesome ! Looking forward to trying a set. Thanks for your effort.
  12. At one of our local Hobby Lobby's today I noticed all the airbrushes and compressors were marked way down. I picked up some Paasche air brush parts for dirt cheap. Jar lids with gaskets were 39 cents, and I got a couple of needles and tips for 1.99 each. The needles were normally 7.99 each. The air brushes were the Iwata ones.
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