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  1. explorer2770 added a post in a topic AMT La France ladder chief / hauler rebuild   

    I used the Ford LN race car hauler as a guide.  If you line up the wheel wells on the ladder chief with the race car hauler body, you will notice that the ladder chief is 1.5 cm longer to the cab.  Of course, I couldn't find the ladder chief side panel tonight for comparison. Anyway, because of the length change, I used sheet styrene to make my own sides for a new race car hauler bed.   I plan to finish this off with a diamond plate deck and use the ramps from the race car hauler to load the cars.
    My build sits higher on the frame, I plan to add a few pieces of strip stock to the bottom of the bed to make up the difference from the frame rails so it looks better.
    I don't remember if the ladder chief body is the same width as the race car hauler, but you could clip the two kits at the top of the wheelwells and splice them together with the ladder chief on the front and the ramp body on the back.  Another option would be to use the race car hauler and move the tall compartment forward to make up the distance between the cab and body, then fill in the lower portion with sheet styrene.
    If I can find the side pieces for the ladder chief tomorrow, I will post a picture showing the difference between the race car hauler and the ladder chief body.
  2. explorer2770 added a post in a topic AMT La France ladder chief / hauler rebuild   

    This is what I did when I started converting the ladder chief to a car hauler.  Just need to finish it one of these days.

  3. explorer2770 added a post in a topic Help identifying this wrecker   

    Highway, the hardest part for me when cutting down cabs is getting the trim molding off after I've cut the cab down.  I always seem to forget to shave if off before I cut the cab up.  This one is going to become an FDNY Tactical Support Truck, eventually, when I find time to actually build something.

    Mike, I'll keep a lookout for Issue 200, although I'll probably have to order a "back" issue to get my hands on a print copy now.  I checked the LHS (50 miles away) but they had already pulled it.  Oh well, still have to track down a Meng, the LHS guy just laughed when I asked if he could order one for me.  I guess that's why they made the internet.
  4. explorer2770 added a post in a topic Help identifying this wrecker   

    Thanks for the help guys.  I will admit that Miller Industries website has a lot of good information, but I wish they would include more information on their customization options.  Heck, I had to go to Zip's to find owner manuals and parts lists.  You would think that as the largest manufacturer of towing and recovery vehicles in the United States, they would want to highlight their custom pieces a little more.  Almost all of their examples are the standard configurations with very few options listed.  I guess the fire truck/ambulance manufacturers really spoiled me with all of their spec drawings.
    Next step is to find a 1/25 scale cab for this build...going to have to cut up a Meng.
  5. explorer2770 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Help identifying this wrecker
    This little fella rescued my sister after her transmission failed last weekend.  
    I asked her to grab some more pics (I was 300 miles away), which she didn't, but she did ask the guy about the truck and he told her it was a 4 year old Ford with a gas engine.  My eyes are telling me this is either a Vulcan 881 or 882 with a composite body on a F-series 164" wheelbase (84" CA) wrecker, but the cabinets are throwing me for a loop. 
    I'm used to seeing the compartments like these, with that taller tunnel cabinet behind the cab and a shorter cabinet next to the wheels.

    Has anybody seen a similar modification of a composite body wrecker with larger storage cabinets or know of a company that is doing similar modification? 
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  6. explorer2770 added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    Wanted: 97 F-150 styleside bed
    I'm looking for a styleside bed, either long bed or shortbed, to fit a Lindberg 97 Ford F150. AMT or Revell bed works for me, I'm not picky.
    Thanks to the current Ollie's sale, I have a couple of the Lindberg F150s, but there are only so many flareside/stepside pickups a guy can build. It doesn't help that the Lindberg cab has a horrible backside, otherwise I would build a flatbed or utility box to go with it.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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  7. explorer2770 added a post in a topic Hummer H2   

    Here's an idea that I have been working on.  Not finished, had to strip and repaint, just haven't gotten back to it yet.

  8. explorer2770 added a post in a topic New Brush Truck Started   

    I noticed the difference in your time stamps in your pictures and thought I'd try to be funny about it.  I enjoy watching your builds and learn a lot from your techniques, so I'll be following this build.
  9. explorer2770 added a post in a topic New Brush Truck Started   

    Looks good Charlie.  I finally figured out how you get these trucks done so fast, you have successfully broken the space-time continuum
  10. explorer2770 added a post in a topic Need help converting the 1980 F-150 to a F-350.   

