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  1. Thanks for the replies guys,this is what I came up with the other night,they're from the 2nd Revell 70 chargeemail kit...I may do a bit more work on them but I kind of realised that once I put on the injector lines and build an air filter setup the differences may not be as noticeable but I'm not sure yet I'll have to see how things go
  2. That thing turned out great,are you going to put a great Dane reefer behind it or stick with the lowboy?
  3. Well I found a set of valve covers from the Revell 2 in 1 68 charger kit,installed a gooseneck ball,and put in the lights and grill,there's also a sub woofer and resin amp in the back seat threw a cb in the front seat and had to have the 18 speed shifter,still got a long way to go but I'm making slow progress
  4. Hey all,I'm working on building a 91 ford f350 dually but I'm trying to convert the motor over to a 7.3 liter Navistar indirect injection diesel and I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's any valve covers in a kit similar to the ones on a 7.3 IDI,thanks in advance
  5. Starting to work on the motor and I'm curious if anyone knows of a kit that has valve covers similar to these,I thought about shaping some from a small block 350 but not sure that I can do it without almost starting from scratch
  6. thanks,the trailer is pretty flimsy so I need to either figure out a better Frame or build some bracing but I kind of expected that since it's all scrap sprue
  7. Wow its hard to believe that you started this and built the gold nugget back in 2014 but I'm glad to see this one getting worked on again,it has turned out amazing and I love how you build with what you have just like me but I definitely wouldn't have accomplished as much as you have
  8. Looking great,similar to alot of the welding trucks out here in Colorado
  9. Pretty good start,I was working on doin something similar just a dually and cummins but never got around to finishing it,I'm looking forward to watching this one
  10. Well I finally got some more work done to the ol dually,installed the front axle last night and painted the hood and frame today considering it was a whole 61 degrees today,started working on the trailer for it as well,its not the best by any means but will do the trick
  11. What about the revell bullnose (80-86) f150 in the TRUCKS series?
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