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  1. Little bit more done on this finally. Did the rear axles. Used the Super Detail Kit brass fittings and spun some Aluminum rod in a Dremel to polish. Also put one of the Top Studio 1/12 motorcycle springs on the exhaust to compare. Much better than the molded in parts. Got the majority of the parts in primer and black paint now. Some carbon fiber decals are next so I can finally start assembling some stuff
  2. Need Wheels & Tires from Revell '57 Ford Custom

    No I didn't, I would love to get my hands on them. I can see what I have for trade, or buy.
  3. My completions for this year 2018

    Bummer. Thanks anyway.
  4. My class of 2018

    Awesome builds. The BMW and Skyline are my favorites
  5. My completions for this year 2018

    Nice builds. What wheels are those on the Camero?
  6. Revellogram 1985 Mustang SVO

    very nice build, it sits just right
  7. Came across this. Thicker than aluminum foil, you could probably make a bent or damaged fender out of this stuff for a more realistic look than melted and cut plastic https://hlj.com/flexible-metal-foil-tin-pewter-gswd-19
  8. I have a 57 Ford Custom nearly done and somehow managed to lose the wheels and tires. If anyone has the set from this kit, I'm happy to pay. I may have something to trade, I know i have a set of funny car wheels and tires I can let go. It needs to be the 57 Custom kit with the wide steelies and the tires to fit that set.
  9. Dateline Phoenix

    Just because you're offended, doesn't mean it's not funny.
  10. Jeremy John/Clearly Scale?

    I noticed he all but dropped off the face of the earth, but couldn't find any information as to why. Not happy to hear about his situation, but good to know. I hope for his recovery soon.
  11. eCOPO Camaro Concept

    So many angry, triggered old men. Adapt or die.
  12. Tamiya Nissan Skyline R34

    never really had an interest in these cars, but over the last few years they have really been growing on me. This looks great, nice work
  13. Is Model Cars Magazine still in production?l

    Seems like he wants to keep it going, his heart is in it, but if it is stressing him financially, not to mention everyone and their mother asking when the next issue is coming, it might be in his best interest, health and sanity wise, to shut it down and enjoy the years he has left. Can't fault anyone for that. I can't imagine how difficult of a position it would be to have to make that decision, but you have to do what is best for you in the end.
  14. Is Model Cars Magazine still in production?l

    It's clearly dead, as sad as that may be.