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  1. ScaleDale added a post in a topic 2014 NFL picks and predictions......   

    Same thing happened last year even after the season ender. But 12s don't care.

  2. ScaleDale added a post in a topic post your homemade tools for building!   

    Someone on the forum did the same thing by taking two heads from one of those adjustable shop squares, putting them both on the same ruler. The tires clamp square between the sliding handles. Hard to describe and I don't have my camera handy.

  3. ScaleDale added a post in a topic tube frame   

    Here's a link to the thread I started too long ago for my 49 Merc ProMod. All of the chassis work is done with 1.6mm rod. I still need to finish this. I stalled on the project trying to over detail the engine. Watch out for that kind of stuff.


  4. ScaleDale added a post in a topic Incredible welding skills   

    I read on-line about a girl who got a job by proving she could weld pop cans together. Same gal?

  5. ScaleDale added a post in a topic tube frame   

    I use 1.6mm rod to approximate 1 5/8 in. OD tubing on my drag cars. That is 1/25 scale for the current accepted NHRA standard for tube chassis on anything.

  6. ScaleDale added a post in a topic Hello from Washington State   

    Welcome from Lakewood.

    I've been out at Pacific Raceway quite a bit over the past two years, what did you run? Are you retired from work, racing or both? I'm retired from work and getting ready to field a GT super stocker this season. Getting the Mustang set has punched a big hole in my model building but I still have two projects on the bench.

  7. ScaleDale added a post in a topic i will be absent until i can get ahold of my self...   

    I taught elementary school for 22 years. Trading by mail with a child is for fools. The people complaining need to suck it up and take the lesson learned. Remember, it's a model car.

    I don't trade at all but I do give stuff away. Some are grateful and some don't even say thanks. Go figure.

    And a Merry Christmas to all.

  8. ScaleDale added a post in a topic pets.....   

    My cat used to catch moles in the back yard and carry them into the front flower garden. She then dropped them and watched them dig out of sight. When they were gone, she attacked the hole searching for them. My other cat used to capture Garter snakes and carry them around in his mouth. Never harmed a one. Can't say the same for birds, though...

  9. ScaleDale added a post in a topic Magneto Wiring/Firing Order   

    Firing order is a function of the cam. 302 Fords can have one of two firing orders depending on if they are HO or not. If you want to wire an engine accurately, determine what engine you want it to be by make, year and displacement. Look up the distributor rotation, cylinder numbering and firing order then work from there.

  10. ScaleDale added a post in a topic Stacey's Davids GEARZ on Velocity   

    6 am Sunday on Comcast West Coast time. Velocity (663 in my area). DVR it.

  11. ScaleDale added a post in a topic What Do the Numbers on Drag Cars Mean?   

    I went back through all the photos I have of Division 6 cars from Pacific Raceways and all the comp numbers started with a 6. First digit must be division number.

    Several of the older Sportsman drivers have 6 x x numbers. Newer drivers seem to have four digit numbers. I think it's due to the numbers being assigned permanently. Just ran out of them below 6 x x .

    Pro class champs have the number 1 for the following season. That may be true for at least the top ten.

  12. ScaleDale added a post in a topic iOS 8 *groan*   

    What really got me about the U2 deal was that some people didn't know who they were. How can anyone have digital music on an Apple smartphone and not know who U2 is?

  13. ScaleDale added a post in a topic Mustang get's squirley on the track, almost loses it, recovers, pulls a wheelie and obliterates the other car   

    That was an Outlaw Radial race at an NHRA sanctioned track. NHRA requires wheelie bars on cars capable of lifting the wheels 12 inches or more, but tracks are free to use their own rules if they choose for non sanctioned events. They don't need to follow NHRA rules all the time. At the speed he had going when he went up the second time, wheelie bars wouldn't have helped anyway. He should have backed off and pulled the chute. That's why they call them Outlaws, I guess.

  14. ScaleDale added a post in a topic cool cans?   

    It's a utilitarian item so color isn't relevant. You just wouldn't want it a dark heat absorbing color like black. Most on the market today are plain aluminum.

  15. ScaleDale added a post in a topic Great Guitar Performances.   

    Jeff Beck jamming with Jimmy Paige and other luminaries of the guitar.

    Stevie Ray Vaughn. Just a sound check...