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  1. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic Revell 30 Model A Ford Production Halted?   

    "Temporarily Unavailable" on the Revell site. Maybe there's a glimmer of hope.

  2. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic Adventures in Soldering :Maserati Tipo 61'Birdcage'Update 10/22/16   

    Where did you get the work surface you are soldering on?
    Great work.
  3. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic 1971 Pinto Wagon Street Freak Showcar - Flinging Some Paint   

    I remember seeing that build, it was really nice. Seems a lot more economical way to go than a laser cutter.
    Thanks for taking time to reply.
  4. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic 1/32 Wheels/Tires?   

    You might look at the "Big Time Muscle" die cast cars at Wal-Mart. Not sure of the scale, but they might work. Wide tires and nice mags.
  5. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic 1971 Pinto Wagon Street Freak Showcar - Flinging Some Paint   

    Great job !  What scrapbook cutter are you using, and are you able to use the software that came with it, or do you have to purchase a different program?
    Also what is the maximum thickness you can cut, and do you have to use the adhesive carrier for cutting?
    Thanks for your time,
  6. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic Another Pledge with Future Question   

    I've purchased it Wal-Mart in the past. Once you get used to one label they seem to change it around.
  7. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic Perrys Resin info   

    I ordered a body from him and it took well over a year and a half to receive it. After months of calls, "it was shipped" at least three times I had pretty much given up, and then it just showed up. There was an extra dragster body and some slicks I hadn't ordered included. I love the body, but I just wouldn't order anything else, as it was far too an aggravating experience.
    He was always pleasant, and apologetic and finally delivered. I just can not endorse doing any more business with him.
  8. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic Perry's Resin   

    Honestly I had not called him in several months, and had decided it was a write off. Then one day, there it was in the mailbox.

    I wasn't trying to make excuses for him, and it is a shame because the items I received were really good quality. I also was not trying to make light of all the people whom may be still waiting for their orders after I received mine. I do feel he should not take orders if he can not fulfill them in a reasonable amount of time. I have seen posts of others whom have had slow delivery from other casters, and I can see how it would be easy to be overwhelmed with orders, and unable to fill them in a timely fashion. These are just my opinions, and not an endorsement of his business practices, nor am I trying to exonerate him for unfilled orders. I was very angry after six months were up, but there was nothing I could have done from Texas. Threats or foul language would have been fruitless, as were my quarterly calls.
  9. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic Perry's Resin   

    I just didn't want any "personal" attacks. I think it is good for others to share their experiences and offer advice. I had heard "Buyer Beware" when I asked around, but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I was extremely disappointed, and felt screwed over. Ten years ago I would have been ready to drive to Canada and get my money's worth. I told Randy if he came up with any more Fiats to send me one, and I'd send him the money after it was received. I guess I was trying to show that Randy realized his failure to complete the transaction, and "compensated" me for my patience. Yes, I heard many excuses, and would have four bodies if I had received all the ones that had been "sent". I was very leery to order, but it was the only source I had found for what I wanted. I even tried to buy a built up on e-Bay and it went for over a hundred dollars. Bottom line is perhaps there are too many irons in the fire for Randy, but I wanted to show he does have some morals. I could still be out $35.00 and empty handed. The items I received are very high quality, but even as good as the body is, I doubt seriously I would ever order again, but would gladly purchase his work in person.
  10. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic Perry's Resin   

    ordered May, 2013
    received February 2015
    Since I live in Texas, and it would have been a lot of trouble to pursue any type of recourse other than harassment I just had to wait and hope.
    Finally it showed up. I had pretty much written off this transaction to a lesson learned. At least he sent some extra stuff to make up for the wait.
    A Galloping Ghost dragster, ($30.00 retail) and a pair of slicks came with my order.
  11. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic Perry's Resin   

    First of all I am not opening this thread to start a negative post. I would appreciate any bad thoughts be kept to one's self, or expressed elsewhere. Back in May of 2013 I placed an order with Perrys Resin for a Flaming Frank Pedregon Fiat Dragster. I was wary, and had heard things about poor delivery. I am a Fiat fanatic, and as this was the only vendor I knew of with the body so I ordered it. I am a "want it now" type personality, and it took quite a while to finally get my order. I would call every few months all riled up, and ready to rip Randy a new one. But every time when we talked, my compassion took over, and I would just ask him to please send it. It seemed several had been shipped, but never made it here. A month or so before Christmas I made my semi-annual call, and this time told there was some work being done to part of the mold. Flash forward to today. i went to the mailbox, and when I opened it, there was a long white box inside. I didn't remember any purchases that would have come in that shape box. I pulled it out and saw the Canadian Customs label, and you could have knocked me over with a feather. I opened it up, and not only was there a beautifully cast Fiat dragster with decals, there was a Carl Casper's Galloping Ghost dragster, decals for it, and a great pair of slicks. The Fiat and the dragster both looked to be freshly cast, as the resin was a bright white compared to the "Scott" scoop that was included for the Fiat. Needless to say, I was disappointed for the length of time involved, but It's special to be compensated for the wait. In all honesty I most likely have not started the project yet, as I want to refine my skills a little more. I am retired and know I wouldn't want to be in the resin business, even if I was able to cast a quarter as well as the products I received today. I can only imagine running a business, family responsibilities, and producing inventory as well.

  12. Jimmy Wilson added a topic in General   

    Dremel 3D Printer
    I just saw Dremel has a 3D printer for sale. $999.00 at Amazon.

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  13. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic "The Shoe's" '71 Barracuda   

    Great Job ! You can see the plain white headlights in one of the actual photos of the car. I am curious as to where you got the transfers for the tires, They look really nice.

  14. Jimmy Wilson added a post in a topic Auto World Model Kit Collector’s Club   

    Saw this on the AutoWorld Web site. looks like they are releasing this kit without being in the "kit of the month" club.