    Gentlemen, I want to thank you all for your help on my projects. 
    I already dug out the Monogram Ford dually kit and have started to adapt the front suspension to the Ranger kit for the ambulance.  I will have to "strengthen" the front Twin-I beams to make up for the 6 mm difference in the engine crossmember heights ('91 is deeper than the '80, which is to be expected for RWD vs AWD) and the added weight of the ambulance box.  I'm not too worried about the rear suspension, as I will have to use a solid metal axle due to the added weight of the ambo box, which gives me the option to play around with a resin Dana 60 in my stash and some other parts. 
    For the mini-pumper, I think I'll update the kit to an '85, which won't require much modification, other than removing the FORD letters from the hood, changing the grill pattern, and switching to a Dana 60 front axle with leaf springs.  While many might call me on not putting a blue oval in the grill, I'm reminded that Pierce Mfg placed their builders badge over the factory badge in the grill for mini-pumpers of that era, and since it this build will be a Pierce mini-pumper, I'm right on target for that build. 
    Thank you.
  11. explorer2770 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Need help converting the 1980 F-150 to a F-350.
    I'm currently working on some "new" emergency vehicle builds and I've hit a snag.  I'm using the recently re-released Monogram F-150 Ranger for an ambulance (4x2, 84" CA) and mini-pumper (4x4, 60" CA) build.  I like the look of the 1980 seventh generation Fords, but I'm having trouble figuring out what suspension parts to use to convert the F-150 from the 4x4 to a 4x2 and 4x4 F-350. 
    My search through a couple of brochures on the seven generation F-series, but I didn't find a lot of specific information about the suspension/axle setups used.  I've discovered that Ford used a twin I-beam front suspension for the 4x2 chassis cabs, which I'm assuming I can use the front suspension out of the Monogram Ford F-350 dually kit, even though it is a ninth generation kit.  I'm not finding much information on the rear suspension, and most photos I've found looks like a Dana 60 or 70 for the rear axle with various leaf spring combinations based on chassis application.  Could I use the rear axle from the dually, or should I use a Dana 60 or 70 for the 4x2? 
    The 4x4 seems more straight forward, I need to swap out the Dana 44 TTB for a Dana 50 TTB, but where do I find the Dana 50 in scale?  The only other TTB I know of is from the AMT Firestone F-350, but everything I've ever read about that kit says it isn't a Dana 50, but a Dana 44 TTB.  Is it worth the effort to cut out the F-150's Dana 44 and swap in something else?  Even though I'm going for a 1980 rig, could I just use a solid axle Dana 60 as a customer option and just make up some leaf springs? 
    Thanks for any help you guys can provide.
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  12. explorer2770 added a post in a topic Ollie's Dodge Truck   

    Greg, Here you go.  Had to search a couple of hard drives, but I found these pictures that I download from the net a few years ago.
    More at the link:
    http://smg.photobucket.com/user/explorer2770/library/Dakota wildland

  13. explorer2770 added a post in a topic Ollie's Dodge Truck   

    Greg.  That Dakota looks great.  I've picked up a few since they hit the selves again.  You should try a utility bed, while they weren't very common for this pickup, it is a way to change up the kit. 

    I have pictures somewhere of a 2004 Dodge Dakota with a utility bed, 150 GPM pump, 350 gallon water tank, and other brush truck gear but of course, I can't find them right now.
  14. explorer2770 added a post in a topic Firefighting Logistics equipment   

    That is a nice collection of reference shots.  Thank you for taking the time to collect them and share them with us.  I did a double take when I saw the ATWC tanker 8893, 8892 is right down the road from me in Farmers, KY. 
    Quick question, how many rolls of hose are typically loaded on a pallet?  I've had an idea for a support truck for a few years and adding a hose pallet could be an interesting load for the truck to haul.
  15. explorer2770 added a post in a topic La fire dept red?   

    Glad I can help.  Squad 51 and Engine 51 are my holy grail builds since I enjoy building emergency vehicles.  I have done a lot of research on the two trucks, even have the Code 3 Squad 51, but I have yet to pull the trigger on those two builds since I know I can't do them justice yet.  If you need a Ward Cab, contact Cargostar Dave, he sells them.