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  1. This was spotted at the 2014 NNL East show. Kudos to the builder for taking on the challenge.
  2. "So if two threads on this styling joke are better than one, then THREE threads is really tops, huh? This is why the original wing cars are so collectable and coveted today. People absolutely hated them back in 1969 and 1970, and so they sat on car lots for 12+ months at a time. Chrysler refused to buy them back, so the dealerships started pulling the cone nose and wings off, and replacing the front end with parts off the stock Chargers and Roadrunners. Hindsight is 20/20. Who knows.....in 40 years when a four cylinder car will be the biggest motor car you can get, these will be selling on Barrett-Jackson for millions. LOL PS to the moderators. The quote option is not working.
  3. So sorry Joe, didn't mean to give ya a heart attack. No, that is a pic of a paint stripped Camaro that I got off the net. Here is mine taking a Purple bath. Good news though. I have passed the depression stage of having to do this. I just convinced myself that I could have done better getting the paint flat, so it's OK now. LOL
  4. I hate to say it guys, but....... Plus this............ Equals this....
  5. The bike, the plane, and the Tank are all great guys!!! I got a wrench in my spokes on my Camaro. I thought I was almost done with the paint on the body, but something didn't look right with the back quarters, so I looked at a few pics of the 1:1's and there it was. The decals that come with the model are not complete, and they instruct the builder to paint below the decals, and somehow blend the paint into the decal, so it looks like part of the decal. Huh? I sure hope I bought the right color white. All masked up to try to blend the white paint with the decal. And a quick pic with it's first coat of white on the rear quarters. Another couple of coats, wet sanding, and more clear, and hoping the white paint blends with the decals.
  6. Correct. Good catch Art. I was waiting to see if anyone else knew the facts. I love the mystery that surrounds this car.
  7. "You ready Roy?"...................... "I was born ready," Awesome, awesome, awesome truck.
  8. Watch out. They will sue you for copyright infringement.......LOL. That thing is coming out Awesome!!!
  9. Thanks Guys. Yeah Joe, I used Micro Set, and it worked like a charm. I have the Micro Sol, but didn't need it. Those decals are very user friendly. Being the big Kiss fan I am, when I saw this pic.................. It reminded me of this one......
  10. Great Work Guys!!! There is a lot of talent here. I just want everyone to know that I am still a runner in this race. Thank the heavens I have close to a year to finish this. I have alot going on at home, and various other reasons (excuses) for the slow production on my part. But I will finish this on time, and give it my best. I was able to get the decals on it. Not perfect, but not bad for my first set of decals ever. One coat of clear over the decals was applied, and I will spray a few more coats on after a light wet sand to remove some dust that settled on it. The pic below shows the three sections lining up quite well. They meet at the trunk seem lines. No skill here, just plain good ole fashioned luck.
  11. Great commentary and a fantastic job done on this model. Ed Roth was a master at his work, and way ahead of his time. Just the other day my girlfriend asked me "If you could meet any car builder/designer, which one would you want to meet?" I didn't even have to think about it. Rat Fink!!!
  12. These are just a few of my favorite Danbury Mint models
  13. According to the Danbury Mint website, this model is now sold out. If you wanted one, but sat on the fence, they are selling on eBay, but at steeper prices than Danbury was asking. Two sold for $310, and this one just sold for $339 (with a bloated shipping cost to boot). The prices seem to be going up. Of course you will see the usual eBay sellers trying to get millions of dollars for them ....... I scroll right over those listings
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