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  1. Hands down. Exactly 3 were made, 2 are left, if I remember correctly.
  2. Full Album in link, thought you guys would enjoy Ringbrothers - 1969 Dodge Charger Defector
  3. I am moving from Southern California where it is 120 in the Summer and 0% humidity most of the year, to North Carolina, where it rains all the time and 100% humidity isn't abnormal. What kind of adjustments will I need to make for spray painting, airbrushing, etc.? I have experienced a lot of issues with paint drying too fast, cobwebbing, etc. Hoping that this will change with the new climate. Just looking for some tips and info
  4. Beautiful. i have this kit, just waiting until it feels right to build it.
  5. I stay away from AMT. I know they have good kits, but in my limited experience, I have had nothing but trouble. With that being said, this complaint just comes off as angsty and whiny. Revell, Monogram, even Tamiya have some goofy kits out there. One of the kits I consider terrible has been built and displayed by dozens of members here and they look incredible. It just made me realize I need to slow down my approach and take certain things into consideration where I may not have to do that with other kits. Chill, do some research, ask questions, and understand, like many have previously stated, that a lot of these kits are OLD tooling that were made before certain technology allowed for the detail and features we see in new kits.
  6. Ken Block is an incredible driver, like a surgeon. Calm and collected. Travis Pastrana is a lunatic. Balls to the wall. The "yikes" look on his face throws you off, he's definitely in his comfort zone. Dude jumped out of an airplane with no parachute and broke the Pike's Peak record.
  7. Once you get past 18 inches or so, the post office is no longer cost effective. UPS would be half that cost at that size. Also, if you don't have a shipping account with anyone, you're going to pay premium. I am shipping some Aluminum rails today. 7.5 feet long, 30 lbs, $26 with UPS Ground. 14x14x14 box that weighs 40lbs, $100+ with USPS, $36 with UPS. Just depends on the size and the weight. But for small stuff, like 8x8x8, UPS is $90+ for next day air, where the post office is like $30.
  8. Shipping costs are up around the world. Not a huge cost for someone to deliver your hobby materials all the way from Japan.
  9. I built this kit several years ago. Halfway through I had a major problem. I bought another kit and ended up finishing it. My only 100% completed model ever, while I have at least 2 dozen started. a couple years ago, it got knocked off a shelf. It was in a plastic display, which I think added to the damage. a bunch of little stuff broke off. I bought a 3rd kit, but haven't started it. Someday I will build it again, it's my nemesis. I don't usually care for yellow, but it looks incredible on this car. Your build is going well, looking forward to seeing it completed.
  10. I'm pretty sure he works for, or is the owner of Alpha Models. He's been spamming multiple forums promoting the kits. When people complained, he started posting build pics, which I'm fine with. Not that it matters. Typically, the only place to see a lot of these high end models built is on Facebook and Instagram, and a lot of forum members don't participate on social media. He is also crediting the builder. Edit: I realize this isn't an Alpha Model, but the transkit from Hobby design, as well as the resin figure. Hobby Design and Alpha Models are owned by the same person.
  11. I am surprised nobody has posted the 356 RSR yet. Built by Rod Emery, a friend of mine helped with the assembly and painted the car. He also paints cars for Rod Emery regularly. He has a shop out here by me.
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