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  1. What did you get today?

    I haven't opened it yet. At quick glance it looks like paper, like Tamiya tape. I have the Tamiya white vinyl bending tape and it's nice, but this .4mm stuff is super tiny. I'll check it out when I get home.
  2. What did you get today?

    I went kind of nuts at Hiro Boy. The 4 squares are books with Hi Res photos for reference. Incredible pictures
  3. GravityColors

    there is already a thread going in this section, you can see the updated thread there.
  4. My zero builds of 2017

    dude, sorry for your loss, that is a rough year. I hope things get much better for you this year.
  5. Xanavi Nismo GT-R (R34) Special Edition

    it's a 7 year old thread and all the pictures are gone
  6. Brembo Gold from Gravity Colors is pretty good.

    I am a one man operation in my business. I also deal with Mfg. and vendors that take unreasonably long to get me products. I know this and I relay this information to my customers. I take their money only if they are okay with waiting. I have never dealt with Red Frog, but if they have a history with this with HRM, it also falls on them, speaking from their shoes. If it happens a few times here and there, it happens, but if it is a consistent issue, then you need to operate with that in the open
  8. Yeah Rob was the plane specialist. Not sure what everyone is up to now, the shop closed down pretty quickly
  9. I knew Kevin Fairly well, Uncle Don's was the only shop in town. I know most of the details surrounding the death, but I won't post them on the forum out of respect. I have seen Kevin hundreds of times and never once did he seem like he was in a bad mood. He was always very chipper and very eager to please his customers. He was the train specialist at the hobby shop. Models was not really their forte, but they did keep a small inventory on hand. As far as the thefts mentioned in the article, they have nothing to do with his death. There was always a large community of people willing to help and try and get his stuff back for him.
  10. MFH Ford GT GTE

    I bought mine about a month ago, they are available.
  11. Saw This Sueprbird On The Street

    I'm not sure if this is real or not and it's not the best video, but here you go 20160726_122949.mp4
  12. What did you get today?

    This should turn out to be a pretty rare kit I got at a normal price. Just sent payment. Guy in Japan went directly to MFH to pick this up and supposedly it is not, and will not be available to any distributors online or otherwise. The 1/12 version is still available, but I didn't want to spend that kind of money, and I have nowhere to put it. 1/24 Model Factory Hiro Ford GT LM 2017
  13. Battery detailing?

    I used solder for the posts, PE washers for the corrosion donuts
  14. Aoshima McLarens and Aftermarket

    I have the longtail with Hobby Design brake and wheel set, and their PE detail set. Makes for a pretty intricate build.