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  1. 1/43 Heller kit from the mid-90s. Great little kit.
  2. Yes it is. And a great kit, simple and goes together well. A few tips: the plastic axels are very weak, so you may want to substitute with metal. The headlights are just decals, so I substituted with cut circles of sheet styrene covered with Bare Metal Chrome (use a hole punch, it'll give you a round-over that simulates a sealed beam headlight). The decals are one piece and tricky, so chose where you want the breaks or they will choose for you.
  3. Great build. Love resin kits despite the troubles or maybe even because of. BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH though, that looks like a deadly machine. Bias-ply tires at those speeds!
  4. Thanks. I like building old kits to a level I could only dream of as a kid.
  5. I really like this scale because I find as an adult I'm somewhere between a collector and a builder. I don't have the time I used to for the hobby, but I love to "make", and not just "buy". I do have friends who are collectors and I often lend my services repairing their cars.
  6. Painted the dials white first, then used a set of decals from a Ferrari 250 GTO that was already in the box. Steering wheel is Model Master leather and buttons are Tamiya lacquer black, applied with an Alpha Abrasives disposable micro-brush www.alphaabrasives.com
  7. Old Monogram kit, 1965. Bought it at the 2019 IPMS kit swap. Classic build, ie, no PE or aftermarket resin. A simple, not particularly accurate kit, but went together well. I find that when I'm struggling to make time for kit building, finding a "low-parts count kit" (20-30 count) helps get me over the motivation hump. Finished with Tamiya primer, Tamiya Ferrari Red spray can & Mr. Hobby clear. Used Bare Metal Foil for chrome.
  8. That's a pretty sweet colour. Nice detail on the side louvre too.
  9. Very awesome. Good idea including the quarter. I don't think people realize just how miniature these kits are because the detail is so impressive. As a kid in the 80s I remember going to new car shows and bemoaning that new cars didn't look like this. That stingray dash!
  10. What a steal. I paid the princely sum of 24.00 for mine. Worth every penny!
  11. A 2K-3K sand before the polishing compound; the oldest tricks are often still the best.
  12. Tamiya Mica "Ferrari" Red. A more modern finish than it would've painted in the 60s, but I still like it.
  13. Picked this kit up at the IPMS swap meet last year. Dated 1965. Classic built.
  14. One of the most beautiful cars ever made. I see you're quite a serious builder. What's your body painting preferences? Based on your photo's I'd say a base of Mr Surfacer 1200 primer, some sort of lacquer airbrushed on with Tamiya medium grit compound between coats and a final coat of Mr Hobby gloss, finished with Tamiya polishing compound.
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