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  1. I'm looking for an AMT Kenworth Aerodyne COE cab shell. I don't need the headlight surround pieces. If anyone has one please email me at perhach2@mediacombb.net. Thank you!
  2. That thread is from 6 years ago. Nevertheless, it would be great to see that kit again, especially at primary market prices.
  3. Mike77

    Big logs

    Robert Plant would be proud.
  4. I wish there was another service out there comparable to Chrome Tech for those of us who don't use an air brush. Most of these spray-on/brush-on chromes come close , and it's great that they're available, but I've still seen none actually match plating. Call me lazy, but to send in parts and have them come back to me plated like a model kit was well worth it with Chrome Tech.
  5. Also because most COEs have the aerodynamics and fuel efficiency of a brick.
  6. I absolutely love the orange and white one! I've bought a lot of the New Ray 579 sets for resale at TSC (Tractor Supply), Big R, and even Farm & Fleet. My best deal was late last fall when I was able to get a bunch of them for $15 apiece at TSC. I've never modified one although I've disassembled the 579. What's considered the chassis is rather convoluted, and if I ever decide to mod one I'd probably put the cab/hood/sleeper piece on a regular kit chassis.
  7. Because of the separate roof piece I would've never attempted this with the Revell version. This one was made using the AMT Papa kit(s)...
  8. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should...
  9. They do take a lot of paint, don't they?
  10. I paint basically the same way RIchard does. I've used rattle cans all my life with satisfaction and at my age I don't see a reason to dive into airbrushing. I always use Duplicolor paints whenever possible, and I always use primer. One tip is that if you're unsure of anything paint a test piece. Either an unused kit part or a piece of styrene stock is preferable so that you're using the type of plastic you'll eventually be painting.
  11. I think that sums up the state of this hobby. Many of us have been building the same kits over and over for year in different ways, which is the great thing about truck model building...there are endless variations that can be done. However it's very difficult to get young builders to want to build models of trucks they rarely see on the road. If they're interested in building truck models they want to build what they see every day. I think Moebius is about the only manufacturer that has given us anything we can call modern. As thankful as we all are and rightly should be for that, imagine what it would be like if Moebius had the license with Paccar. That would be our only likelihood of getting kits of current Peterbilts and Kenworth. I'll be the first to admit that a lot of the rigs on the road today are pretty darn sharp-looking. Just thinking out loud...
  12. Looks great Ken! I have a WF double COE on my to-do list.
  13. Honestly I'm surprised Paccar is hanging onto the "classic" look at all anymore. I supposed there's still enough sales to justify building them, but I go past the local Love's at least twice daily and it seems there's fewer of them each day.
  14. I don't care for the slant on the top of the headlight housings but the rest looks okay. We have to come out of the 70's at some point.
  15. Not to worry, we're talkin' about it so it's conversational! Nice looking rig, you can never go wrong with a Pete!!!
  16. I've used all sorts of things for tanks (and other parts) over the years. I think the weirdest thing I used was for a 1/8-scale Corvette Grand Sport...I used plastic parts from hummingbird feeders I saw in Walmart to replicate the quarter panel vents! Lol! What I'm working on right now is just a small build so the kit tanks will suffice.
  17. The Moebius 53' trailer is also being reissued.
  18. Are the steer tires in the new set standard ones or hi-floats? They almost look to me like they could be floats...
  19. I've already picked up a few of the yellow Z51 Vettes. I noticed the price ticked up a buck this year to $14.98 but still an incredible bargain. Finally seeing the Maisto displays there is like Christmas in July! The only drawback is they put the displays 2 or sometimes 3 deep so the back ones aren't always accessible. I'm hoping Maisto does one in the new Sebring Orange but it's doubtful.
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