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  1. I am surprised nobody has posted the 356 RSR yet. Built by Rod Emery, a friend of mine helped with the assembly and painted the car. He also paints cars for Rod Emery regularly. He has a shop out here by me.
  2. Not a fan on muscle cars, but Pro Touring and road racing is another story. Up to a certain point, they serve a purpose, after that, it's just for looks. Some people have different definitions of big. Just put new tires on my truck yesterday. 275/45/20. I like the looks of 22" wheels on the truck better, but it's built for handling, so I stuck with 20's. I have a decent size sidewall since I drive it all over, including 700+ round trips, so it has to be practical and not blow a tire on stupid dips. It served it's purpose as a work truck for 10 years, now it's my DD and it's fun. Rear 3 link with coilovers all the way around, front and rear sway bar, upper and lower control arms, built tranny, higher stall converter, 4.11 gear, Posi, intake, headers, tune. etc. Still a long way to go, but I can enjoy it how it is right now. If I was going to spend serious money on a set of forged wheels, I would likely go with 18s and more meat.
  3. The best turbo chargers, hands down, are the Hobby Design ones. Super crisp detail, no flash. No idea about a Procharger
  4. Don't bother, they seem to have dropped off the map. Try Splash Paints
  5. I ship to the UK all the time. Last box was 10-12lbs and was under $100. $75 is ridiculous for a small package like that. He either has no idea what he is doing shipping wise, or is trying to take advantage
  6. Any interest in an Esci BMW M1 Procar?
  7. Here are a few I noticed were not on the list. Hobby Design: http://www.hobbydesign.com.cn/ Plamoz: https://plamoz.com/t/new C1 Models: http://www.c1-models.com/ USCP - Ukranian Scale Cars Production: http://uscp-ua.com/ EightyOne: http://www.eightyone81.com/
  8. Jim (DPNM) sent me the kit I claimed in the PIF thread right away, received with no issues. Sorry I didn't acknowledge right away. I posted in the off-topic lounge regarding the other details.
  9. For those of you I left hanging in the Pay It Forward thread, my apologies. I've been dealing with my business, and my dad's business, trying to figure out ways to drum up work while trying to follow our shelter in place order. It's been a little rough to say the least. Anyway, I just wanted to reach out and make an apology, it's not like me to disappear like that, and I definitely don't like leaving people hanging. I reached out to Kennyboy, who claimed my kit. I will be shipping his out tomorrow. I received my kit from Jim right away and should have acknowledged it. I know a lot of you are going through similar troubles. Hope everyone is able to hang in there.
  10. Followed this from start to finish. Truly the most insane build I have ever seen. Literally scratch built from nothing. Pretty incredible
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