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  1. NHRA715 added a post in a topic Front Engine Dragster: The Old Master   

    I remember this car,

    I was working for Speedmasters Racing Engines in Van Nuys ( across the street from the GM assembly plant on Van Nuys Blvd ). back in the mid 60's. We also had a Top Fuel Dragster & a Jr fuel car same vintage as the Pink cars. fact: Ed Pink moved into the Speedmasters building after they went bust in 1969, I talked to Ed's wife last year at the shop, it still looks like it did when I worked their 50 years ago... both of these cars are on my build list so I will be watching.

  2. NHRA715 added a post in a topic Just when you thought it was safe to get your car repaired...   

    order a new Z28 and call a laywer
  3. NHRA715 added a post in a topic '70 ElDorado   

    wow, this looks real....very cool ..
  4. NHRA715 added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    any Model Car shows in Los Angeles
    Have never been to one yet, any coming up in LA ?
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  5. NHRA715 added a post in a topic Hello! Newby from CA   

    welcome, ....sorry about your house..
  6. NHRA715 added a post in a topic Newby from Wales, UK   

  7. NHRA715 added a post in a topic Figured I'd Introduce Myself   

    Welcome, lots of really good info here, I also just got back into this great hobby and check into this form daily, bunch of great people here and ideas...
  8. NHRA715 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Airbrush set up
    looking to buy my first airbrush set up, Im pretty good at spray cans but want to step it up a bit. Need advise on a airbrush set and a compressor etc,
    Thanks all..

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  9. NHRA715 added a post in a topic 49 Custom Mercury: Teaser pic   

    LOOKs great James, what is that green mat you are working on ??
  10. NHRA715 added a post in a topic Full Detail 1964 Ford Galaxie (built from promo kit)   

    WOW, man, looks like you could get in it and drive away...........
  11. NHRA715 added a post in a topic My variations on the Rat Roadster   

    very nice, what kit is this, I would like to build this one when I get a bet better at it....
  12. NHRA715 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    building mats
    what are you guys using as a surface to build models on? I see in some of the photos a type of mat with measuring lines etc, whats that?
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  13. NHRA715 added a post in a topic How to books   

    only about 4 items in how to, am I missing something
  14. NHRA715 added a topic in General   

    How to books
    Hello all, whats a good how to book to get, Im just getting back into this and need a few short cuts & tips, thanks
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  15. NHRA715 added a post in a topic Looking at other forums makes me wonder, what other hobbies do you have?   

    Now that I’m retired I’m relearning the electric guitar, video games and netflicks (sooo much to see),
    Plans for the future: building electric bikes, getting back to drag racing, flipping cars ( for fun & cash ) staying healthy