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  1. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Test post from Photobucket   

    I have mentioned Imgur at least a dozen times on this site and have been ignored each time. It is bare bones, stupid easy and works on every single site I have ever been on.
  2. Quick GMC added a topic in Trading Post   

    Paint For Trade
    I am thinning the paint supply. I have become partial to certain paints and have a bunch I will likely never touch. Some are half used, most are new or more than half full. They will need to be mixed or shaken well before use. 
    I will separate the Model Masters/Tamiya paints, but each brand has to go as a group, I will not split them up into individuals. 
    This is what I have 
    Model Masters Acrylics: 
    Semi Gloss WhiteFlat White (x2)Semi Gloss Black Flat Black (x2)GoldBurnt SiennaEngine Grey (x2)SteelIron (x2)RustJet ExhaustAluminum Gun MetalSand Sand BeigeLeatherAircraft Interior BlackInsignia BlueChevy Engine RedItalian RedPontiac Engine Blue MetallicFord Engine BlueStop Light Red 
    Tamiya 23mm (Large Bottles) 
    Flat WhiteSemi gloss Black Flat Black Gun MetalTransparent SmokeCopperFlat Brown (x2)Flat Aluminum (x3) BlueFlat Blue 
    I would consider each set worth 1 Revell kit, or both sets for one nicer kit, like Tamiya. I am not looking to trade up or squeeze anyone. I am pretty open to see what people have to offer. 
    Specific Items I would like to have:
    Monogram 1995 Mustang GT CoupeTamiya 1995 Mustang Cobra RTamiya Sauber C9Tamiya XJ220Supplies & ToolsOpen to suggestions 
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  3. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Hobby Zone Modular Organizers   

    I tried ordering, but it said I had exceeding the allowed shipping weight. Since they are in Poland I think they are only using a specific USPS method. I contacted on Facebook, but it's in the evening there now. Hopefully they have a solution. I drew up and designed my setup and measured everything on my bench yesterday to make sure it would work. I'm super excited. 
    If I can get this worked out, I'll post pictures once I have it done. They get shipped in flat board and you have to fit and glue them together. They seem really sturdy, based on the shipping weight I had for the pieces. 
  4. Quick GMC added a post in a topic CobraMan, Just For You   

    if you can get the kosutte ginsan, that would work really well
  5. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Hobby Zone Modular Organizers   

    Here is their facebook page where a bunch of customers posted their setups. You can configure just about anything. 
  6. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Motivation, wish I could find some.   

    try reorganizing your setup. This helps me. I rearrange things, clean up a bit and I start building. 
  7. Quick GMC added a topic in General   

    Hobby Zone Modular Organizers
    Hobby Zone (In Poland) has some pretty incredible organizing systems, I wasn't sure if anyone here has heard of them. At first I wasn't interested because it seems they are heavily geared towards WarHammer type stuff, but the more I look into it and think of all the ways I could set it up, the more I get excited about ordering. 
    I have always had a constant battle for maximizing my available space and having very organized work area. I like to be able to reach for something without having to mover other stuff to get to it. I rearrange my work area almost every time I change the model I am working on. I think this will help tremendously. 
    You have to assembled the pieces, which is fine, since shipping them flat keeps shipping costs down. The modules attach to each other with magnets so they aren't sliding around. 
    Here is their website: http://www.hobbyzone.pl/en/
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  8. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Firefox question   

    I used to use FF exclusively, but about a month ago went back to Chrome. FF has been glitchy and having some issues. Chrome has been much smoother lately. 
  9. Quick GMC added a post in a topic For the gear heads   

    not everyone needs multiple gears
  10. Quick GMC added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    CobraMan, Just For You
    I saw this go past me today on the 55 in CA. There was traffic and I caught up to it and snapped a pic. Luckily I had my DSLR on the seat next to me, I'm surprised it came out so good, trying to avoid an accident and all. 
    Looks like a Kirkham Motorsports car. It's bare polished aluminum, I think they go for about $300k

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  11. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Cool, unique, or unusual cars on Craigslist......   

    just keep posting new links
  12. Quick GMC added a post in a topic General Lee   

    this is an incredibly realistic build
  13. Quick GMC added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    For those of you that like machine work
    I cannot stop watching these videos. This is a 17 part series on a guy making a rotating welding table. Nothing but old school manual machine work and assembly. If you like watching machining and have some time to kill, check this out. 
    All the videos can be accessed from the upper left corner of the YouTube screen where it says "playlist" on the embedded video. You don't need to go to youtube. 
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  14. Quick GMC added a post in a topic What's your next model purchase?   

    This is most likely my next one, depending on price and availability when I'm ready 
  15. Quick GMC added a post in a topic Can I Use Micro Chisels With Brass?   

    Yeah I just did light pressure and went up and down the length of the rod and made sure each grit was done thoroughly. then all 3 Tamiya compounds