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  1. The enamel sprays better than any other paint I have used. It's been a while since I used it, but it laid down like glass. Unfortunately, I have only used it on one body and I had issues of dust and stuff getting into it, so it got stripped. I attached a couple pics of the 57 Ford I painted with Ford Washington Blue. This has not been clearcoated or touched in any way, this is just the dried enamel
  2. I'll start, but I can't get pics until later tonight. Tamiya Ferrari 360 Spider convertible. Box is a little roughed up and open, but the kit is 100% intact and unstarted. I will ship anywhere
  3. Super clean, looking very nice so far
  4. My dad has a 2016 2SS. He offered to let me use it to drive to Vegas and back, which is an 8 hour round trip. I'd rather rent a Kia Soul. It's his car and he loves it, but at 6'3", 270lbs, it is absolutely claustrophobic. The rear view mirror is a massive blind spot for me
  5. Welp, let us know when they are ready for ordering. They look incredible.
  6. SWEET BABY JESUS. Exactly what I have been waiting for. I need a 427 with Webbers. for a Cobra build and there isn't anything out there like this. I'm in for several Are you doing both the vertical and slanted manifolds?
  7. he also shows a ton of other stuff on Instagram @JPScustomsMCTwheels https://www.instagram.com/jpscustomsmctwheels/?hl=en
  8. Here you go: https://jpscustomsmctwheels.bigcartel.com/
  9. I Was defending Gravity USA when this whole thing started, but the shipping delays, and everything else, and now this, It's a deal breaker. This is not how you save face. More time should be spent on getting your logistics in order rather than trying to convince people you're not at fault for anything.
  10. Looks great, definitely going to get this kit.
  11. I follow him on Instagram and it looks like he's been tied up for some time in some crazy Mad Max kit. Also, their posts are few and far between. I have a few of their things and am anxious to to see new stuff from them as well.
  12. Yes, that would be awesome, thank you very much.
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