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  1. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Pinholes In My Resin Parts-HELP   

    fill it with super glue and sand flush. 
  2. Quick GMC added a post in a topic What to use in place of lacquer thinner   

    The o ring measures: 
    ID: .05"    OD: .13"    Thick: .03-.04"
    It's tiny and i have not been able to find one elsewhere. 
  3. Quick GMC added a post in a topic What to use in place of lacquer thinner   

    Not soaking. Putting it in the cup to spray through after finishing with a color, or when I am done using it. I spray it through, then disassemble the airbrush to wipe down what I cant
    I have one left. I can measure it. i will check that out, thank you
    The rep told me 2 times, without a doubt, I can safely use lacquer thinner through the brush
    I had a massive improvement after replacing the o ring the first time. But I have replaced it 2 times since then and only have one left. I use the blue Iwata lube. I pull the trigger back and apply the lube through the side directly into that packing screw, then slide the needle through, just like you described. I apply the lube every other time I use the brush. 
    There is a nylon washer in the body, then a packing screw with an o ring on the end of it. The other o rings are out of harm's way
    I will check them out, thank you 
    Here is a picture of the o rings. On the left is the unused new one. On the bottom is the one that has seen no more than 2-3 sessions. On the right is one that was used for half a dozen or more sessions. The only thing i put through my airbrush is Klean Strip lacquer thinner from Home Depot, Vallejo acrylic thinner and 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. 

  4. Quick GMC added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    What to use in place of lacquer thinner
    I have the absolute worst luck with airbrushes. I am stil having issues. Painting bodies has been the biggest obstacle for me and it is pretty much the reason i don't finish builds. 
    I have a Grex Tritium TG airbrush. I was told by the Grex rep that I can spray lacquer thinner through it without issue. This isn't true. The packing seal o ring, the tiny o ring deep inside the body, starts to deteriorate and swell. This allows air/paint blowback to get past the needle seal and I am having a really hard time laying down nice paint. I'm sure this isn't the sole issue, but this needs to get fixed before I can move onto figuring out what else I can do to improve. I have 2 uses since I did a complete teardown and rebuild with all new seals and o rings. The o ring is swelling and coming apart already. 
    What will clean lacquers that I can use instead of lacquer thinner? Isopropyl Alcohol is not working, at least on the Gravity Colors I was using tonight. I am honestly ready to just sell all my BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH an move on. I enjoy building more than actually finishing, but I would like to finish a model here and there. 
    I would honestly just buy another airbrush, but I already started getting arthritis and cramps in my hands and this airbrush makes a massive difference, since it has the pistol grip. 
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  5. Quick GMC added a post in a topic My Goal For 2016 - Buy A New Mustang GT Premium Before 2017   

    Thanks Tim. I'm glad to hear that it is a significant difference in feel over the previous model. I don't want to go drive one just yet, but closer to Summer I will start going to the dealers. I am hoping to time it right to get a little better price once they start getting the next year models in. 
  6. Quick GMC added a topic in General   

