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  1. MrModelT added a post in a topic DuesyKid builds his '34 Duesenberg   

    I think you are right. I did some more digging after I posted this and have to agree. These bodies do have a more a Derham look and feel then Murphy. I guess the referrences I have are a bit incorrect.

    I really want Fred Roe's book and need to find it for this project.....just got to hunt a copy down i guess

    I will certainly have pictures of the chassis very soon for all of his loyal followers We didn't get in paint as planned this weekend, but do have most of the chassis assembled and ready for paint...just waiting for Andrew to finalize his color choice
  2. MrModelT added a post in a topic DuesyKid builds his '34 Duesenberg   

    Ah-ha! That is J-150/2176...Short wheel base, non-supercharged. Originally it was bodied as a Convertible Sedan with coachwork by Murphy, but was re-bodied as this attractive roadster by Murphy sometime in the Mid to late 1940's or in the early 1950's.

    J-150's original appearance Circa 1941...

    ...and as it appeared in the mid to late 1980's or early 1990's...

    I believe it received another full restoration within the last 10 years or so.

    I agree....with that jackpot.....after a new house for the family and some things paid off.....a Duesenberg was on my list as well

    I don't....but I may be able to dig some up from the owners.

    It was very common for the big older cars...mostly the pre-1920 stuff to become service vehicles....mostly on account of how they were built and the massive amount of torque they produced. A 1912 Locomobile "48" for example, may only be 48 hp......but it produced tons of stump-pulling torque, perfect for re-use as a tow truck.
  3. MrModelT added a post in a topic DuesyKid builds his '34 Duesenberg   

    We did get some work done on the frame and will be color testing for body color soon... so that we can get the chassis in color

    He will have an update for you guys in the next few days.

  4. MrModelT added a post in a topic DuesyKid builds his '34 Duesenberg   

    Thanks Charlie! He is a good kid and will probably be the only 12 year old Duesenberg aficionado out there by the time we're done. He says he is a BIG Duesy fan I am also pleased that he has taken to this as much as I did at his age and enjoys it so much.

    That is rare...running across a Duesy like that. Do you have any more pictures of this car? I think this might just be 1930 J-366/ Chassis 2381. Originally it left the factory as a LeBaron bodied convertable sedan...but ended up with this roadster body (by an unknown coachbuilder) some time in the mid to late 1930's.

    This is the car after the roadster conversion:

    and sometime in the late 1950's:

    Curious if it is infact the same car

    They are impressive, but a few of the people I know that have driven, owned and worked on them all seem to say "They drive like an old Dump truck"

    Having never worked on or driven one myself (something I would love to do at least once)...I can only assume that for a luxury car of that price...it should have a nice ride and handling.
  5. MrModelT added a post in a topic Body Filler: What is good on the market today?   

    Thank you kindly guys! Have been away from the bench long enough wasn't sure if something better had come along. I haven't done allot of cutting and altering, but this kit bash will require a fare amount of it.
  6. MrModelT added a post in a topic Body Filler: What is good on the market today?   

    Sorry...still getting used to where everything goes.
  7. MrModelT added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Body Filler: What is good on the market today?
    Hi All!

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I have been out of the hobby for about 10 years...so I am a bit behind on the times.

    While my 12 year old (Duesy Kid) is building his '34 Duesenberg, I am going to be building a custom '35 Duesenberg Coupe along side him. To do this, I am going to kit bash two kits together: Jo-Han's '35 Mercedes "Roadster Limousine" and Monogram's '34 Duesenberg SJ Town Car.

    There will be quite a bit of "body surgery" on this build...so what is the best body filler on the market today for filling seams, splits and alterations?

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  8. MrModelT added a post in a topic DuesyKid builds his '34 Duesenberg   

    That is partially my fault as his teacher ...it was late when we started and after a full day.....that went right out the of my mind until he started painting. We do have some touch up work to do yet, so we will join the block halfs and clean everything up before our touch up work.

    Yes, our garage is well ventilated, but you make a good point....Safety first is best. I am in the process of building a small, sealed paint booth for us to use that will be ventilated correctly.

    When I was a kid....there was a big window above my Dad's workbench.....so I didn't worry about it much

    They are impressive....and it is a rare opportunity to study or work on one these days, so this was a great thing for Andrew and I. The Duesy we visited was owned by a shipyard worker in the 1940's and 1950's and used as his work vehicle. He built large racks on top to carry steel stock, carried tools in the back seat and had a large trailer for tools and his welders....

    It looks allot better now.
  9. MrModelT added a post in a topic New kid on the Forum!   

    Thank you kindly for the welcome

    I am indeed one and the same It has been a fun ride and will continue to be so for quite some time....I have plenty more planned for it I am actually building a 1/25th scale replica of my T. I will put a build thread for it later.

    Andrew is a bright kid and has taken to this hobby extremely well and has made large strides in skill learing in a VERY short amount of time.

    Hopefully tonight we will start his build thread for the '34 Duesenberg

    Here a few pics of my T...

  10. MrModelT added a post in a topic Chrome Restoration: Re-Chroming Plated parts?   

    Thanks guys! Checked them out...looks like they do great work and they are well priced!

    As for cleaning them up...the entire tree needs to be replated, so I would think keeping them all on the tree would be the most efficent, right? I will certainly do clean up on them before sending them out and I have a few other loose parts that need plating that were not originally that should have been.

    What do I need to do for prep? Do I need to strip them?
  11. MrModelT added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Chrome Restoration: Re-Chroming Plated parts?
    Hi All!

    New-er here to the Forum and have a question about plated parts.

    My 12 year old stepson and I are building the Monogram 1934 Duesenberg Weymann Torpedo Pheaton that he wanting to build to win Best of Show at the next Portland Roadster Show S.A.B.A contast. The kit I found for him is an original 1963 issue and the plating on plated parts tree is awful. It it is very dull and fogged....not usable at all for a clean build.

    Does anybody know of a good place to send them for re-palting?

    Clayton - "Mr. Model T"

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  12. MrModelT added a post in a topic My first two: Kurtis indy car and a '51 Chevrolet   

    That was certainly one of the reasons My Dad got me going on Models whyen I was 6...and I have been building ever sense. Now I get to do the same and pass it to him.
  13. MrModelT added a post in a topic Scratch Building an Aussie Ford Falcon **New update,24/6/17**   

    I'm with Casey........Good Lord .....I am TRULY......SPEECHLESS. A true master work!
  14. MrModelT added a post in a topic 1/16 Jewel T Altered   

    Impressive....most impressive! Give me hope of re-bodying my 1/16th scale Phantom II Continental and build my Jo-Han/Monogram Duesenberg Coupe!
  15. MrModelT added a post in a topic My first two: Kurtis indy car and a '51 Chevrolet   

    Here are a few of the engine and interior on the '51. He wants to do little more detail work yet, but we may save it for the Duesenberg