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  1. John added a post in a topic AMT's new Challenger kits are out   

    Billy, I had not trouble with the seats. One the first one I hand painted them Tamyia Semi Gloss Black and the second one I sprayed them MM light met blue. The paint dried great with both. I like the seperate rear seat, it allows you to do your carpet and seat different shaped or colors with ease. I love these kits and as I said, think they are a gret way to just have fun.
  2. John added a post in a topic Dale Jr's 2007 Bud Patriotic Monte Carlo   

    Just beautiful work as always. I really like the flat fittings you used on the side of the oil pan!
  3. John added a post in a topic WIP 1970 Challenger 426   

    Just wanted to update the progress on my Old School / New School Challenger Project. While the bodies we being painted and drying, I did some interior work on the 2009. I added the kit gauges, radio face and Challenger dash logo and used some pieces from the Mike's Scale Speed Shop/JWTBM Charger/Super Bee/300C sheet. These include the R/T logos on the seats and steering wheel posts and center logo.

    I also cracked open another 1970 kit and built up a 440 Single Baral for a future build.

    I also added the HEMI decal to the air cleaner cover and painted the headlight buckets in the grill chrome silver.

  4. John added a post in a topic WIP 1970 Challenger 426   

    Finishing up the engine compartment took a little longer than I though, but I'm happy with how it looks now. As I said, a few changes on the next one but a good learning experiance.

    I'm only putting on the rear tires until the body is mounted so I can get the ride height I'm looking for. The Magnum 500 rims show a red-orange color though the slots and it looks a little over done in the photo but good in person.

    Next the my '70 is one of the new AMT '09 Challenger R/T's. I'm trying to get both done together as a new/old combo. Both will be Top Bannana w/ Black interior and '71 style R/T stripes. The '09 has these stripes as an option. The only thing the AMT kit is missing for a nice shelf build is a set of breaks. The larger open wheels on todays car really require something to fill the space. I used a set of Resin pieces from Mike's Scale Speed Shop.

    I hope your enjoying reading about my project as much as I'm having doing it.
  5. John added a post in a topic AMT's new Challenger kits are out   

    I too picked up the R/T version yesterday and for what it is, they did a very nice job. The thing I like about the kit is its simplicity. This is a car that screams for a large variaty of color combos. We will be able to do a detailed verion with the Revell and nock out a dealership full of the AMT to saticfy our need to experament with color and graphics.
  6. John added a post in a topic WIP 1970 Challenger 426   

    I have seen some many beautiful color combos I have a small list of some I would consider doing:

    White w/Blue interor and Blue RT side stripe
    White w/Black (Vanishing Point)
    Sub-Lime w/Black, Black RT side and hood graphics, painted bumpers and rear spoiler
    Go-Mango w/Burnt Orange R/T,S/E body with Black top black hood graphic and yellow Bumble Bee stripe
    Red w/White (red carpet), White hood and side graphics

    I could go on and on.

    To diymirage

    I forgot about the forum here and that is why so few posts.

    I dont' understand what your asking here "was the a stock option ?" I think your asking if the options I'm going with were available on the real car. Well the rims, spoiler and engine were. As for the graphics, I've seen '70-'74 with the '71 R/T Graphics and they look good on all of them.
  7. John added a topic in On The Workbench   

    WIP 1970 Challenger 426
    I really like this kit and had trouble choosing the color and engine I was going to go with. I chose to do it in Top Bananna with black interior and graphics. I have replaced the kits 440 with a 426 from a 1970 Super Bee kit. The motor mount frame hangers had to be removed to fit the new engine in and I will have to remake the exhaust from the mufflers to the exhaust manifolds.

    It's been way, way too long since I have built anything and it has taken some time to figure out what wires I needed and what are over kill. On the next one, I will do a few things different.

    One of the biggest mistakes in modeling this cars is the painting of the headlight / grill area. The cars cam from the factory painted Argent Silver but, all replacement pieces were semi gloss black. This was common with all Mopar of the time. Due to this, most restored and photographed cars have this piece incorrect.

    The body needs more sanding and another coat or two of paint. I will also be adding a rear wing spoiler, Magnum 500 rims and '71 R/T graphics as for this car, I'm building it as I would like to drive it.
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  8. John added a post in a topic Revell 2009 Challenger   

    Revell brought the kit to Milwaukee for the NNL.

    There was not enough room to lay everything out but I did take a close look at everything. Revell has done another fine job with a current Mopar produce. The chassis and engine are very much like the one in the Magnum and the build up looked really good. The kit has been given final approval and are being produced now. They are hoping to have them in 6-8 more weeks.

    Mike's Scale Speed Shop also is working on a decal sheet for this car. He plans to have both SRT and RT graphics and is looking to do it as a combo with some '70 Challenger stuff. If you have seen the Charger Super Bee, RT, Daytona, 300 sheet they released last fall this is great news. Chrome decals for emblems is something to see.
  9. John added a post in a topic Lindburg Charger SRT8 Super Bee   

    Thanks for the update guys. I have been waiting for this kit and hope to do a good decal sheet for the Daytona and Super Bee's, complete with chrome emblems and everything.

  10. John added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Lindburg Charger SRT8 Super Bee
    I saw this in their catalog and it pictured on there display cast box but have not been able to find out anything else. The kit is the be based on the Testors kit and Im really looking forward to it. Thanks for any help.
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  11. John added a post in a topic COMPLETE: 1997 STP Pontiac   

    Dave, just beautiful work as always.