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  1. Ferrari FXX K with Hobby Design Super Detail Set

    Almost no progress, but got the hose clamps on. Started assembling the PE parts for the rear vents on the engine cover. Hopefully more pics coming soon. I used these round nose pliers to pre-bend the PE hoseclamps. Not the best pics, but in person they look pretty cool. Not sure if I'' get much time in the next week or two, a lot of stuff going on at work
  2. My 1:1 Is getting closer to a new life

    One of my friends still has his GMC from high schook, I think a 2000 or 2001. It's a 4.8. Great motor for a turbo setup. Some of these trucks are running stupid fast times on street trim with strokers and boosted 4.8 and 5.3 motors. I'm not much into drag racing. I would love to build a single cab AWD version, but with 2 kids I need the room right now. There is a guy with a single cab on coilovers with a 4 link that is very competitive in Autocross against a lot of the smaller cars. Eventually, I think I will go a little lower and a 3 or 4 link in the rear with coilovers there too, but that's another project
  3. My 1:1 Is getting closer to a new life

    I bought a carrier bearing relocation bracket. It's a 2 piece driveshaft, so this repositions the center carrier to compensate for the pinion angle.
  4. 2018 Chevrolet/GMC stepside

    That is the worst thing I have ever seen
  5. My 1:1 Is getting closer to a new life

    No, I never had anything like that
  6. My 1:1 Is getting closer to a new life

    This is my truck right now
  7. I have an 06 GMC Sierra, extended cab, 2wd. Over the last 10 years I have had every intent to modify it and turn it into something special. 4 transmissions later, I am a little behind. I started when I bought it new, with a tranny shift kit, servos, 3000 stall converter, tuning, shorty headers, intake and 2" drop shackles. that's where it stopped. First tranny blew up the output shaft and grenaded the whole thing. Went back to stock temporarily with what I thought was a remanufactured unit. turns out is was just spray painted with new seals on the outside. Then I built my own, $3k in parts later, it was shifting hard and fast. THEN the converter clutch disk came apart, sending metal through the lines and into the tranny. Some parts were ruined, but most were salvageable, as I caught it right away and shut the truck off and had it towed. 1 more rebuild later and here I am. Everything seems good. New trans, new cooler lines and a 35,000gvwr trans cooler for a motorhome. I started buying parts a year ago, but have yet to install them. I keep changing my mind, but now I'm set for the next stage. Hellwig front and rear sway bars Viking Coilover shocks in the front with QA1 springs Viking rear adjustable shocks McGauphy's 2" drop spindles for the front Caltracs 2" drop hangars for the rear (2" shackles already on) Caltracs traction bar system Rear airbags Onboard compressor for bags Driveshaft center carrier relocation New rear shock relocation mounts Detroit Trutrac diff 4.10 Gears Diff cover The pictures are off the internet. My truck is white with chrome bumper and grill surround, but the wheels are very similar. This is essentially what I am going for. Not sure if I will keep it white, might do a color change
  8. What did you get today?

  9. But MFH just announced a 1/12 250LM http://www.modelfactoryhiro.com/new/en/archives/28016
  10. Milliput gone bad?

    It's bad on the shelf nearly every time I see it. The one time I ordered it on line, it showed up hard. Not worth my time to bother with it again
  11. C1 Models 67 Camaro Wide Body

    I don't think I will ever build this kit, I kind of lost interest in it, so I am willing to trade it for the right kit(s). It has been opened a few times to admire the parts, but it is complete and unstarted. Not sure what I am looking for honestly. Possibly some of the newer Revell kits, Tamiya. Honestly, I am not super eager to get rid of it, I just want to see what this might bring out of the shadows.
  12. This whole situation sucks. It could have been handles much better than it was, but at the same time, owning my own ecommerce business, I completely empathize with being buried and not having competent help. When he gets caught up and gets a better system going, I will absolutely continue buying Gravity Colors.
  13. I get that some people are just slow talkers, but good god that was painful.
  14. Ferrari FXX K with Hobby Design Super Detail Set

    I copied some ideas from Randy Ditton, I even ordered the same fittings from the Train store. I realize how much work he put into his details and I won't be getting that crazy, but some extra detail that will be seen when the model is finished will be nice. I started with these cooler lines that go up and over the back of the tranny and into the R/H cooler. I have to add hose clamps now, which have always been a nightmare for me.
  15. Ferrari FXX K with Hobby Design Super Detail Set

    Just the Tamiya white filler putty in the tube. The sanding sticks are from several places. Some are Flexi File which I really do not care for. They sand fine, but fall apart. My favorites, I think I used to get from Hobby Linc: https://www.hobbylinc.com/cgi-bin/pic.cgi?t=pics_user_gallery&item_i=79381&pic_user_i=124612&pic_pic_i=12185 And my other favorite are the fat oners with one side with 2 rough grits and the other side with 2 polishing grits. They come as a gift from Scale Hardware, but I haven't bought from them since they changed hands, so not sure if they still offer them