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  1. Sauber-Mercedes C9 # 61 1989 Le Mans

    I have this kit with the same detail kit. I will be looking forward to this
  2. My 1:1 Has a New Life: Suspension is Done!

    right now I ordered a new bumper, the original was bent. Got a brand new one with all new plastics an brackets for $200 on amazon. Not factory quality, but good enough until I can get the roll pan, handles and mirrors together to colormatch
  3. My 1:1 Has a New Life: Suspension is Done!

    New 20" wheels SLAMMED, need to raise the ride height a bit
  4. My 1:1 Has a New Life: Suspension is Done!

    ok all done. Still some tweaking to do with ride height, shock settings and such. It's lower than I expected, but I have plenty of room to play with pre-load Rear components Main front components Front coilovers Rear coilovers Sway bars New front setup with upper and lower arms, spindles and sway bar with adjustable links New rear setup with no more leaf springs, c-notch, parallel lower bars and coilovers, installed sway bar after this.
  5. Is this Hobby Design quality or recast?

    Flash is common on their wheels, but not to the point it's a big problem. I usually scrape it away with an Exacto blade and kind of shape it down. As far as the chunks or other pieces where they were broken from the casting, that's normal as well. They used to be all over the place, but they have been putting out some premium stuff in the recent years. I don't care for their tires though.
  6. Think this has ever been offroad?

    That can actually be used offroad, as silly as it looks. This on the otherhand, is the new cool thing apparently.
  7. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    Yet, people are stubborn and will refuse to educate themselves and continue to pretend-boycott.
  8. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    If you only buy Tamiya kits when they are on sale, or second hand, you aren't Tamiya's target demographic. A bunch of angry people that don't know why they're angry won't affect their revenue.
  9. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    if the MAP isn't exclusive to the US, that won't help you. You'll end up paying even more with the overseas shipping.
  10. C 1 model

    I have ordered multiple times, I am in the US. No problems, fast shipping. Casts are always clean and crisp and well protected.
  11. Discounts on Tamiya products - POOF! GONE!

    Anyone who thinks MAP is price fixing is wrong, dead wrong. MAP is legal. If you don't like it, buy something else. If you think Tamiya will need to take on Amazon, also wrong. Amazon is a fullfillment center for distributors and manufacturers. All they need to do is cut off any distributors not complying with MAP, and they will go away. That's how it works. You set MAP. Johnny's model shop doesn't want to comply? They don't get to buy kits anymore. It's pretty simple. The fact that they are sending this letter now means they most likely have every intent to follow up on it. I deal with MAP with several distributors in my business and they will absolutely bring the hammer down if you try and circumvent it. If you think it's unconstitutional, illegal, unfair, not right, or whatever, then you have absolutely no clue how wholesale and retail distribution work. If you are going to cry about it, buy from someone else. All you people do is complain about America, American companies and blah blah, but when an overseas manufacturer that puts out high quality products wants to level the playing field, you still complain. Maybe just go sit the basement and wait to die if you can't be pleased with anything Edit: MAP isn't always equal to MSRP. MSRP is what they would like to see it sell for, like $70 or so for the LaFerrari. MAP very well could be $55 or so, which is really not all that bad, considering the kit. It could also be $70, and then you can buy it, or not.
  12. 1/24 MFH 2017' Ford GT

    I have the 1/24 MFH GT kit and the Revell kit was definitely not announced yet
  13. My 1:1 Has a New Life: Suspension is Done!

    NICE. Supercharged or Turbo? I like those 99-02 front ends
  14. Aftermarket wheels for my daily driver

    look up your stock wheels and find the backspacing and offset. Then get the same specs from the new wheels and you can calculate from there to see where they will sit.
  15. My 1:1 Has a New Life: Suspension is Done!

    I changed gears a bit. Ditched the Caltracs and went with a full blown notched 3 link rear from Ridetech, along with their front upper and lower arms. Now I will be sitting on coilovers on all 4 corners, sitting just like the truck in the first pic. Attached is a pic of Ridetech's full bolt on system. I am doing the same thing, but with a mix and match bit of parts. Viking coilovers, Hellwig sway bars, McGaughy's spindles, and the rear section and A-arms in the picture.