    My Goal For 2016 - Buy A New Mustang GT Premium Before 2017
    I have been going back and forth with myself for years about what to do with my truck. I have a 2006 GMC Sierra 1500. I build a tranny for it, it's got a shift kit, high stall converter, headers, custom tune, etc. I have a camshaft on the bench I never installed and I'm afraid to tear the motor down over a weekend without a backup vehicle. I am at 95,000 miles right now and there are a lot more to go IMO. I am looking at about $3k in repairs in front suspension and miscellaneous work, but other than that this thing has never had a problem. I need a truck for work and I was going to get a new, nice loaded truck. After thinking about it, I need a truck for work, but why buy a brand new truck and risk it getting damaged when loading it for work and putting a ton of miles on it driving to trade shows etc. 
    I am somewhat attached to my truck since I bought it brand new and have put a lot of hours into it myself, including removing and stalling the tranny 3 times in one day. I have been through hell and back, but every time the work was done correctly, this thing has been solid. I always wanted to build a motor for, just a solid N/A 6.0 iron block as a sleeper that would run in the 12's with a traction kit. But as I continue to use it, the interior is getting worn more an more, little by little I see new dings and scratches.
    I hav a lot of medical debt from when my son was born. We have insurance, but he was sick and we have been racking up CC debt for the last couple years. We are started to take big chunks out of it now and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. So my plan for this year is to get rid of 80% of our debt, get my business CC paid down, make sure the truck is repaired properly and buy a new Mustang by the end of the year. August will be the 10th year of owning my truck and I think that is a reasonable amount of time to own a vehicle before splurging a little. We aren't having any more kids, so it's just the 3 of us, the car seat will fit and my wife has a Ford Edge for the road trips. 
    Not sure if it's going to happen. Even though I am giddy at the thought of getting this car, getting rid of debt is my priority this year. Last year was my first year on my own with our new business. It was part time before and stepping away from the family company, and going full time grossed us 70% increase in revenue, which I hope to replicate this year, at a minimum. 
    If anyone has one of these, I would like to hear about your experience. I want it with the GT Package, black with black wheels. 
    I really want a Ford Focus RS, but I am too big to enjoy them comfortably. it is the exact same price as the Mustang I built online. 
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  7. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Boss 302 F100   

    I like it, but I prefer the original look under the hoods of older vehicles, not the super clean plastic covered look of modern cars. 
  8. Quick GMC added a post in a topic COIL OVER SHOCKS   

    RB Motion shocks are awesome, I have used several sets
  9. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Tamiya Porsche 993 GT2 With Hobby Design Detail Kit   

    I am just kind of winging it. I painted the color, then did a wash, then did some dry brushing, which pulled some of the wash out. I just kind of went back and forth. I tried to go in the direction the wear would occur on a real car, from front to back. I tried to accumulate some dirty spots where dirt would naturally collect,. 
  10. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Tamiya Porsche 993 GT2 With Hobby Design Detail Kit   

    They had them at my local hobby shop in several different sizes. I think they were for that board game Warhammer? They got rid of all the board game stuff not long ago, so they don't have them anymore. 
    I found these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/271968433845?ul_noapp=true&chn=ps&lpid=82
  11. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Tamiya Porsche 993 GT2 With Hobby Design Detail Kit   

    got a little bit more done, but still a ways to go. I didn't like the molded in detail, so I shaved off the door detail and made new handles and pull straps 

    Not 100% done, but got the general shape

    Took some thin sheet styrene and sliced it up, I will add bolt detail when I mount these, these are the pull straps to shut the door

    I bought these tiny magnets a while ago, they are really strong. I got them to embed into the plastic to be unseen, which is what I did here. I mounted them, then filled the voids and gaps with super glue. Should be invisible when all painted. These surfaces don't mate directly together, but they are still strong enough to hold on
    Very difficult to mount these, you can't use tweezers because they won't come off

    Got them mounted to the body and the engine cover

    Just strong enough to hold it on. However, i think I may have a problem now, because when just sitting in place, it tilts towards the rear with the magnetic pull, and it will be worse with the photo etched wing pieces. I may have to do magnets in the front now. 

    I am considering hacking up the exhaust to replace the bland kit turbos with these 3D printed turbos from TDR. I have to primer them and see how much detail I can get out of them first. 

  12. Quick GMC added a post in a topic BOSS 429 - 1969 vs. 1970   

    Awesome.  Thank you for that information
  13. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Power Ball Winner   

    I think there are 3 confirmed winners now, after cash payout, split 3 ways and taxes, each person is down to about $300Mil or so. 
  14. Quick GMC added a post in a topic BOSS 429 - 1969 vs. 1970   

    That's a good idea, thank you. I know they are subtle differences, but to me the 69 looks a lot better.